More Than That

Chapter 1

September 3, 2003

Rose DeWitt-Bukater got up bright and early Monday morning. It was the first day of her junior year at Saint Edmund's. She rolled out of bed to brush her teeth and take a shower.

When she got out, she put on her white uniform shirt and gray skirt. She could get in trouble for rolling her skirt up, but she didn't care. None of the girls at Saint Edmund's cared. She brushed her curly red hair and pulled it up into a high ponytail.

Her mother, Ruth, was eating breakfast while her father read the morning paper when she entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, Rose," her mother said.

"Rose, do you need a ride to school this morning?" William Bukater asked.

"No, thanks. Cal is picking me up," she replied. She grabbed an apple from the refrigerator, taking a big bite out of it.

"Cal certainly is a gentleman," Ruth said. Rose just gave her a weak smile. She had been dating Cal since January. Cal Hockley was a rich, seventeen-year-old snob. He had asked Rose out on a date in January, and treated her like she was his property.

Rose heard Cal honking his horn outside her house. She kissed her father and mother on their cheeks and ran out of the house. Cal was very impatient. Rose hopped into his black Mustang convertible and gave him a kiss.

"Hey, Sweetpea." Cal called Rose that for a pet name. Rose had had a crush on Cal ever since she was a freshman and he was a sophomore. He hung out with a high-class crowd. Rose was always attracted to him. He had dark eyes that were sexy to her. They went very well with his dark hair.

"Darling, are you taking me to Marie Jones' party Friday evening?" Rose asked.

"You really want to go there?" Cal asked. He wasn't too thrilled about going.

"Yeah. It will be fun! Everyone will be there!" Rose was really excited about Friday night. "Marie invited most of your friends."

"Yes. I know that, dear. If it pleases you, then why not?" Cal asked. Rose smiled, happy that Cal was going.

Jack Dawson was new to Saint Edmund's. He had come all the way from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, after his father had died of a heart attack. Now it was just him and his mother, Rebecca Dawson. They had packed their stuff and moved to New York.

Jack was beginning his junior year at Saint Edmund's. He had to start fresh and meet all new people. He had moved to New York a week ago. He had spent his time drawing in his art portfolio that he had had since the age of thirteen.

This was his first time going to a Catholic school, and he didn't agree much with wearing the uniform. It was just plain gray pants and a white oxford shirt. He thought that he looked like a dork.

He stepped into the school. It was different from what was in Wisconsin. New York was completely different from Wisconsin. He saw all the unfamiliar faces that walked by. There were girls with short skirts and guys with their arms around their girlfriends.

He wasn't watching where he was going, because he suddenly bumped into someone.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" a girl said. He looked at her. She was really beautiful. Her brown eyes glowed, and her long, dark hair flowed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you." Her beauty amazed him. He noticed the beauty mark by her lip.

"It's all right. Are you new here? I've never seen you around," she told him.

"Yeah. I just moved here with my mother. We came from Wisconsin. I'm Jack Dawson," he said to her.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Christina Castillo," she said. Just then, two guys and a girl came up to her.

"There you are, honey!" a curly-haired guy said to her, kissing her cheek. He then saw Jack, who was staring at them with his blue eyes and passing his hand through his blonde hair. "Who's this?"

"Oh, he's new! Jack Dawson, meet my boyfriend, Tommy Ryan," Christina said. Damn! All the hot girls are taken, Jack thought to himself.

"Hi! Nice to meet you," Jack said, shaking Tommy's hand.

"That's Fabrizio di Rossi and his girlfriend, Hannah Dahl." He looked at the girl with the blonde hair and brown eyes and the other guy with dark hair.

"Nice to meet you, Jack!" Fabrizio said. Hannah waved at him.

"Where do you come from?" Hannah asked.

"I came from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin," Jack replied.

"You'll like it here, Jack!" Christina said, with Tommy wrapping his arms around her waist.

Jack then saw a girl with curly red hair pass by with a tall guy with dark hair whose arm was around her shoulder. He stared at her while they spoke to a bunch of guys and girls. Tommy saw him staring at her.

"What are you looking at?" Tommy asked.

"That girl over there. Who is she?" Jack asked, curious to find out who she was.

"That's Rose DeWitt-Bukater," Christina answered for him.

"Forget it! It would have to be like angels flying out of your ass to get next to the likes of her," Tommy said.

"The guy next to her is Caledon Hockley. One rich bastard," Hannah added.

"Yeah. She runs with the rich and beautiful." Jack listened to what Fabrizio said. He continued to stare at her. Rose noticed him. He still looked at her. She looked again, but then was distracted by her boyfriend. Jack quickly turned around when he noticed that Cal saw him.

"What's that you have in your hand?" Tommy asked, looking at Jack's portfolio.

"Oh. That's my art portfolio," Jack answered.

"You draw?" Christina asked him.

"Yeah. I've been drawing since I was thirteen," Jack said.

"Are you going to take art?" Christina asked him.

"Yeah," Jack answered. "I registered here a week ago."

The bell rang for them to go to homeroom.

"Time for homeroom," Fabrizio said. "What homeroom are you in, Jack?"

"I am in Junior 1," he answered when he looked at the schedule that he had been given when he registered.

"You're with me, then!" Fabrizio said. "I'll see you later, Hannah." He gave his girlfriend a quick kiss. They all said good-bye and went their separate ways.

"Hannah, Tommy, and Christina are in Junior 3. They are down the hall," Fabrizio said.

Jack nodded his head whenever Fabrizio was telling him something about the school. He entered homeroom, and there he saw Rose, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.