T-Bag and The Keys of Power

Chapter 1 – Wrong Turn

Thomas was cleaning up the toyshop. It was just before the end of the day and he was about to lock up when he put his hand in his pocket to get out the door key and realised it wasn't in there. "Now where did I put it I'm sure it was in my pocket." Thomas said to himself. He walked over to a box of new stuff he was putting up earlier, he pulled out the last thing which was left in there, it was a new board game called "The Amazing Treasure Chest". Thomas put it on the shelf behind him and turned back to the box. "T-Shirt, T-Shirt!" a familiar voice came from the board game. Thomas spun back around, "I'm imaging it she's gone, I know she is, she got all the power from the spoons and then zapped herself." Thomas said to himself unsure. He was about to go back to the empty box when he noticed the door key sitting under the board game, Thomas took a step towards the board game and he heard it again. "T-Shirt, T-Shirt." Thomas lunged for the key but as he did he tripped. As he fell he knocked the board game off the shelf, the game box flew open and the last thing Thomas saw before he blacked out from hitting his head on the shelf was; a maze board, a treasure chest and Tallulah Bag's face.

"Wake up, Wake up. Come on, no time to muck around boy get up." T-Shirt heard someone saying. He slowly opened his eyes and standing above him was T-bag, she was wearing her red gown and her gold star tiara. T-Shirt couldn't believe it was T-Bag. "What's happening? How? Why? Where are we?" T-Shirt asked in disbelief. "Welcome to the new T-room T-Shirt my boy." T-Shirt sat up and looked around he was surrounded by four walls, there was an opening which looked like a dark passage which lead off somewhere and appeared to be the only way out. There was four stone walls covered in vines, A T-plant in one corner, a stone table in the centre of the room, a big stone bench behind the table and a Tea Trolley was all the Tea making stuff on it. He looked at himself and realised he had on a dark green pair of ¾ pants, green shoes, a light green polo shirt and a dark green jacket with T-SHIRT on the back.

"Where are we and why am I here?" T-Shirt asked T-bag.

"Welcome to the maze land of Power. In ten glorious day there will be a solar eclipse here and upon that glorious day who ever opens the treasure chest of power with a certain key will rule the land in evil." T-bag explained with excitement in her eye.

"So you brought me to an evil maze land and why aren't you destroyed I saw you destroyed. Hang on this chest is full of evil." T-Shirt asked.

"Well not quiet, if the last key turned is gold they get the power for good but if the last key turned is silver which it will be and I'll be turning it then I will be taking over the land with evil," T-bag explained, "And I may have been destroyed my boy but lets just say I took a wrong turn on my way to were ever I was going and got lost in this maze."

"And found a T-plant and decided to take over the world," T-Shirt finished, "And needed someone to help you, so you zapped me down."

"You know me too well don't you T-Shirt. Of course you, were old pals me and you we've done things like this before, we have experience but this time it will be different see today is the day the safe opens and the key guard collects the keys. Their job is to guard them for ten days until the eclipse. So we are going to go there hit the guard over the head and when the safe opens the keys will be ours."

"Well I'm not helping you!" T-shirt shouted.

"Oh yes you are," T-bag answered back. She walked over to T-Shirt but her and on his head and a glow of power came from T-bag's hand and went over T-Shirts body. T-bag removed her hand and T-Shirt rose.

"I am your humble T-caddy oh great and powerful majesty," T-shirt said.

"Just as I thought," T-Bag smiled, "Now make me some Tea."

T-Shirt walked over to the T-trolley and began brewing; when it was made he took the cup and saucer over to T-bag and handed it to her. T-bag took a sip, "Now let me just have a little look and see what is happening down at the temple," T-bag said as she poured the left over tea in the saucer and looked in to it. In the saucer T-bag saw a huge stone temple there was a sealed door with two keys crossed over each other on the front. Out the front of the temple was a stone pedestal with a huge stone box on top, on the lid of the stone box was a sundial. A rather thin man in a long tan coloured robe stood next to the pedestal. T-bag put the saucer down on the table and looked up at T-Shirt and said. "Now this is the plan. You get down there and find out where these keys are hidden and when they become unhidden so I can come down and get them. Got it!"

"Yeah, but one problem, how do I get down there if you haven't given me any magic," T- Shirt said.

"Haven't I?" T-bag said. She then raised her arm pointed at T-shirt and gave him his power. "Now get down there!" T-Shirt put his hands behind his back and blinked and then he was gone.

T-Shirt appeared behind a bush near the man in the robe, A girl came walking from behind the temple she was wearing blue jeans and a pink shirt, she had long blonde hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. The girl looked around confused like she didn't know where she was and slowly made her way towards the pedestal.

"Your lost aren't you?" The guy in the robe asked, when he spoke T-shirt realised that he was about the same age as him.

"Um, yeah I think I took a wrong turn or something. Where am I?" The girl asked.

"Perfect! I'm Andreus temple guardian and you must be Ellie, Key guard?" Andreus said.

"HEY!" Ellie said.

"HEY!" T-Shirt said from behind the bush. Andreus spun around to the bushes, "Who goes there," he said "Show yourself." Andreus ordered. T-Shirt came out from behind the bushes.

"Who are you?" Andreus asked.

"I'm T-Shirt, I thought you were the key guard."

"You work for her don't you? Ellie this is your enemy," Andreus explained.

"What's going on here? How do you know my name? I'm no key guard, why is he my enemy?" Ellie asked confused.

"I'll explain it all to you..." Andreus began but as he did T-Bag appeared.

"Save the story temple monk and reveal the keys," T-Bag shouted.

"Oh what's going on? This is all to strange?" Ellie asked.

"This is T-Bag of the T-set she is here to claim the power for evil, your task Ellie is to protect the key from her and not let her get her hands on them. I know is hard to understand but once you take hold of the keys it will all come clear to you," Andreus explained.

"Well lets get on with it and just give them to her," T-bag ordered. Andreus looked down at the sundial and looked over to Ellie. "Come over here Ellie and take your spot only you can receive the keys," Andreus asked. Hesitant at first Ellie looked at these people as if they were crazy but she walked up to the pedestal and naturally placed her hand on top of the sundial.

"I told you, you were the right one you knew what to do," Andreus smiled. Ellie began to turn the sundial and the box opened easily, she then but her hands in the box underneath and pulled out a big golden ring with four gold and four silver keys on it. Ellie smiled and looked up at Andreus, "I know what I have to do," she said. "So do I," T-Bag said. She walked over to Ellie and ripped the Keys out of her hand but as she did the ring unclipped and the 8 keys scattered across the ground they started to glow.

"Grab them boy," T-Bag ordered T-Shirt but as he knelt down the keys disappeared.

"Your majesty there gone," T-Shirt said in shock.

"Well thank you captain obvious, OK temple boy what on earth did you do with them?" T-Bag asked Andreus.

"I didn't touch them you did," Andreus smiled, "You separated them from the ring outside of the temple and the sun has scattered them through out the maze."

"What?!?" T-Bag screamed, "Come on boy back to the T-Room." T-Bag put her hand on T-Shirts shoulder and clicked her fingers and they both disappeared. The sundial box on top of the pedestal started to glow and the golden key ring appeared back in the box. Andreus put his hand in the box, pulled out the ring and handed it to Ellie.

"Yours I believe," Andreus said.

"But no keys," Ellie replied.

"I guess that's the aim of the game, you have ten days to find them all and keep them away from T-Bag,"

"Where do I start? I mean is there a map or something?"

"Nope just this," Andreus said as he pulled out a pink cap with a golden and silver key crossed over each other on the front from under his robe. "Wear this at all times it has the sign of the keys so certain people in the maze will know who you are and help you as best as they can." Andreus passed Ellie the cap she put it on and put her ponytail through the back.

"Now you look like a real key guard, well I guess all the advise is be careful the maze is very tricky and ever changing, you never know you think you've been someone but maybe you haven't. Watch out for T-Bag she is very powerful and a master of disguise, go now girl and I will be seeing you, bring those keys safely back to me." Andreus said and he walked towards the temple and walked right through the wall, Ellie couldn't believe he walked through the wall; she looked around for which way to go first.

"Which way should I go first?" Ellie asked herself out loud. She looked around then looked at the sundial and the pointer began to spin then glowed and pointed toward the bushes. "Well I guess that way." Ellie clipped the golden key ring to her jeans and headed towards the bushes and made her way in to the maze.

Back in the T-Room T-Bag was sitting there and T-Shirt was making her a cup of tea.

"How could he have left out the fact not to break the keys away from that stupid ring, now its another quest chasing after that stupid girl in Maze land of all places," T-Bag said. T-Shirt brought over T-Bags cup of tea and handed it to her, she took it and looked at T-Shirt oddly.

"What?" He asked.

"Look at you all grown up and those clothes is that in fashion now and you got a necklace now," T-Bag smiled at him.

"What's wrong with all that?" he asked her.

"Nothing its just times have changed but were still on the same team my boy and his time we are going to win. This Ellie girl is going to annoy me T-Shirt and keys how easy are they going to be to find. Watch out little Ellie, where ever in the maze you go we will be and those keys will be ours and this time I will rein supreme!" T-Bag laughed and raised her hands and lightning filled the sky.