After three years of marriage and four and a half years of being together, Greg and Sara are trying for their second child. They have one daughter Natalie who is four, but both Greg and Sara want another child.

"Okay Greggie," she said, "This is one of those Clear Blue tests so it's just says pregnant or not pregnant."

"Okay, easy enough" he said. They waited for a few minutes and it finally came up.

"So," Greg said, "I'm a going to be a father for the second time?"

"A very good father, yes, I'm pregnant again," Sara said with joy.

"Oh, baby, I love you."

"I love you too."

"How are we going to break this to Natie?"

"I guess we'll wait until she asks."

"Good plan, you're so smart."

"You are too."


They told the team and they are all thrilled. Greg's parents are so proud. Sara always pictured that she would have a house with a white picket fence and a big family. She was getting her dream. Now it was just a matter of time before she would have another baby in the house. She and Greg are already starting the nursery. Sara is scheduled for her first sonogram next month. Greg is going with her. They are so excited.


"Come on Greggie, we're going to be late" Sara called to Greg. They were going to her sonogram.

"I'm coming, baby" he called back. Greg finally came out of their bedroom and they left. They arrived on time. They rode the elevator to the 10th floor. It came to a halt and they got out. They only sat in the waiting room for only a minute before they called her name.

"Sara Sanders" the nurse called. Sara and Greg got up and went back to the room. After they took her weight and all the other things that they had to do, they put them in an exam room and told her that her doctor would be in, in a minute. About five minutes later, he came in.

"Hey Sara" Dr. Jacobs said, "Round two." He was her doctor when she was pregnant with Natalie.

"Hey" she said.

"Hey Greg, how's Natalie?" Dr. Jacobs asked.

"She's great, growing like a weed and being a naughty little four-year-old," Greg said.

"Haha, good, good, let's get started shall we?" He turned on the monitor and put the cold jelly on her tummy.

"Well everything looks good, let's hear the heart beat." He messed with the machine until they could hear the heart beats.

"Oh my, Sara there is more than one heart beat, matter of fact there's two."

"You mean... twins?" Sara said in disbelief.

"Yeah congratulations" Dr. Jacobs said. Greg and Sara just looked at each other in total shock.


Everyone is so surprised to hear that Greg and Sara are having twins, but happy for them. Now Sara is four months.

"Greg, I love you" she to Greg.

"I love you too," he said.

"I can't believe that we are having twins, that is so awesome."

"I know, now we'll have three kids."

"My dream."


Five months later, she went to labor. Greg was beside her the whole time helping her push and breathe. After about an hour, both baby girl twins were brought into the world. Their names Avra Alyn Sanders who is about three and a half minutes older than her sister, Janelle Kaya Sanders. Greg and Sara are so happy. Now they have three beautiful children. Natalie loves Avra and Janelle. The team is so happy for them too. The Sanders household is a wonderful place, especially now Avra and Janelle are apart of it.