She creeps down stairs in sock clad feet with her shoes in her hands. Staying near the wall and trying to become invisible, Dawn is sneaking out. She prays that Kit won't be stupid and honk the horn. Wearing a denim skirt that's a forbidden length and a black tank top covered in studs and glitter. She's trying to look like a senior and uses heavy black eyeliner to accomplish this goal. Her hair is in messy curls and her ears are adorned with dangling black squares.

Kit scored some fake IDs from her cousin or someone's cousin Dawn wasn't quite sure. Now their mission was to get into a Mata Hari concert in LA. Kit's mom's Honda has been unknowing donated for the cause.
She hopes, upon finally reaching the door that Buffy isn't lying in wait sadistically postponing the evitable punishment and lecture. No one pops up as Dawn opens the door and no one opens it back up when she closes it. Taking a deep breath she runs on the tips of her toes to the car.

While carefully opening the car door she shaking her head when Kit tries to speak. Hopping in and ever so gently closing the door she sighs in relief and then puts on her shoes.

"Hey," she says fatigued from her daring escape. Kit smirks and guns the car in gear and they speed off. They save their obnoxiously loud music a girlish giggles and yells for the next block.

Bleary eyed and stumbling Dawn sneaks back in. She is greeted by Willow, who is looking rather amused over the coffee mug she's holding.

"Have fun?" She asks getting a sleepy nod as an answer. "Better get back into bed before Buff wakes up." Willow says grinning like a Cheshire cat. Dawn returns the grin before wearily crawling to bed.