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Last time...

"Kenshin... I won't cry... I just want to say..." she gulped, pressing his hand to her face. "I..."

"Love you, koishii... aishiteru... zutto..." With that, Kenshin closed his eyes, his hand slipping from Kaoru's, falling limp on the grass.

Kaoru's heart broke.


Chapter 11: ...Forever

Where am I? Kaoru asked herself, drifting onto space. Far away from her, she could see a light, so bright it could blind her. She threw a hand over her eyes. Then she heard a voice, a voice she thought she couldn't hear again.


She whipped her head, shocked to see her father smiling warmly at her and... her mother.

"Otousan! Okaasan!" she rushed to them, hugging her with all her might. "I missed you both!"

They returned the hug. "We missed you too, Kao-chan..." her mother said, wiping a tear from her eyes.

"Am I gonna come with you?" she asked.

"It is for you to decide, hime-chan..."

"Really?" her eyes it up. "Then I'll..." she trailed off. Her mother was shaking her head.

"We really want you to come with us, Kao-chan... but you need to go back."


"Think, my daughter. Do not be rash... someone is waiting for you..."


"Someone you love dearly... more dearly than you love us..."

"No! I love you more than life itself!" Kaoru argued.

They smiled. "Go back, Kaoru... remember that we love you. Go back to him..."

"Him?" A blurred image of someone appeared at the back of her mind. She ignored it. "Mom! Dad!" she tried to reach them, but she was falling... falling...

"We love you, Kao-chan." Then they disappeared. Kaoru closed her eyes, tears running down her face. Just then, she heard his voice.

"Aishiteru... zutto..." A hand slipping from her grasp. Red hair... violet eyes...



Kaoru sat up, tears running down her face. She buried her face in her hands.


The door to her room opened. "Kaoru-chan!" Megumi rushed to her side.

"M-megumi-san?" Kaoru asked, sobbing.

"You're all right, Kaoru. Everything's fine. You're here at your home... you're here..."

Kaoru looked around her. Indeed, she's back at her room at the Seijuro mansion. "I'm back..." Her door opened again with a bang.

"What's all this racket you're making, Jou-chan?" Sano asked grumpily, rubbing his face, which had a large red spot on it. "The little man's beside himself, thinking you're in danger and all! When I tried to restrain him, look what he gave me!" He pointed to his swollen cheek. "I left the Iceman to do the job."

"K-kenshin's here? He's alive?" Kaoru asked, swelling with joy.

"Oh no. My cheek got swollen by itself! Really, missy! Of course he's alive!" Sano said sarcastically. Kaoru's eyes filled with tears. Megumi's eyes saw red.

"You stupid roosterhead! Can't you see she had a near brush with death and you're here playing with her emotions! You're the most insensitive jerk I've ever seen in my entire life!" Megumi shrieked, whacking Sano with a pillow.

"Hey, hey! Are you really a doctor?" Sano retorted, fending off her blows. "Don't you see I have an injury-- ouch!" he howled with pain. She whacked his cheek.

"Serves you right!" she humphed. She turned to Kaoru. "Kaoru... chan?" The girl was gone.

"Oh. I saw her going outside the room. I think she's gonna visit the little man." Sano spoke up. Steam came out of Megumi's ears.


"Well, you were too busy harassing me!"



Kaoru stood outside Kenshin's room, debating whether to go or not. But she didn't have any choice. The door opened, and Aoshi came out, looking haggard, his face sporting several red marks.

"Go inside. I can't take this anymore." he said stoically, leaving her standing alone. Kaoru almost laughed. Typical Aoshi. Even if he's tortured, his face is still the same. She entered. Inside, Kenshin was throwing a tantrum, his left arm bandaged with a sling.

"Where is she?!"

Kaoru smiled at his childishness. Just then, Kenshin noticed she was there and he immediately quieted.

"Kaoru?" he almost-whispered. Once again, her eyes were filled with tears.

"Kenshin!" she rushed to his side, then launched herself to his arms. Kenshin hugged her, never letting go.

"I thought... I thought..."

"It's over, koishii..." he showered her face with kisses, like long-lost lovers. "It's over..."

Kaoru nodded mutely. "I thought you d--" she shook her head, ridding herself of the sad memories. "I thought I can never kiss you again... or hug you..."

"Look at me..." he said softly. She lifted her head. Slowly, he lowered his head to hers, capturing her mouth in a sweet kiss. Kaoru sighed, sinking into him, into the perfection of it all. They broke free, and Kaoru buried her head in his chest.

"I'm here, I'm alive..." he tightened his grip on her, afraid that she'll disappear if he let her go. "Me... when I saw you tied to that pole, lifeless..."

It was her turn to comfort him. "I'm all right..."

"I knew you were, but still..." he stopped. "Anyway, you're here, and that's all that matters..."

"I just thought about it... who saved us?" she asked, tracing the planes of his chest with a finger.

"It was... Aoshi..." he murmured, groaning inwardly.

"Sou ka? So that's why you were angry at him, because he followed you..." she smiled, tugging at his earlobe.

Koishii... "Y-yeah..."

"Do me a favor..." she said mischievously.


"Thank Aoshi-san for me..."


