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Chapter One

"This can't be them. Albus you have to be joking."

"I'm sorry Minerva I'm not. I can tell it is them because they are drawn to one another."

"They attended a school for juvenile delinquent school for girls. How can you make sure that they don't come here and turn to the dark side?"

"I have faith in them." Was all he said.

Four girls sat under a weeping willow tree eating there lunch. They were different yet the same.

First there was Slone Matthews she had hair the color red that leaves change in the fall. It stopped a little below her chin. She was American and protected most of the group. Slone was in the Juvenile School because she held up a 13&5 because they wouldn't let her return something.

Then there was Alexandra Miller. She is half black half white. Her mom was a white American her father is French. She lived with her parents in France. She had light tan skin. Long curly black hair that fell 4 inches below her shoulders. The only thing she got from her fathers looks are her blue eyes. She is the smart one in the group. She got sent to Juvie School for braking into the United Nations files from her bedroom computer. Her parents are really rich and they feared for her protection so they wouldn't let her do anything and kept her locked up in her room all day. So when she was caught her simple response was "I was bored."

Then there is Claire Chattaway. What to say about Claire she is from London. She has long blonde hair that falls to her bellybutton. She has forest green eyes. She is the sly cunning one in the group. She is in the school because she lit her school's cafeteria on fire. No one really knows why. Claire likes to keep a lot of secrets.

Then there is the innocent one. Her name is Suki SaintJames. She has long black hair with dyed silver streaks going down them. She has doe brown eyes. She never really spoke a lot only when she had something important to say. When she did talk people would want to listen. She had the kind of beauty that she didn't have to work for it. It just kind of happened. She was the kind of person who didn't know she was pretty either. No matter how innocent she looked there were always her eyes. Her eyes said that she had a darker side. No one knew why she was there no one except Claire and as I said Claire liked to keep secrets.

Back to eating under the tree.

"This food taste like crap." Claire said.

"Everyday for the past year and a half you say that during lunch. Claire get over it no matter how many times you mention how crappy the food is it will always be crappy. Get over it." Slone said. An argument then broke out between them.

Alexandra just went back to reading her book and Suki was just playing with her uniform. Then she looked up and saw something in the ski.

"Hey guys what's that." She said pointing to a barn owl heading right to them. It landed on top of Alexandra's books.

"It has a piece of paper stuck to its leg." Alex said.

"Do you think we should read it?" Slone asked

"Why not." Alex said then picked up and looked at and envelope that said.


S Matthews

A. Miller

C. Chattaway

S. SaintJames

London's School for juvenile detention school for girls.

Under the Weeping Willow.

"Do you think we should open it?" Slone asked.

"Hell yes." Claire practally shouted.

Alexandra opened the envelope and read aloud.

Dear Slone, Alexandra, Claire, and Suki,

My name is Albus Dumbledore I am the headmaster at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft of Wizardry. I would like to extend and invention to attend the school for the summer holidays then if you would like to continue for the rest of the school year. I understand your current condition I have some connections in the muggle world. And would be of some help so if you would please respond back with this owl with your answer.


Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Order of Merlin

"What do you say guys should we go?" Slone asked.

"I think we should go. It could be a real life experience." Suki said.

"Wow Suk that's the most I heard you say all month." Claire said.

They then wrote a quick reply back. Saying that they would be attending.

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