The Nightmare War

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: Got this idea while watching Apocalypse Now. At the height of the Vietnam War Kim and Ron find themselves facing their most ruthless enemy

Key Terms

Republic of Vietnam- the official name of South Vietnam from 1954-1975

Saigon- present day Ho Chi Minh City

VC- Viet Cong

Charlie- American nickname for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army

NVA- North Vietnamese Army

Cherry- Army slang for a new recruit

Tour of Duty- 1 year of service

ARVN- Army of the Republic of VietNam, the South Vietnamese Army

Cast of Characters

Lt. Justin Valor- Leader of an Army Special Forces team, severing his second tour of duty in Vietnam

SSgt. Carter Fox- XO for Valor's Spec Ops team

Corporal Richard Storm- Machine Gunner for Valor's Spec Ops Team

Sergeant Kim Possible- became a Green Beret after her father pulled stings, first female Green Beret, first tour of duty in Vietnam

Private Ronald Stoppable- Kim's best friend, and rifleman for Valor's team, first tour of duty in Vietnam

Col. Tran Van Nung- a high ranking member of the NVA, known for his ruthless tactics.



Location: US Airbase, outside of Saigon, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

Date: January 1st 1968

The Hueys began descending, having just retrieved the Green Berets from Hue and Khe Sahn. Both obviously had seen a lot of action, for they were covered with bullet holes, and were washed in blood. The two men that emerged from the lead chopper were Green Berets who looked like they had just been through hell.

Indeed, hell was just the right word to describe what these two men had been through.

Justin Valor, and Carter Fox had been in Vietnam since 67, and had just returned from what the Brass had said would be a routine patrol up by Khe Sahn, instead what they found was a hornets nest, consisting of the 124th NVA Infantry Battalion, and the 12th Viet Cong Rifle Battalion. Both had barely escaped with their lives, but their three comrades hadn't been so lucky.

"Hay Valor," a voice shouted, Justin turned around just in time to see his own CO, Col. Travis Wolf, commander of the 12th Spec Ops Battalion, standing in front of him.

"What is it Sir," Justin asked.

"Your team's being reinforced," Col. Wolf replied, handing Justin a vanilla folder.

"Great," Justin said to himself, "more gung ho Cherry meat for the grinder." angrily he took the folder, and walked off, with Carter in pursuit.

"What was that about," Carter asked.

"We're getting some fresh meat," Justin replied, opening the dossier, "and according to this, they arrive tonight."

Stay tuned for Chapter I: Welcome to the Nam