"Good." she grabbed his nape, then drew him to her swiftly. Kenshin kissed her again, possessively, fiercely. Kaoru purred. Unable to control his desires any longer, Kenshin locked the door, then joined Kaoru at the bed.

"But... Kenshin, your arm!"

"Do you trust me?" he asked, his free arm holding the tie that holds her robe shut.

Kaoru smiled. "I trust you with my life, Kenshin." Without any further ado, Kenshin removed her yukata swiftly, baring her naked to his gaze. Kaoru blushed. His gaze was smoldering, her body felt inflamed. Without any hesitation, she lay down on the bed, offering everything to him.

"Come." Kenshin took her hand, pressing himself down on her, their bodies melding into one. They continued on through the night.


Kaoru awoke to find herself snuggled safely into her lover's arms. His limbs draped comfortably atop hers. She remembered last night, then blushed profusely. He had been gentle with her, after all, it is her first time. Their lovemaking was sweet, gentle, and passionate. Right now, she felt safe and contented. Tired as she was, she'd be lying if she didn't admit that she enjoyed it immensely. She blushed again.

"Did I hurt you?" She looked up to find concerned amethyst eyes peering at her.

"Iie. It was wonderful..." she giggled.

"Wakatta yo... I didn't have the chance to ask you last night because you fell asleep immediately..." he blushed too.

"Kenshin? Tell me what happened between you and Enishi..." Kaoru suddenly asked. He sat up, she did too, dragging the covers with her, then positioned herself so that she sat at his lap. He tucked his chin above her head, then took a big gulp of air.

"You were unconscious then, I don't know if you heard or not, but I told Enishi that it isn't my fault Tomoe died. You remember that day I told you about Tomoe? After our talk, I asked Aoshi to find info about Tomoe's location and stuff like that. Then, he told me that Tomoe died of an airplane crash."

Kaoru gasped. "I'm sorry..."

He shook her head. "Last night, I mulled over the details that Enishi told me. He said that after our break-up, she married Pierre... but they did not go abroad... she took refuge at Enishi's place to heal... there, she told him about us... everything... a year later, Tomoe decided to leave Japan because it brings back memories of us... then, her airplane crashed... everyone died, including Pierre... and Enishi blamed me for their death... he said I destroyed her happiness... that I killed her..."

"It isn't your fault, Kenshin!" Kaoru said.

"No... it is my fault... I loved her but I let her go... I didn't know she loved me still..." he drew in a shuddering breath. "It's my fault..."

"Kenshin, stop blaming yourself! How were you supposed to know she loved you? Tell me, Kenshin, how?"

"No! You don't understand... I loved her so much..."

Kaoru looked as if she has been slapped. "Of course... everything was a dream, ne? When you said you loved me, that was nothing, right! You were lying to me!"

Kenshin realized the impact of his words. "No... I'm sorry, Kaoru, I didn't mean to... I truly love you, please..."

Kaoru forced herself to calm down, plastering a pained but sweet smile on her face. "I... understand Kenshin... I understand completely... last night, everything..." she shook her head. "Of course, you love her more than me, right? I understand, Kenshin... after all, I am nothing but your... your possession..."

He was too shocked to speak. No... Kaoru... I love you... I love you... She sighed, when he didn't speak. Outside, she forced a smile, but inside, her heart was wailing in anguish, in pain, in grief. She turned her back to him so he couldn't see...

...he couldn't see how hurt she was.

"It was nice to feel loved... it was nice, Kenshin... don't worry, I won't tell anyone and I'll still remain your servant... woudn't want Sano's money to go to waste, now, wouldn't we?" she chuckled hollowly. "So... I'll see you downstairs, Himura-san, take care." She glanced at him, still sitting at the bed, where they shared something so precious but quickly became lost, then turned to leave the only man she had ever given her heart.

But before she could leave, Kenshin crossed the room in three strides, hugging her from behind.

"I'm sorry, Kaoru... but I still love Tomoe... she still holds a piece of my heart... but the rest belongs to a person that I never want to let go... never..."

Kaoru's heart skipped a beat.

"Do you know what I feel when you're not by my side, Kaoru? Do you know? It pains me so much just to think of letting you go, please... don't leave me."

Kaoru closed her eyes tightly. "Tell me, is this a dream?" she whispered softly.

"No... this is real... my love is real... you gave me something so special, Kaoru... you made me live again..."

He stopped.

"Now tell me... tell me if you don't love me, but still--"

"I will continue loving you..." She turned bright eyes to him. He smiled, then kissed her lovingly.

"Stay with me..." he murmured.

"Always..." she replied back.

Then they kissed, sweetly, tenderly, gently, full of love, passion, and promises for their future.

"Aishiteru... forever..."


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The sky was dark, no moon was seen. It was covered by a sheet of clouds. Perfect time for the kill.

Dark amber eyes scanned the dojo. This dojo was rumored to be a meeting place of the Bakufu. The house of Akira Kiyosato. He was one of the strongest supporters of the Bakufu, Choshu's greatest rival. Anytime now. His prey will come, and he will kill mercilessly. Without any shed of guilt. Moments later, he saw a solitary figure going outside the building. He grinned predatorily.

It is time.