(Author's note: In this fic, I am just trying to give an idea of what could of happened if the game was changed around a little. Linear sounds much out of character. I apologize for this. I love to experiment with Linear's character and this is just something I wanted to try out. Yes, there is part hentai in here. I wanted to express the true bond of Mag and Linear that is sooo often left out in the game. Again, in my story I make Mag a whole lot mature and don't really want to focus on the age thing. HINT: Ash/Satoshi and Misty/Kasumi. Well now that this is all cleared up I am going to attempt this. Also, I know my paragraphs are really screwed up. It's not just my fault but also my computers. Now, here I go with chapter one of my Linear and Yurka type fic. I have not decided with a clear title yet but for now "Clear Destiny" or something better. I have to think on it. Tell me what you think.)-Linear Cannon
Chapter 1
'Dear Journal,
I do not know the time nor the hour; neither the date nor the year. Just earlier I was hovering over Linear's bed. I envy Mag. Such beauty and youth...... Humans are sooo untrustworthy. Yet she trusts and believes in Mag. Humans cannot be trusted. My attempts to reform her have been unsuccessful. This "bondage" is completely disgusting. Her pain is immense for I can feel it. I can feel the pain Mag so often ignores. This makes me want to hold her tight and comfort for all its worth. The temptation is soo very unbearable that I often cannot concentrate. A human does not deserve her. I can offer her anything she desires.
Tonight we are supposed to meet at the balcony. I want to see her face. Before I leave tonight, I want to tell her I love her and share with her a long pure, innocent kiss. If this does not convince her to go away with me, then somehow I will have to try and accept her decision.
A long journey awaits me now. Linear is part of the human race. She is part of the human race....'
Yurka slammed his journal in disgust and anguish. It wasn't fair. Mag basically owned Linear. Yurka knew he had to steal her away in any way possible. He was destruction and destruction always got what it wanted in the very end. The candle flickered a bit. It dimmed the room making it even harder for Yurka to continue his thoughts. He was residing at the hotel in Museville. Mag's forgiving heart Yurka. For whatever why reason this Yurka did not know. Yet another term in his vocabulary undefined. "Forgiveness", this had no place in the mind of a destroyer's. Mag wanted Yurka to lead a good life. Truthfully, Ulticannon wasn't defeated. Mag could never understand the full power of Ulticannon.
In essence, Mag was quite foolish for allowing Yurka to stay. Though no one really makes a big deal out of it, he's quite dimwitted but full and of compassion which Linear very well knows.
"Foolish human....," Yurka had murmured under his breath. It came out bitter and cold for this was Yurka's character. He removed his pink sleeves and laid them across the bed. The candle was almost out now. Then he placed his hands upon his hips and grinned from ear to ear with sin on his mind. He had clear intentions on his mind even if they were quite cruel. He was going to see Linear.

Linear was waiting for "him". She was quite impatient and excited to finally speak to him again. Mag had no clue of their secret meetings. They had separate rooms that were right next to each other. Mag was with Gre and Carcano while Pepper and Chain were with Linear. Tonight Chain and Pepper were out and Linear sat alone tending to her flowers.
Linear was startled when she heard the doorknob turning.
"Oh, Mag!!!" She held her flowerpot firmly in her hand. Mag scratched his head. "Didn't mean to startle you," Mag giggled delightfully showing his affection for Linear," I'm going to bed. I will be right next door if you need anything." Linear nodded in agreement and did quite a cute curtsy. Mag hugged her tightly and gently. "Goodnight, Linear."
Mag cared for Linear sooo much. At times Linear could not even comprehend the way he cared. Over time she began to realize slowly his true feelings. The thought of Mag caring for her this way nearly scared her. What if she had to leave Mag? What if her duty commanded her to do so?
She did not want to think about it anymore and thus laid on the empty bed. She twisted and turned waiting for him. Linear dozed off for a bit then slowly opened her eyes as a blinding light awakened her.
Linear smiled as a soft breeze rushed upon her face. She was delighted. Linear ran to the balcony nearly tripping over her own sandal. She was now at the end of the balcony smiling away in awe and amazement. "Yurka," she spoke as if she were in a trance," Where are your....pink sleeves?" He floated to the ground. The silvery moonlight set the mood. Both of them were ecstatic to see each other. The wind played a soft melody. "Hee, hee. Don't you like?" Linear could not help but blush. Yurka was already quite handsome without his sleeves. Now he looked very stunning and made Linear very nervous inside as though twenty human emotions flowed through her body at once. It was quite invigorating.
He put his arm around her shoulders. A quick glimpse of Mag ran through her mind and she tensed up a little more but then slowly eased into it. They gazed off into the moon for a bit. Nothing was on her mind except Yurka. She lost herself to his smell. It was wonderful and made Linear never want to leave.
"Linear?" He turned to her in looked directly into her eyes, which looked bright purple in the moonlight. "If I had to go somewhere would you go with me?"
Linear was stunned. The question ran continuously through her mind. "Where are you going?!" Linear managed to speak. Yurka moved away from her. 'Embrace me' she thought. "Fine, Linear. I will leave you and never return. With that he kissed her, massaging his lips with hers. Strangely, her large purple bow fell off. Her hair gently flowed in the wind and when Yurka finally pulled away, her eyes were as bright as ever. "Yurka.........." Yurka turned his back to Linear and gently floated above her. "Bye, Linear"
He floated away as the tears came pouring down. She felt the pain rising in her throat. Linear had to release it...............
"YUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Linear let out a piercing scream dropping to her knees. Mag quickly rushed in. He held Linear, as she would not say a word in deep shock. She slowly fainted.

Author: Okay. That's it for chapter one. I hope I did okay. Tell me what you think. Chapter 2 will be up soon enough.