Just a little story I cooked up in my mind. Thought it seemed good a little angst for Leo and a little angst for us all. TURTLES NOT MINE!!!!

He was practicing his Kata and was not aware of his surroundings. He was always trying to improve himself. Steady, patience, center yourself let it flow. He did it again and again until it was perfect.

"Geez Leo, give it a break already. I think you got it down, besides Splinter is at April's so you can't be the perfect son when he's not here." Said Raph from the doorway.

"Leave me alone Raph, go back to doing whatever it is you do." Said Leo as he started to do another Kata.

"Geez, you would think you would get tired of trying to be perfect. I for one am sick of it." Said Raph as he came into the room and walked towards Leo.

"Raph, if you're looking for a fight I'm not in the mood. Go out with Casey, go do whatever you do and Leave Me Alone!" said Leo again as he still continued to do his Kata's.

"Master Splinter ain't here, so I think you can drop the act and say what you really want to say." Said Raph as he walked right up to Leo and looked him in the eye.

"What is your problem Raphael? I don't want to fight you. If you have energy to spare do some Kata's or practice with your sais, but Leave Me Alone." Said Leo as he turned his back on Raph and started the Kata over again.

"Don't ignore me "Fearless Leader". Said Raph as he pushed Leo around to face him.

"Raphael I don't know why you are looking for a fight but it is starting to get annoying. Leave me alone please. Go to see Casey just leave, I don't want to fight you." Said Leo as he pulled away from Raph.

"God, you are such a goody. A little fight ain't gonna do any harm. Just fight me Leo, come on I know you want to and with Splinter gone it is the perfect opportunity." Said Raph as he took a fighting stance.

Leo looked at his brother and noticed something different about him. His eyes were slightly glazed he looked sick. "Raph, I think you need to lay down. You're not feeling so well. Come on I'll take you to your room." Said Leo.

"No, I want to settle this between us. I am tired of you always being the "Perfect One," the favorite. Well I am going to prove right here and now that you ain't so perfect you are not so great. Now fight me." Said Raph as he drew out his Sais and attacked Leo. Leo jumped out of the way.

"Raph you're not yourself. You're sick, you need to stop and think about this and go lay down and get better." Said Leo as he backed up towards the weapons display to grab his katanas. Raph continued his attack on Leo and Leo had to duck out of the way of his Sais. He then sprinted for his weapons and almost had them when Raph was on him. Leo knew that Raph didn't know what was going on, so he couldn't hurt him, but he had to at least defend himself. "Raph, your not yourself. STOP this, think about what your doing." Said Leo as he continued to stop the Sais from cutting into his throat.

"NO WAY, you had this coming for a long time. Always being perfect never lighting up on us, making me look bad. God I hate you. I hate that your perfect, I hate that you're loved best by Splinter, I hate that you think your perfect, but most of all I HATE YOU!" screamed Raph.

"Raph, you don't mean that. I'm your brother." Said Leo sadly.

"I DON'T NEED YOU. I have 2 other brothers. I DON'T WANT YOU!!" said Raph as he pushed himself off of Leo and stood his guard. Leo got up off the mat and stood up cautiously.

"Raph, you're sick, we need to get you to bed. Said Leo.

"I'm fine Leo, better then I have ever been. It's time someone took you down a notch." Said Raph and he attacked. Leo barely had time to defend. Swords and Sais clashed. Raph took a swipe and Leo didn't move fast enough and got cut on the arm. It was a deep cut and it started to bleed heavily.

"Raph, stop this. Someone is really going to get hurt." Said Leo as he looked down at his bleeding arm.

"That's the point bro. I'm going to show everyone who should be the leader." Said Raph and he attacked again. Raph jumped and kicked Leo in the head. Leo went down stunned. He really didn't think Raph was going to hurt him, but now he wasn't so sure. Did Raph hate him this much that he would make Leo bleed. Leo had to cool this down quick.

"RAPHAEL ENOUGH!" screamed Leo in his best Splinter voice he could use with him bleeding and hurting.

"What?" said Raph confused? Raph looked around expecting to see Splinter. That gave Leo enough time to take Raph down. Raph realizing it was a trap, swiped his sai and cut Leo along the plastron, making him bleed more, but Leo at least had him down on the mat and his weapons were gone. Leo realized this could get deadly and decided he needed help.

"DONNY, MIKEY, I NEED YOU GUYS IN THE DOJO NOW!" screamed out Leo as he tried to hold his brother down.

"I knew you were weak, you can't fight me by yourself." Said Raph as he struggled to get out of Leo's grasp to finish what he started.

"Geez, Leo wake the dead why don't you..." Mikey stopped and stared at Leo and Raph on the floor. "Ok, what the shell just happened?"

"Mikey, help me keep him down." Said Leo.

"Sure, no problem bro, wow Leo your bleeding!" exclaimed Mikey as he ran to Leo's side. "What happened with Raph?"

"He's sick and attacked me. We need to cool him down. Where's Donnie?" asked Leo.

"If I tell you that he went out and didn't tell you would you get mad at me?" asked Mikey as he tried to hold Raph down.

"No, I will not get mad. We have to cool Raph down Mikey and I thought Donnie would know how to do that. Because frankly I don't have the energy to keep him down." Said Leo faintly.

"Leo, dude you are losing a lot of blood. We have to take a look at you." Said Mikey.

"Leave him alone Mikey let him bleed that will prove who the better turtle is." Said Raph from the ground.

"Raph, what the shell is wrong with you?" asked Mikey.

"Nothing, I just realized that a change of order is needed around here." Said Raph. "Mikey, you don't still want Leo as your leader do you? You know I'll be a better Leader, come on let me up, lets take Leo down, you can be my second."

"Raph, you need to cool it way down. Look at Leo. You hurt him bad." Said Mikey. "He needs help. Come on Raph you can see this, stop acting this way and act like a brother."

"Me act like a brother. What about Leo? All he does is boss us around, he never gives up, he's always so perfect, well it's time to change all that." Said Raph, and he began to struggle even more. Leo couldn't hold him any more, his arm hurt and his plastron hurt too. He was getting dizzy being down on the ground like this, but he couldn't leave Mikey alone with Raph, what if Raph turned on him. Leo was about to tell Mikey that they had to find a way to knock Raph out, when he couldn't see anymore, everything was getting fuzzy and he collapsed to the floor with Mikey screaming his name...