Linear And Yurka Chapter 5
By Linear Cannon

The dim light entered into the two lovers' beds. Mag slowly opened his eyes. He stared at his accomplishment once again. She stirred a bit and he kissed her forehead. "Lin-chan?" She was awake now and smiled a bright smile. Linear instantly hugged him. "Oh Mag!" Suddenly, she frowned a bit as she lifted the covers and looked at herself and thought about what she had done. Mag had put all of his clothes on. He spoke softly, "Anything wrong? You feeling okay?" Linear nodded and nearly jumped when she heard the door open. Gre peeped in with his eyes so very bright. "Mag!! Master Mag, breakfast is uh ready. Come down and eat!!!" Gre nearly ran and he talked as in broken sentences. Mag scratched his head and laughed.
Linear dressed her self. "Magu, go downstairs. I'll be down there in a bit." He did as he was a told not because he is a puppy(little humor for Faria Aite) but because he respected her. She looked at herself in the mirror again. "Hmmmmm......Hello, Linear...," Yurka said entering unexpectedly. Linear nearly screamed. "Yurka, I know you were there....watching."
He laughed," Hee Hee. You mean when you made love to a disgusting human? I was there and only because I have to protect you."
Linear blushed. He approached her closer and closer. Yurka grabbed her by the waist and indulged himself into her. Linear was trying to get free from his grasp. "Yurka!!! We are related. Kinda like brother and sister!!! Er, are we? I mean, what am I saying?!" Yurka pulled her on the bed. He looked her directly in the face, "No........" His hands slid up her white dress. "Yurka?.....Yurka......," each time she said his name she moaned a little higher. He positioned himself on top of her. "No, I do not love you. Are you sick?! I love Mag!! Not you!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh, hi there, Chain." Mag greeted Chain very nicely. Chain blushed. "Just going down for breakfast, Mag." They looked at each other for a bit then Mag continued down the stairs. "Oh wait, Mag!!! I need to show you something!" Mag scratched his head. He decided to follow Chain since Linear was not there yet anyway. They went into the banquet hall, which was now empty. "You will not interfere. You will not."
Mag backed away. "Excuse me?" Chain did an evil laugh. "Linear and Yurka are meant for each other. You will not and cannot stop their love." Mag moved closer to the doors now. "Love?!" Chain opened the doors. "See for yourself." Mag ventured back to the hotel room. Chain now fell to the ground. "Oh my.......what have I done?! What did I do?! Why is everything soo fuzzy........" She blacked out.
"Linear?" He opened the door a bit and fell back in horror. They were making love right on the bed. "Mag!!! Help me!!! He is hurting me!!!!! " Yurka turned around and stopped trying to pull off her shorts. Mag was almost positive of what he saw or was he? "Leave her alone!!!!!!" Without thinking he charged at Yurka and missed only hurting himself instead. Yurka laughed at this. "Lin...Linear........," Mag's voice cried out bitterly. Linear looked at Mag with wings sprouting out of her back. Soon, Gre, Carcano and Pepper can running up to see what was the matter but Yurka had a force on the door that would not allow them in. "Mag!!!! I love you!! And only you!!!!" He attacked Yurka again to only miss again. "Stupid human.....," Yurka said while opening up another dimension,"Come, Linear." Linear cried. "It is for the best, Mag. He will just kill us all. There is nothing I can do. He is stronger." She fainted. "No!!!! I will not give you up!!!!!! Never!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Mag attacked at full force. "Fool......Total destruction........." Mag was knew it was over. "Linear........." all his memories fled through his mind. When they made love and when he first met her. All the love thy had given each other and his promise that he would never let anything happen to her.........................
"Bye, Mag. HeeHee." (Faria, I am obsessed with that 'heehaw')

Well thanks for reading another crappy chapter. What do you think? Is Mag going to be the hero? Next update by Friday. Sorry for the mistakes. I haven't been feeling well lately.