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Oh! And before I forget...if the titles to the chapters look familiar, it's because I used names of DDR songs for the chapter titles, and I selected lyrics from each song to end the chapter with. I love DDR!


::Malik waddles out dressed as a huge DDR pad:: Okay...Kei made me do this...but Kei doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh, DDR, any of the songs in DDR...and the what not...enjoy!

Chapter 1: I'm in the Mood for Dancing

He didn't know what turned him on more, the rhythmic movements or the hypnotic sounds, the sweat that trickled down the forehead of his partner of their soft, somewhat satisfied grunts, faster and faster he moved, feeling his muscles tighten in excited exhaustion. His pace quickened as did his partner's. This pleased the one with the burnt ecru skin as he pressed his body faster, harder. His partner was amazed by such astounding, precise movements, delicate though powerful. His lean, tanned body pressed on, pushing the limitations of his own muscular frame. Pace quickening, hearts pounding, grunts escalating. The look on the tanned one's face shifted, a coy grin dancing upon his lips as movements halted, his tense body easing into its' much needed relaxation. Using his naked forearm to clean the sweat from his brow, he glanced over at the one panting beside him, a smirk painted across his face.

"Great game, man...but I am victorious." He confidently said this before the final results were tallied. The blaring colors of the scream before them screamed, the tan one's confidence being rewarded. The lights dimmed a bit, the music fading out, only to be replaced withy rabid applause. The two warriors only eyed the glowing screen before them, one with a sleek grin, the other a nervous smile

Player 1: AA

Player 2: B

The murmurs amongst the onlookers were those of sheer shock. This newcomer, the tanned one, beating the arcade's champion, a cocky ebony haired boy who assumed a bit too much (And we all know what happens when we assume, don't we?) With flaring jade eyes, the former champion stepped down off of the dance pad and out of the lime light. The new king of Dance Dance Revolution has been crowned!

"Hey." The new champion called out to the one he had dethroned. The one with the raven haired threw the blonde a bitter glare, only to be met with an extended hand and a soft smile. "That was a great game, Duke. It was an honor to finally face you."

Taking the new king's hand viciously, he grasped it tightly as if longing to squeeze the very life out if it, though the healthy grip was only returned. "Yeah...same to you, M..." The name of his adversary had slipped his mind, though he couldn't care less anyway, so the lost information and the act of its recovery were tedious.

"Malik." The blonde, still smiling, could tell by the pause that his name was forgotten, but this didn't faze him. "I hope to play you again."

"Soon enough" Replied Duke, forcing out a congratulatory smile. "Soon enough..." he turned his back as the mob of love stricken fan girls mobbed Malik. He snarled, leaving the arcade, his former palace, where the new king had unknowingly exiled him from. Such bitterness filled him, but no matter. He knew this problem had to be solved, his past harshly extinguished, and he knew just the man to do it.

Duke, in all truth, as a little cowardly rich boy who, since birth, had been fed with the biggest silver spoon money could buy. Academically, he couldn't compare to the 'poor, unfortunate street trash', but he did excel at one thing, and that was Dance Dance Revolution. The boy had been playing since it was released years before, and since the first time he set his bare feet on the plastic board, he loved it. Destined to be the best, he ignored everything else around him, school, his parents, his friends, and played. Day in and day out, from dawn until dusk, he never missed a beat.

After conquering his board in the comfort of his own basement, he journeyed out into the open world, knowing that it was filled with Dance Dance possibilities. Better songs, worth opponents, louder music, brighter lights. It was almost paradise.

It didn't take him long to become the king of the arcade. He was undefeated and everyone knew it, well, everyone except for the newcomer to the arcade scene, Malik Ishtar.

He had approached the champion with the innocent intention of a friendly game, though it escalated into 'He challenged the champ!!' and 'That newbie wants to steal the crown!" The fight was on, the challenger awarded the glory. Like flies to a carcass, the fans abandoned the former ruler and embraced the new king of DDR.

The cheering hadn't seized, the arcade still buzzing with excitement that stung Duke's ears. That was my fame...mine! He felt his fists tighten, digging his full nails into his own palm. The pain was numbed, as was his entire body. My friend, my fame, my game!!! His mind screamed as, like a rabid wolf, he felt the quivering snarl well up in the back of his throat. Rage and loath filled him until a sickening chuckle emerged and a disgusting grin surfaced a snake like grin that curled sharply at each corner of his mouth. "He'll pay..." From his designer jean pocket, he pulled out his high tech, rich boy weaponry, his cell phone, and scanned through his dozens upon dozens of numbers, olive orbs darting from name to name. Bingo! That smirked returned as his slender fingers molested the soft rubber keys with quick jabs. Malik...this will be the last time you play DDR on my turf! He raised the phone to his ear, hearing nothing more then the soft ringing from the other end. I'll finish you off one way...

"Talk to me." The voice on the other end called, a harsh, loud voice that surprised Duke, though sent him into a world of revengeful fantasies.

Or another...


Dancing (dancing)

I'm in the mood, babe

So let the music play

Whoo, dancing (dancing)

I'm in the mood babe

So get up and let your body sway

"I'm In The Mood For Dancing"


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