Yay! I finally got some inspiration for Old Skool! Sorry it took so long! : ( this story is probably not to be an average update…

Old Skool, Chap 6

Lola jumped down from where the demon had landed. She noticed how everyone was staring at her , and frowned. 'Great, now I'll lose another friend, all because no one can deal with the whole demos are real spiel.' she thought sadly…

"Dude! She killed it, old Skool, style!" Gunn said, smirking. "Yeah, and she didn't even get demon juice on her … cloths?" Cordelia snuffed a little at Lola's fashion sense. 'Teenagers'

"Are you ok?" asked Angel. "I'm fine, but how come you're not weirded out by this big ol' demon?" asked the blonde, warily.

"Oh, that's the usual MO around here" Cordelia said, again picking up her Cosmo mag.

"Yes, spike, do you mind taking care of that?" asked Wesley. "Not on yer life, Percy. That's a Scum demon" Spike said, going to get a drink. "See ya later, it's drink time" Spike smirked, kissed Angel, and left.

"Wow, ya'lls must be pretty strong to be able to whip that thing" Fred smiled, sitting by her favorite plant.

"Yes, are, you, well, I don't mean to be crass…" Lola thankfully cut Wesley off.

"I'm a slayer. And by the way you're researching and acting, I'm guessing you're a watcher?" asked Lola. "A-a slayer? This is amazing! Who's your watcher? May I meet him or her?" asked Wesley, quite ecstatic.

"Wes, leave the girl alone!" Gunn laughed. "Er, yes, sorry. Well, I have to pick up a book, bye all!" Wesley left, a pleased look on his face. Fred following after.

"Something tells me he ain't getting a book" Gunn whispered to Cordelia. They giggled and then she said something that made Gunn smile even wider. They left soon after.

Angel waited till they were out of hearing range. "So… wanna play video games?" he asked. "Hell ya!" Lola said, tossing her school bag away. The teens sat on the couch, and each grabbed a remote.

"Don't even think about it! Homework first!" they heard Cordelia say.

"Damn!" Angel said, as Lola giggled.

Ok, was it ok? Sorry that Lola is a slayer, I know, it's so cheesey, but o well! Thanks for reading and reviewing!