Ginny woke up in her mother's bed, feeling the prickles of the rough blanket she was wrapped up in. Holding her stomache, she remembered all that happened and let out a small cry.

"Gin! You're awake!" A voice said loudly from the door. Ginny glanced at her brother mournfully, not much in the mood for him.

"Where's Draco?" She said quietly, her voice weak...broken.

"In the living room with mom and dad and-"

"Tell him I need him"

Without replying, Ron went to fetch Draco. She closed her eyes, waiting. She heard the door open, and...a baby cry.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at a small, timid baby in Draco's arms, who's tiny hairs were red and who's tiny eyes were blue.

"Talori..." she whispered as she held the baby in her arms. Talori's little hands immediatly reached up and grabbed Ginny's hair and put it in her mouth. Ginny laughed and kissed Talori on her head, then looked up at Draco.

"Thank-you for making me a mother," she whispered.

I never thought I'd hear you say that, Red. "Thank-you for making me a father," he replied outloud.

Draco's soft, gentle expression soon turned into a smirk, "Did you know your father is out looking for a Ministry Official so he can get us a marriage license?"

"He is? Oh!" She could not handle the happiness that all this made her. "I can't believe this really is happening..."

"Talori, go get your dad and tell him dinner is ready."

"Okay, mommy," the little girl said, running into the living room. Draco sat in his chair, reading the newspaper, and was attacked by a little girl with red hair.

Ginny sighed and smiledat Snuffles the Second. She ran and got Talori and Snuffles, then saw something out of the corner of her eye.


"Talori is wonderful, Gin," the spirit said. "Keep in mind I'm always watching over her." Ginny smiled and nodded and the image was gone.

"Talori, there's someone to see you," Draco called as his mother, Talori's grandmother, ran to the yard and hugged her. His mother was a whole different person now that Lucius was gone; loving, kind, happy.

They all went into the kitchen and started their meal.

"Oh, how wonderful, how very wonderful indeed!" Larry cried, wiping away imaginary tears with his plug. "Oh, Harold, not in front of the children!"


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