As the dawn approaches, a dark portal appeared. A man stepped out of it. He has green eyes, brown hair, a red T-shirt, and a pair of jeans. Overall, he looks perfectly normal, if not for the fact that he carries a staff. The staff looked normal, except it has a moonstone set on its top. He smiled; a sinister smile that would make even the bravest soul tremble. "So, this is the fabled cartoon universe. Quite different from the other universe." Cackling, he left to who knows where.

But, unheeded by him or anybody, a leg had appeared through the portal that still lingers. An especially fit body of a young man soon followed the leg. His clothes are strange, black, blue, and yellow in color. His mask conceals his features as his blue eyes scan the area. He didn't even flinch as four more bodies, two male, two female, followed him through the portal.

The first man sighed, "Oh man. We missed him, and we can't just go back until we catches him." Having motioned to the others to follow him, they left, silent and stalking their prey like a wolf pack.