DD's p.o.v. - hope you enjoy!

Dear Diary,

Oh my god! (I am so sorry for using the lord's name in vain but this is so a serious situation) Shane is being such a brat these days. She is like always teasing me about how i'm all blonde and stuff (even though Cassie is too!) and about how I like romantic stories. I mean I am a romantic person! Okay, so maybe I made a small mistake by forgetting to pay all my Christian's child fund dues on time. But it's so not my fault, because the dog had been eating my mail for weeks and I just thought the kid I was sponsoring died or something because they stopped sending stuff! So when he did die I was sent to jail for murder! Like it was my fault! I mean please, like you can just train dogs not to do things you don't want them to do. How gifted do they think I am?

So anyway Shane always makes fun of me, and then, after that episode when we all had to use our shirts as a way to get out of that totally safe mine field (after we did we were all like 'Dude, i'm alive, and topless!') she teased me for weeks about the size of my, breasts. I mean, it's so not like I can controll things like this! I got a push-up bra anyway.

And then, she stared teasing me! I don't really remember what it was about but i remember i was all mad and stuff so I, like, left. Then I dyed my hair.