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(Blah.) – Yugi to Yami

/Blah./ - Yami to Yugi



Ano – Um

Nani? – What?

Gomen – Sorry

Aibou – Partner

Aa – Informal 'yes'

Mon hitorou no boku – The other self of me/My other self

With a wave of the wand

Chapter 1: New magics

Yugi stared from his vantage point in the restaurant he was eating in. It wasn't that he was trying to be nasty or anything; but boy; he just had to stare.

A soft voice spoke in the boy's head. / Hypocrite. /


/You always complain if we get stared at. So why are you staring at him/

(Well... he's ano... stare-able at.) Yugi idly fiddled with his spoon.

/And we aren't/

Yugi could sense the dark humour filtering through their mind link. He dropped the spoon with a small clatter. (Yami! Stop teasing!)

There was a low chuckle in reply. (Gomen, Aibou. I see what you mean though...)

Yugi grinned and continued his survey of the man sitting opposite him. The best way to describe his companion was, well; different.

The man looked to be in his sixties- but had the youthfulness of a child. His hair was pure silver and extremely long; so long in fact that the man wore it tucked into his belt. He was wearing long robes, a purple cloak which trailed along the floor and buckled boots. He had bright blue eyes which sparkled behind silver half-moon spectacles and he seemed to be constantly smiling. Altogether, the look said sweet grandfather, but Yugi sensed something else about the man, something... odd?

"May I help you?"

Yugi let out a startled eep as he realised the stranger was now looking at him.

"Gomen, sir. I'm sorry if I seemed rude. I just couldn't help staring."

The man's tone was kindly. "Ah, there's no harm done. I believe you must know what it is like to be stared at yourself?"

Yugi involuntarily blushed and a soft laugh echoed down from the other end of the mind link he shared with Yami.

(It's not funny!)

/Your face is. /

Yugi felt himself go even redder. "That's true." He admitted to the man opposite.

The man offered his hand. "My name is Albus Dumbledore. Professor Albus Dumbledore. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr...?"

Yugi smiled and shook the pro-offered hand. "Mouto. Yugi Mouto. And the pleasure's all mine."

"Mouto? What an unusual name. It sounds Chinese."

"It's actually Japanese."

"You come from Japan? That's a long way away." The professor's eyes were questioning.

Yugi nodded. "It is. I travel around the world a lot. I've been to many countries spanning the globe."

"And what do you do as a profession, Mr Mouto?"

"Please, call me Yugi."

"Of course."

Yugi smiled and continued. "As I said I travel around to various countries. I've worked as a game-shop owner in my native home of Japan and a history teacher in Egypt, as well as doing my favourite, archaeology. I've taught about what I've done on my expeditions to Egypt and been a lecturer in many talks here in England. That's what I'm doing here now."

/As well as the fact Shadi told us to come here... Seriously, does that guy have nothing better to do than float about randomly and give ominous warnings to people/

"And what do you do Professor?" Yugi asked cheerfully, ignoring his darker half completely.

"I'm a head teacher of a school here in England..."

Yugi looked interested. "Oh? How interesting! What's your school called?"

Professor Dumbledore began to say something but was suddenly cut off by a tremendous bang, the door that served as the main entrance to the restaurant being blown apart, small chunks of wood and splinters flying everywhere. When the consequent smoke and debris cleared the occupants of the diner were all left staring at the space where the door had once resided, five black-cloaked figures filling the gap, their faces covered by an odd mask. There were a few scattered curses and gasps in the room, but everything soon descended into a shocked silence.

(Yami, are they Rare Hunters?! I thought Marik disbanded them!)

One of the intruding strangers swivelled about so their gaze rested on Yugi and Dumbledore.

/ Aibou, I don't like this. Let me come out. /

(Aa.) Yugi switched, taking refuge in his soulroom.

The figure spoke in a decidedly female voice. "So, Dumbledore. I see you're busy befriending another one of those tiring muggles. I just don't see where you get all the patience from. Muggles are dreadfully slow."

Yami bristled and unconsciously rested his hand on the sword at his belt - hidden by his own cloak.

(Muggles? What's a muggle?)

/Sshh, aibou. We'll probably find out. /

Professor Dumbledore looked suddenly forbidding. "Bellatrix Lestrange. What do you want?"

The figure pulled the cloak away from her head; revealing the sneering face beneath. "Surely you can guess that, Professor Dumbledore?" She drawled.

"Enlighten me."

Yami frowned. There was something wrong here. The people in cloaks weren't Rare Hunters, but they had a magical aura about them. Yet…the aura wasn't that of Shadow magic.

(Maybe that's because it isn't Shadow magic they possess.)

/What do you mean? They clearly have magic! You can sense that as well as I. /

(I said they might not have Shadow magic. Maybe it's another type of magic.)

/Another type/

(Exactly. Other types do exist, Yami.)

/I thought them extinct. /

(If you can survive this long, mon hitorou no boku, I'm pretty sure other things can too.)

Bellatrix was talking. "Our Lord wants you out of the way. You're an annoying old fool who can't keep his nose out of other people's business. So we've been sent here to permanently get rid of you. Now, professor, hand over your wand."

"And what if I don't?"

Bellatrix grinned evilly. "If you don't you'll watch my faithful band of death-eaters kill off these pathetic muggles one by one, starting with the one you seem to be acquainted with. Actually, for your insolence, I'll kill him anyway. Avada Kedavra!" A beam of green light suddenly shot out of the end of a wooden stick Bella was holding towards Yami.

Yami did the first thing he thought of, and sent a powerful blast of Shadow magic out to protect himself and Professor Dumbledore from the beam. The light hit the shield and fizzled out.

"Wha-? What happened?!" The female Death Eater looked furious.

Yami coolly detached himself from Professor Dumbledore's side and strode up to the now speechless death-eater. "I don't appreciate threats." He hissed, crimson eyes damning. "Nor, do I like being called slow and tiring. I especially don't like people who blast doors off their hinges. In fact," Yami's eyes glinted dangerously, "I don't think I like you, or your band of mindless idiots."

(Join the club.) Yugi squeaked.

Bellatrix drew herself to her full height and glared at the man before her. She was in fact, much taller than the other, but the stranger's posture made him seem like he towered above her. He looked to be in his early twenties and had a distinctly foreign look about him. His eyes were crimson red and could halt armies in their tracks just be glancing at them like that. In fact, those eyes were disturbingly familiar to the ones of her Lord, but that was of no matter. The young man had an aura around him; it was almost like he was cloaked in shadows. She hadn't sensed the aura before, so she'd immediately assumed he must have been a muggle. Bellatrix could now see she was wrong. No ordinary mortal could command himself like that and give off such a magical halo. For that matter no other person had ever stopped the Avada Kedavra curse before... except the brat, Potter. This youth could not be normal. Bella had to report this to her master.

"We're going." She hissed and apparated away, followed closely by the other cloaked figures that had accompanied her.

Yami blanched in surprise as Bellatrix disappeared from right in front of him.

(Eek!) Yugi squeaked through their mind link. (Where'd she go?)

Yami shook his head. /I don't know, aibou. / He turned to look at Professor Dumbledore.

"I don't believe you mentioned that in your professions." Albus said dryly.

Yugi blushed faintly as he switched back. "Well, it's not really a job..." he mumbled.

Shadow: And the shortness of this chapter makes me blink now. I promise – they do get longer on further in – much to the point where people are torn between hugging me and throttling me.