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Old Skool…Chapter 1

It was 3 months later, when a woman walked in threw the front doors of the hotel. She was dressed in a business suit, and carrying a suitcase with her. She put off a look of extreme importance. Her hair in a tight bun, accenting her mocha skin. She would have been beautiful, had it not been the scowl on her face.

Wesley spotted her from his office and ran out to meet her. "Hello ma'am, I'm Wesley W-" but the woman cut him off.

"Oh, so you're Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?" she asked. "Yes, yes I am, and here at A-" but yet again he was cut off. The woman pulled something from her briefcase, and handed it over to Wesley.

"What is this?" he asked, baffled. "My sources report that you have a child living with you. This is my search warrant that will allow me to find this child." She said, and made a beeline for the stairs.

Wesley stood there, mouth agape. "Uh Miss! What is the meaning for this, er, visit?" he pondered. "I am Mrs. Silverstein. My job as a social worker is to make sure all children receive proper care, and if you have a child, that is not enrolled in school, or treated properly, I am dutied to take him or her away." She said, and Wesley's eyes went huge!

She walked briskly up the stairs, as Wesley was at her heels. He prayed she would not notice the weapons cabinet, and that no one would be attacked by a demon!

They heard noises coming from a room, and of coarse, the woman went for it. Wesley bit his lower lip in worry. They were not prepared for this!

Mrs. Silverstein opened the door. Inside the room, it was of Cordelia and Gunn, making out! They were too involved to notice the woman looking at them. Mrs. Silverstein quickly closed the door, and searched for another.

She opened a random door and inside the room, Spike and Fred were playing checkers. "Hey Wes, who's the chit?" asked Spike, not overly caring. Fred smiled politely, as Wesley came over and kissed her cheek.

"A social worker." Wesley whispered to them. Spike and Fred both looked confused. "I am Mrs. Silverstein." she said, and left, as Wesley, Fred, and Spike followed after.

Mrs. Silverstein had checked half the rooms, not finding any trace of children, she looked pleased. "I guess I was mistaken when I thought you to have a child. I'm so very sorry." She smiled and the fang gang looked very relived.

Then a loud crash was heard….

They ran for it, and when they reached it, it was none other than Gunn and Angel playing football in the hallway. They had broken a statue of a monkey… "Nice shot man! 50 points! That statue was shit!" Gunn cackled.

Mrs. Silverstein turned to face the three. Her once smiling face was currently twisted into a mask of fury. "Why is he not in school!" she demanded of Fred, Wes, and Spike.

"He's too stupid, so they kicked him out!" Cordelia laughed, Gunn stuck his tongue out at her in reply.

"No! Not him, that kid!" Mrs. Silverstein pointed at Angel.

Everyone looked at Wesley for an explanation. "I uh, well, and then, uh…. Oh dear…" He sighed.

Mrs. Silverstein pulled some more forms from her suitcase. She handed them roughly over to Wesley. "He is to be enrolled in a school within the next 24 hours, or I'll take him to a foster care!" She said. Wesley looked at the forms questionably.

The woman gave everyone one last glare, before she turned on her hell and left.

"Well, I guess you're going to school!" Spike laughed. "When I'm normal again, you're dust!" Angel glared daggers at Spike, who only laughed more…

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