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They were still laughing and joking when General Hammond entered. Dr. Fraiser and Jack immediately stood to attention, but Hammond waved them away and said, "Relax, people. Major Carter, you look like you're feeling pretty good, especially given the circumstances." He smiled warmly at her.

"Thank you sir. I think I should be back to normal tomorrow if you want me to get to work on the..."

There was a loud chorus of objections from Jack and Janet. Hammond listened to them for a few seconds and held up his hand. "Why don't you take it easy through the weekend, Major," he suggested kindly, but with that hint of firmness in his voice that told her it wasn't optional.

"Yes, sir," she answered dutifully.

"All right, people, I need to see all of SG-1, minus you of course, Major, in my office now."

They all started to follow him but Jack stopped in the doorway. "Umm, General, would it be okay if I joined you in a few minutes?" he asked quietly.

Hammond looked at him seriously and decided, "Five minutes, Jack."

"Thank you sir."

He waited for everyone else to leave. Janet looked back and forth between Sam and Jack. Sam was suddenly fascinated by her IV rack. "I'll go... see about your bloodwork, Sam," Janet muttered, hurrying off to give them some privacy.

"So, Carter..." Jack finally started, unsure exactly of what he wanted to say.

"I'm sorry, sir..." she started, fiddling with her sheet and still not looking at him.

"Forget it," he said dismissively. She looked up at him in surprise. "Let's just forget it, okay?" he repeated.

"Yes sir," she agreed, nodding gratefully. "But I'm still sorry. I should have known..."

"That's not forgetting it, Carter."

"Yes sir."

He smiled at her until she returned the smile and then he nodded. "Well, I better go join the meeting..." he headed for the door.

"Colonel?" she asked suddenly. He stopped and turned, waiting for her to speak. "Thank you."

He nodded, still smiling slightly. "Uh, we'll come back and see you after the meeting. You want anything? You could borrow my Gameboy."

She laughed. "No thank you." Suddenly she smiled and said, "Although you could loan me your copy of 'My Fair Lady...'"

He rolled his eyes as she laughed at the look on his face. "Cute, Carter. Very cute. I'm going to go kill Teal'c now."


A/N: Hope everyone was satisfied and mildly entertained. I'm one of those shippers who thinks the show is plenty shippery by itself (excluding the whole Pete fiasco, which I studiously pretend does not exist,) so I tend to stick more in line with the type of stuff you would see on the show, maybe going a bit further by delving into Sam or Jack's thoughts a bit, but not having them actually say the mushy-gushy stuff. Although the next story I'm about to start posting is MUCH more shippy than anything I've done so far;)