Title: You Can Never Escape Your Past Spoiler: This story is a continuation of Viva Las Vegas.
Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer I have nothing to do with The Agency and receive no compensation

Since Stiles and Terri are now secretly married. I've changed some of the scenes to have it play out a little different. This next part involves an Isolated Incident.

Chapter 1:

Stiles and Terri were extremely happy for a while when they got back from Vegas. Stiles moved a lot of things to Terri's place, but they couldn't make too many changes because they were not even supposed to be living together. As far as everyone else knew they were taking their time getting to know each other.

Stiles and Terri had a difficult time at work. Joshua kept prodding Terri about the relationship. Terri had to just smile and listen to his teasing. Many times Terri wanted to just show him the picture of Stiles and her with Elvis in the chapel and say "I'm married." but for the time being it was best that nobody knew.

There was some talk at the agency that married couples should never be placed on assignments together. Stiles and Terri would not like that at all. Stiles came to depend on having Terri watch his back. He trusted her completely, which was very difficult for him. She was right when she wasn't there he always seemed to get into trouble. Uncle Tom tipped them off about that. He would never tell, so they decided not to let too many people at work even know they were involved. The only ones that knew were Tom, Joshua, Lex, and Jackson. Stiles suspected that Quinn knew, but he wasn't sure.

One morning after they were back for a few weeks, Quinn had sent Stiles to a Homeland Security meeting in Dallas. He was only gone for 3 days, but to him 3 days away from his new bride felt like an eternity. Stiles walked into OTS, and saw Terri and Lex working and talking. Lex was talking about his latest girlfriend who wouldn't sleep with him because he was too nice.

"Lex that's not a problem."

"Yeah, its a big problem, if she likes me too much to go to bed with me. What does that even mean?"

Stiles couldn't resist, he really likes Lex but this was just too good of an opportunity to give him a hard time. "It means you're plain out of luck pal." Terri turns and looks at him. She really missed him but was just a little mad because he didn't even really say goodbye, he just left her a message. The 3 days he was gone they didn't talk to each other only machines they were playing phone tag.

"We're working here." Stiles knew he needed to make it up to her. He already had a plan.

Lex was trying to make it sound good. "But.... she likes me."

"Oh boy. Terri tell him."

"Tell him what?" Stiles could tell Terri might actually be madder than he thought.

"That she finds him amusing, but repulsive. Tell him." Lex fakes a laugh.

Terri wanted to make sure Stiles knew she wasn't happy with him right now. "Well, it's just that she sees you as more than a superficial, shallow jerk." Stiles smiles at her. "You should be flattered. Lex I need those departure tax stamps please." Lex walked out of the room to go get them. This gave her and Stiles a few minutes alone.

Stiles walked over to her with a big smile on his face "Hey."

"Hi" Stiles closed her laptop which she quickly reopened. "What do you want?"

"You." she smiled at him. He always knows how to soften her when she is mad "I'm sorry about the past few days. I've missed you. I have a great idea for a second honeymoon."

"Well, we never quite had a first one."

He nodded, "Hmm... ever bone fished." she just looked at him funny. "Andros Island, the Bahamas. Great fishing, fun weekend. What do you say?"

Lex walked back in "Here you go Terri."

"Thanks Lex." Lex was still standing there, Terri realized Lex had probably heard Stiles talking about the Bahamas, "Maybe, Stiles, but if we do go, two rooms." Stiles just tilted his head and looked at her funny. "I like you too much." Lex just started laughing, Terri had a big smile on her face.

"Looks like you're out of luck pal." Stiles laughed as Lex walked away.

He whispered in Terri's ear as he walked away. "Good one Mrs. Stiles. I love you. Definitely one room."

Terri went to talk to Joshua. "It's a simple question - do you need me here this weekend or not?"


She didn't want to tell him, "All right, I have a date."

"I always need you. My life is not complete without you. Where is Mr. Stiles taking you that you need the whole weekend off?" Terri was trying to ignore Joshua's question about Stiles.

"Then I'll take that as a no."

"This place is open 24 hours. What is Mr. Stiles planning?" Terri once again tried to ignore him.

"I'm not on the duty roster and I have worked 7 out of the last 9 weekends."

"And done an excellent job. Where is Mr. Stiles taking you?"

Stiles walked in with a big smile on his face. "What does Dad say?"

Terri answers "He doesn't need me." at the same time Joshua answers "I need her." Terri just looked at him.

Stiles walked in and stood next to Terri and told her "You know, there's and 8 o'clock flight tomorrow night, we could be on Andros by 11."

Joshua smiled "Andros? Have you tried the bone fishing?" Stiles looked at Terri.

She was shaking her head "What?"

Quinn walked into the doorway. "Excuse me." they turn around to look at him. "I understand you two are planning a trip. I'd like to propose a change in itinerary." They both looked at him. Quinn does know something is going on between them.

Stiles and Terri went and got the information on their mission from Quinn. When they were done Terri left. Stiles wanted to know if Quinn was going to make trouble for them. "How did you know that Terri and I were planning a trip?"

"I heard you say that if you caught the 8 o'clock flight you could be there by 11."

"Sir. I'm aware of the change about couples working together."

"Mr. Stiles, I am not under the CIA, I am the liaison from Homeland Security. I will only follow CIA rules that I think are worth it. You and Miss Lowell are my best team. I have no intention of ruining that." Stiles was glad to hear that. "Have a nice trip, Mr. Stiles. At least I have you playing a married couple this time." Quinn snickered. Stiles had no idea how he would know. But he had a sneaking suspicion that Quinn knew they had eloped while in Vegas.