Title:A Deadly Choice

Author: MusicDreamer

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The Clone Wars is coming to an end and Anakin has left the Jedi Order. He now works alongside Palpantine or Darth Sidious. His marriage to Padme is still a secret to everyone around him. But when Sidious discovers Padme is pregnant with Anakin's children and becomes threatened, what choice will Anakin be forced to make. And what will be the consequences end up being?

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or any of the familiar characters. They were all created by George Lucas. This story is the beginning of an AU series. Please R&R.

Chapter 1

Anakin Skywalker looked around at the crowd about him, as he awaited the arrival of his former master Obi-wan Kenobi. No doubt the older Jedi was going to try and convince Anakin to return to the temple, but the young man had made up his mind. He had left the order about a week ago, and was now in the service of Chancellor Palpantine.

He was very happy in the job, but Anakin longed to tell someone about his wife Padme. It wasn't fair for her to have to continue keeping the secret anymore. Anakin had given her permission to tell her family, but so far the young senator had not done so. He looked up from his table again just as Obi-wan was entering the diner.

He approached the table and greeted Anakin. "I'm glad you're here. We have a lot to talk about."

Anakin smiled slightly, "Let me guess. You want to talk about me leaving the Jedi."

Obi-wan sat down across from his old student. "Of course that's what I want to talk about. I believe you are making a terrible mistake."

Anakin gave his master an odd look and replied, "I suspected you would." He continued, "Obi-wan, I just don't feel like I belong there anymore. I'm not sure if I ever really did. It's hard to explain."

He was telling only a half truth. He knew that keeping the secret about Padme had become too difficult. The other feeling in the pit of his stomach was something he could not quite identify. A feeling of foreboding which spoke of upcoming danger.

The older man asked noticing Anakin was pondering on something. "Would you care to elaborate on that thought? You know you can tell me anything."

Anakin sighed. He was grateful for Obi-wan's concern, but he couldn't tell him about this. His master would not understand. "Sorry, but I can't tell you about this. You wouldn't really understand."

Obi-wan was puzzled. Yes, his old apprentice had hidden things from him before, but never had a secret remained so long between them. He had sensed for several years now that Anakin had a secret, but had never been able to get Anakin to disclose it. He smirked, "Try me."

Anakin was surprised at how inviting his old master was being. The young man was tempted to tell Obi-wan. What could it hurt after all? He had already left the order. They couldn't very well expel him anymore. And maybe if he knew Obi-wan would understand that he had no choice, but to leave the order. "Alright, but you're not going to be happy."

The Jedi master smiled warmly. He could sense the hesitation within Anakin. He simply stated, "Trust me."

Anakin took a deep breathe. "I'm married to Padme."

A/N: I realize that this first chapter was pretty short, but I had to end it there. Anyway this story will most likely have quick updates. Yay, I know readers love that. This story is going to be the first in an AU series. Reviews make me so happy, so please review. I only have a single rule. Don't curse. Hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter.