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Naru Naresgawa stood in front of the mirror and gazed at her barely clothed body. trying to make up her mind. She had been at it all afternoon now. She was currently clad in a lacey black bra and matching panties, garter belt and stockings. I look like some floozy, Naru sighed mentally and began stripping off the now rejected undergarments. She tossed them into a growing pile to one side where she had cast a dozen other selections. None of them had seemed right for her purpose, the final seduction of one Urashima Keitaro. Tonight she was going to take that last step in consummating their relationship.

Only it wasn't supposed to be this hard to decide what to wear. It had been hard enough procuring her current selection from her far too interested housemates. Asking Haruka had been relatively easy involving no more than a stuttered question on her part and a terse reply from the older woman in return along with a box filled with a wide assortment of forbidden items. Naru had skipped going to several of the other girls. Shinbo and Suu were too young and nowhere near her size. Motoko's selection of undergarments subsisted white cotton panties, chest binding and the single bra Keitaro had bought her as Christmas gift. Mutsumi might have had something but Naru was respectful of the Okinwan girl's feeling considering their mutual affection of the Hinata-sou manager, not to mention Mutsumi was several bra sizes larger.

That had left her best friend, Mitsune 'Kitsune' Konno. Both of them were about the same size and Naru trusted her friend's expertise in this field more than her own inexperience. Of course there was always a price to pay when Kitsune got involved in anything relating to Naru and Keitaro. The fox girl's interest in the relationship bordered on obsession , she had been pushing Naru toward Kietaro for what seemed like forever. Naru knew her friend was well intentioned but there were times when she wished Kitsune would just leave it well alone. Thus Naru had tried to be circumspect when broaching the subject. Much to her chagrin Naru would later remember that no one ever outsmarted the fox. Thinking back on it now Naru realized how transparent her intentions really had been.

"Kitsune, do you know where Keitaro is," She had started by making sure her boyfriend wouldn't be making of his impromptu entrances.

"Left for Tokyo U a half hour ago," Kitsune mumbled through a toothpick not bothering to look up from her race schedule.

"What's he doing there," Naru had to ask even if she was glad he wouldn't be dropping in on the conversation, "We have no classes today."

"Somthin' about lab samples for Seta," the fox girl continued disinterestedly, "Mutsumi went with 'im."

"Why that two timing, lecherous, perverted, sorry," Naru continued spitting insults through her clenched teeth for a good half minute before she was able to reign her temper in. Acknowledging her feelings for Keitaro hadn't made the former Ronin's life any easier. Naru was extremely possessive and any thought of her Keitaro being alone with another woman usually ended with him airborne to be followed by hours of groveling before being forgiven for the in fracture. Although her level of trust was expanding Naru still had a long way to go before accepting the Keitaro and Mutsumi's friendship was strictly platonic. Besides Naru almost never had time alone with the man in her life, it seemed unfair that Mutsumi could get it just for the asking.

"So whatcha wanna talk about Naru," Kitsune asked, cutting into Naru's tirade.

"Just wait till I get my hands around that skinny neck," Naru stopped in mid rant looking perplexed, "What makes you think I have something to talk about."

"You have that look on your face," Kistune replied finally looking up at Naru from her seat on the floor. The half lidded look disappeared as the fox woman inspected her friend. Naru took an involuntary step back under the scrutiny of those knowing eyes. Kitsune may be many things but stupid was not one of them. Buried under all those horse racing papers would be several prominent newspapers along with current events magazines and even a few well read books . Lack of ambition was all that kept Kitsune from doing more with her life.

"No I'm fine really," Naru said waving her hands in protest.

"Right," Kitsune drawled looking up at her friend through half lidded eyes, "Nothin's goin on when you sneak out early in the morning to the tea house and return with a suspicious package. You then proceed to lock yourself in your room all morning, you didn't even come down to use the hot spring. Now you come to me looking for ol' Keitaro knowing full well he's not here. Oh yes there is certainly something going on. Out with it Naru."

"I swear nothing is going on Kitsune," Naru stammered knowing full well she was caught, "I just got carried away studying for midterms, I'm worried about a couple of my classes. I really didn't know where Keitaro was. If I had I probably would have gone with him."

That last statement was true enough, thought Kitsune.

"Ok let's just say for fun I believe you," Kitsune continued, "You really were studying this morning, there's still a couple of holes in your story. One, you snuck out to visit Haruka and came back with a nondescript package. Two, you are have been utterly terrified of Keitaro for a week."

Naru gulped, had she really been that obvious. Nerves had left her on edge around the resident landlord for week, she hadn't been able to so much as kiss him without succumbing to a bout of nervous terror. She'd made the decision to carry through after her and Keitaro's last truly heavy make out session. If it hadn't been for the way it ended Naru would have counted it as one of the high points of her existence.

A late night study session in Naru's room had slowly degenerated into something far more educational for both of them. Hand touching over books led to sitting closer under the kotatsu which in turn led to a round of footsy. From there the glasses had been cast aside and in the morning both of them would be turning in some crumpled papers as the top of the warming table was put to highly irregular use. Lost in their passion shirts had been cast aside as each began to explore the other's body with hands and lips. Naru had been running her hands over Keitaro's smooth back when his trail of kisses went south of her collarbone. Naru had very sensitive skin, so the feeling of Keitaro's warm lips on her virgin flesh was wonderful, and then frightening. His hands had slowly crept up her sides until his thumbs brushed the underside of her breasts. Even though Naru had still had on her bra, the sensation that went through her when Keitaro touched so intimate a place in such a passionate way set off alarm bells in her overheated mind.

Results were predictable. When Naru felt threatened, even if it was by her own feelings, she lashed out. Once his senses cleared Keitaro would find himself sitting on the floor of his own room, ears ringing, looking up into the bereaved face of his girlfriend. Naru had felt nothing but shame and sorrow when she looked down at those big soulful eyes filled with confusion. A blink later though and those eyes held understanding and love, ever understanding Keitaro had bid her goodnight. With tears in her eyes Naru had cast him an appreciative smile and slid the board back into place over the hole that connected their rooms.

It was after this that Naru had come to the conclusion she had to gain control of her fears and express just how much she loved the hapless idiot that lived below her. Plans were set in motion, research was done, feelings were searched. Naru was now fairly certain she could go through with the act. Unless, of course, Kitsune showed up to watch.

"Reason three," Kitsune's voice dragged Naru back to the present and the auburn haired girl heaved a sigh remembering her current predicament as Kitsune unraveled her carefully laid plans, "You booked dinner reservations and a room at the Hyatt in Tokyo Tonight."

"How did you find out about that," Naru sputtered, I made those reservations online. Oh No! Naru paled in dread at what was coming.

"I had Suu run a tracer on your Toudai computer usage," Kistune answered watching her friend ice over.

"If either you or Suu breathe a word of this to anyone I'll rearrange you both into a nonfunctioning configuration," Naru promised in a deadly whisper.

"Don't worry Naru, I'm not telling and I purged Suu's data banks and laced her bananas with a potent mind blanking agent."

Naru wasn't going to bother to ask how her friend had accomplished this task but tucked away a mental note to never underestimate Kitsune again.

"So what kinda advice y'all need," Kitsune said reverting to her normal persona of carefree slacker.

"I need something to wear," Naru said without thinking still trying to process Kitsune's sudden shift.

"What do you need me for," Kistune asked in all seriousness, "You have far more fashion sense than I do."

"Not that kind of outfit," Naru said cheeks breaking out into crimson blotches, "For when, you know."

"Oh," Kistune mouthed a bit taken back. For all her teasing Kitsune realized what a big step this was for her friend. Kistune wondered in Keitaro knew how lucky he was. Of course she knew the answer to that, Keitaro worshiped the ground Naru walked on. He also treasured Naru for the kind of person she was, he respected her for more than the looks that went with Naru's fabulous mind. Kitsune expected nothing more from the man that enriched all their lives here at Hinata.

"I have just the thing," Kistune said draping a friendly arm across Naru's shoulders and guiding her over to the closet.

Keitaro Urashima was having a good day. Not that he couldn't usually find a silver lining on any day no matter how stormy, but today he just felt good. Of course part of that might have had something to do with the beautiful young woman walking arm in arm with him. Mutsumi Otohime was one of his best friends, he was constantly thankful she had come into his life. Without her help he might never had accomplished his dream of making it into Tokyo University. Without her he might also have never been able to express his love for Naru Narusegawa. Besides all that it was nice to have someone with him while he ran errands for his mentor Seta.

It had been a rough week for him and Naru, so Keitaro was glad for a cheery presence and Mutsumi's reassurance that things would sort themselves out. Keitaro knew better than to doubt one of the nations top test score holders. It was a good thing Keitaro had a long term interest in Naru because this current balancing act of trying to be her boyfriend and showing his affection for her while respecting her boundaries and limits was tedious at best. He never knew where the line was until he crossed it and ended up getting a birds eye view of the Hinata township. Living with five other women didn't help matters.

Keitaro definitely had moments of despair but most were fleeting. Still, once in a great while something would occur that would send him into a state of abject depression, Mutsumi was always there to pull him out of it. Keitaro's most recent bout had come after a week of awkwardness with Naru which followed their aborted make out session. Mutsumi had reassured him that Naru would come around after she had time to sort out her own feelings.

There were days when Keitaro wished reverently that Naru would sort a little faster. It was really hard at times to deny the charms of everyone else around him. Kitsune was too alluring by half, Shinobuu at times couldn't be any less obvious, Motoko was starting to make him feel uncomfortable about their sparing sessions, and Suu's offers to play with him were becoming less innocent with each passing day. In his current situation monogamy without commitment from the other party was getting to be impossible, he could almost see the burning fuse at the bottom of the screen when he was at home. If something didn't change soon he could see that fuse reaching the powder keg. Nobody wanted that to happen. Least of all Keitaro.

Keitaro was musing over all of this while he and Mutsumi went about their errands around the university. The two friends ate a small lunch at a ramen noodle stand before heading back to Hinata. With his business taken care of for the day and his schedule clear till Monday maybe he would finally get to spend some quality time with Naru. He decided to ask her out to a movie, and maybe dinner if he could convince her to eat somewhere that had reasonable prices. Shinobu's cooking had warped everyone's sense of taste. Jet Li's Hero was playing, and Keitaro knew of Naru's love for martial art movies. With any luck he could get back on stabble footing with Naru and not end up moping around Mutsumi's apartment again.

The pair was rounding the corner towards the long stairs that lead up to Hinata-sou when Keitaro stopped. He bid Mutsumi goodbye and thanked her for all her help, she giggled and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek before departing. Smiling after Mutsumi, Keitaro turned back his destination. Looking up the old stone steps Keitaro, as always, felt his heart lift. There was something magical about this place. Keitaro knew with out that converted old inn he would have never realized his dreams. Today it wasn't the building that had him stopping in his tracks however. Sitting at the base of the steps was none other than the love of his life, Naru Narusegawa.

God she's beautiful, was Keitaro's first thought. And I'm dead, was the second knowing full well she had just seen Mutsumi kiss him. Instantly knew he would be spending the better part of his weekend groveling and begging for forgiveness. He hopped Mutsumi had some free time, and a first aid kit. He was likely to need medical attention any second now. He watched in awe as Naru stood up and glided towards him with her fluid movements. Keitaro loved to watch her, to see the interplay of muscles under that perfect skin. Even though he was about to be brutally launched skyward Keitaro took the moment to savor how stunning Naru truly was.

Dressed in one of Keitaro's favorite outfits she wore a red sweater that highlighted her ever so feminine figure along with a brown pleated skirt that fell to mid thigh, sheer hoes highlighted her toned legs and sandaled feet. Her face was an unreadable mask as she closed the distance between the two, her long auburn hair shadowing eyes Keitaro knew so well. He lived to see them sparkle with joy and wanted to die every time he saw them filled with shimmering fury. That she hadn't screamed "Pervert," and launched him yet made Keitaro nervous. She must truly be mad to not be saying anything, Keitaro thought dismally.

Much to Keitaro's surprise it was her lips that met his instead of her fist when she grabbed a handful of his baggy t-shirt. It took a moment for Keitaro's brain to change his stance from defensive cringe to utter shock. A solid twenty seconds passed before the instinct to kiss her back kicked in. At first the kiss was probing, both of them gauging the other's reactions before deepening it. Slowly their bodies became more intertwined Just as their tongues were about to meet a stiff cold breeze interrupted the couple reminding them where they were.

Keitaro, oddly enough, was the first of the two to regain his senses if not his wits, "Hi Naru, have a good day."

"I love you," she said softly, resting her head on his chest, "I know I don't say it enough, but I do."

"I know you do Naru," Keitaro said enfolding her in his arms, "Thanks for saying it though. I love you too."

"Say it again," she prompted looking up into his dark eyes.

"I love you Naru," Keitaro repeated, "I promise I'll always love you."

"Then come with me tonight," she invited, still nestled within his warm embrace, "I want tonight to be just for the two of us."

Three hours later Keitaro was as giddy as a school boy while at the same time Naru was close to having a nervous breakdown. Sitting hand in hand on the train car that was taking them to a larger station where they would catch the subway into Tokyo. Keitaro had no clue as to where they were going. Naru said she had made dinner arrangements for them that night and left it at that. More than happy to do anything to please her Keitaro simply went along with whatever she had planned. He couldn't help but notice however, that Naru was awfully quiet.

"Hey Naru, are you ok," Keitaro asked with genuine concern, "If your not feeling well we don't have to go out."

"What," Naru said pulling herself out of her contemplative dread, "I'm fine really, just thinking about some stuff that's all."

"Tell me about it," Keitaro chirped cheerfully, "Mid terms are in a week and I haven't gone over even half my notes."

"Me neither," Naru answered glad to leave her thoughts about how she was going to handle tonight behind for a few minutes, "That psychology class I'm taking is awful. I don't know how I'm ever going to remember all those terms and definitions."

"You'll do fine," Keitaro said waving away what he thought was the source of her concern, "Besides you got all that studying done this morning."

"Yeah I did," Naru said noncommittally lapsing into silence once again.

Keitaro let the subject drop as the couple changed trains and headed deeper into the urban jungle known as Tokyo. For all his faults Keitaro had an uncanny sense of direction and rarely, if ever, got lost. Even though Naru wouldn't let drop their destination she did tell him the general vicinity of where they were going. She seemed content to let him worry about getting them to where they were going. They presses tightly into a subway car along with dozens of other people heading up town that evening. Over th din of the crowd and the constant clacking of the rails conversation was impossible. Naru was just as glad for it.

Once they reached Naru's chosen stop in an upscale section of Tokyo she took the lead guiding a gawking Keitaro through the neon lit night. Walking arm in arm with him she slowly began to relax and felt some of the tension ease from her muscles. She was glad to finally be one of the couples walking down the streets instead of having to envy their happiness. Here she was with a man who loved her, who had stuck with her through thick and thin. Suddenly everything was right with the world. Then Naru realized they had reached their destination. Before her loomed the majestic Hyatt Regency hotel. The relief she felt a moment earlier evaporated like so much steam. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, Naru gulped trying to gather her fleeting courage.

"Umm, Naru," the unease in Keitaro's voice echoed Narus internal misgivings, "What are we doing here.?"

"I made reservations," Naru said looking him straight in the eye. "At the restaurant."

"Oh," Keitaro mouthed trying not to look crestfallen.

Of course that's only half the truth, Naru thought clutching her oversized purse which contained the 'items' she had borrowed from Kitsune.

"Come on you pervert," Naru huffed dragging Keitaro by the hand into the lobby.

Dinner went off without a hitch. The food was good, and a couple glasses of wine soothed Naru's nerves to the point she was able to act normally around Keitaro and enjoy the meal for what it was. Conversation stayed light, the couple talked about classes and the new people they had met since starting at Toudai. They laughed about a moment Keitaro had witnessed between Seta and Haruka which had ended with Seta getting buffeted upside the head. Keitaro mentioned an art major he had met and the couple set a date to go see a new gallery opening up in two weeks. When the check came it was the waiter who ruined Naru's ease and good mood.

"Here's the check ma'am," The waiter said setting down the small leather folder containing the bill, "I'll take care of it when you are ready, or you can just add it to your room tab."

"What room," Keitaro asked perplexed thinking there must be some kind of mistake.

"That would be fine," Naru growled through clenched teeth her glare alone withering the hapless waiter.

"Naru what's going on," Keitaro asked after the waiter had slinked away allowing Naru to turn her attention back to the problem at hand.

"Keitaro," she started holding his hands from across the table they were seated at, she took a deep breath and blazed ahead, "Will you stay with me tonight?"

A minute later Keitaro managed to form a coherent thought out of the jumble that was currently his brain, "Naru are you sure about this?"

"Yes," she whispered in a breathless voice.

Still holding her hand Keitaro rose from his seat and pulled Naru up. Without a word he kissed her forehead and lead her from the restaurant. They didn't speak as Naru guided them through the maze of hallways until she stopped before a corner room. Silently she pulled the room key from her purse and after a moment of fumbling managed to get the lock the read the card and buzz open. Much to her surprise Keitaro swept her into his arms and carried her across the threshold. Passing the entryway, Keitaro set her down when they reached the main bedroom. Both ignored the kingsized bed and side by side took in the beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline as seen from the massive window that dominated one whole wall of the room. It was Naru who finally broke the silence.

"I'll be right back," she said in low tones unsure of how far she could test her voice, "Make yourself comfortable."

With that she disappeared into the bathroom leaving Keitaro to gather his scattered thoughts. Make my self comfortable, yeah right, Keitaro thought sitting down heavily on the end of the surprisingly soft bed. He loosened his tie and kick off his shoes wondering what he was supposed to be thinking at a time like this. He wasn't nervous oddly enough, just confused. Naru never took the initiative when it came to physical expression of their love, she merely acquiesced to his advances. Keitaro could always feel that she was holding something back when they kissed or the few times they went a little farther. He had never been able to figure out why. There was always the possibility of getting caught at Hinata-sou but that didn't account for the fact that they had gotten into it pretty heavy on a couple of occasions before Naru put on the brakes usually by belting him into the stratosphere. It was almost as if Naru was afraid of something.

Naru was terrified. Here she was mere meters away from Keitaro in a hotel room with almost no chance of them being interrupted. Worse she had no one to blame but herself. At least I look good, she consoled herself looking at her reflection in the mirror. Slowly she turned her head towards the bathroom door, the final barrier between her and the man she loved. But could she do this? Suddenly Naru grabbed onto what she could of her fleeting courage and yanked open the bathroom door.

Keitaro looked up at the sound of the door being opened and the sight he beheld dropped his jaw in the vicinity of his ankles. Naru's long silky hair was brushed out and fell down her back in a lustrous wave. Her uncertain expression was countered by the the shinning look of love in her eyes which Keitaro appraised carefully before taking the rest of her. Now Keitaro had seen Naru naked and in various states of undress before, but that usually ended with him being driven through a wall. Tonight however Naru's curvaceous form was softened by a black sheer robe that left nothing to the imagination belted loosely at the waist. Under this she wore only a pair of lacey black panties. Keitaro was truly stunned.

"What do you think," Naru asked trying not to show how nervous she truly was and failing miserably.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," Keitaro breathed looking up her body into her eyes as she stopped before his seat on the edge of the bed.

"I'm so glad," she breathed

"I love you Naru," Keitaro responded, "I promise I'll always love you, no matter what."

And then he kissed her. He kept the kiss light and soft, nothing forceful. Slowly Naru put one knee up on the bed and then the other straddling Keitaro's sitting form as they kissed. His hands reached around her to stroke her back through the robe as Naru's weight pushed him down to the bed beneath her. They stayed like this for several minutes while their tongues entered play intertwining in the growing passion.

When they separated for a breath Keitaro rolled over to take the above position and began trailing kisses down her neck and collar bone. His hands drifted up her sides and her heard her giggle once at the ticklish sensation causing him to smile inviolately himself. Slowly her pushed the robe off her white shoulders. When he kissed the to of her left breast he felt the fingers running through his hair stop and her body stiffened under him. Keitaro looked up to her face trying to gauge her reaction but he found her eyes shut tightly. Somewhere in the back of his lust clouded mind Keitaro knew he should stop right there but, he had wanted this moment for so long he forged ahead anyways. His lips touched the rounded nub of flesh that topped Naru's perfect breasts.

Naru was trying hard to keep control of the situation but things quickly got out of hand. It just felt so good she had let her guard down. The feel of his lips trailing down her neck and collar bone, the warmth of his hands sliding cross her shoulders, it was intoxicating. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through Keitaro's thick mop of hair. Then she felt his lips brush the top of her now bared breast and the instinct of self preservation kicked in. But she didn't want it to stop, she desperately tried to reign in the part of her that would let people only get so close. She clenched her teeth and fought valiantly to let this continue.

Until Keitaro kissed her nipple. Defense won out burning away passion in a blinding instant, dousing it with cold fear. Before she knew what she was doing or could stop herself she had shoved Keitaro away from her and had her arm cocked and loaded. It seemed almost surreal to see her fist shoot forward and connect with gentle Keitaro's resigned face. When time caught up to her Keitaro was slumped against the wall bits of apint and plaster fluttering down around him like sakura leaves.

"Keitaro," she called unsure if he was even conscious at that moment.

Apparently he was, because at the sound of her voice he looked up at her with the most hurt expression she had ever seen on his face. Slowly he picked himself up off the floor and walked back towards the bed. Naru could only hope he was coming back to her, but that hope faded a moment later when he bent to retrieve his shoes. With one last plaintive glance back over his shoulder Keitaro left the room without a word.

Naru could only burry her face in her hands and cry.

Author's Notes

Well here it is, the first chapter in my first Love Hina story. This story is applicable to either the Anime or the Manga. In the Anime timeline this would occur sometime after Love Hina Again, sans Manga sometime before the wedding. Not sure where I'm going quite yet with this, plot looks to be wide open. I do plan on involving all the girls one way or another. No thoughts on pairings yet but I don't think I'll be doing a Keitaro/Motoko as there just seems to be a glut of the out there not that many of them are bad, I just want to do something different. Reviews are appreciated as they help me to become a better writer and hey I can always use the ego boost.


P.S, Any know Keitaro's artist friend mentioned at dinner? If you do then you must have read some of the later stories in the Dream Continuum.