Glitters (but there's no gold)


Warnings/notes : Bakura/Ryou, slightly weird, ooc?, drabble-ish shortie, hints at sex (blink and you'll miss them)

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The title is taken from the song 'Love foolosophy' by Jamiroquai.

written at 15th july 2004, by Misura, in reply to a challenge made by Suppis Tenshi in the lj-community anichallenge, which stated :

" "Love. It is a lying word.

That you love me another lie.

That my love is seen in dreams, is yet a greater lie.

How may I, who can never sleep, hope to see you in my dreams?"

--Korean Adage?--found in "The Blue Dragon" by Diana Brown


Genre:Angst/Romance (if possible) Just angst is fine.

Idea: Just go with that adage."

Note : This ficlet is part of a triptych, consisting of 'Shimmers like a California sunset' Otogi/Honda, 'A promise of love-struck fascination' Yami/Yugi and 'Glitters (but there's no gold)' Bakura/Ryou


Bakura is not an evil person.

Says Ryou.

Ryou is a stupid idiot, who's hardly able to tie his own shoes.

Snaps Bakura.

Bakura should be less prickly.

Replies Ryou.

Ryou should be less sensitive, because he's going to get hurt really bad someday and then he'll come crying to Bakura about it. And Bakura's really bad at comforting people, whether or not they're morons.

Retorts Bakura.

But Bakura'd try to comfort Ryou anyway, since he -cares- and he's -nice- underneath all of his hatred and nastiness and toughness. Ryou loves Bakura.

Maintains Ryou.

Ryou is such a fool, fool, fool, foolish little Ryou who believes in love and faerietale-romances. Ryou should take a look at Yugi and the way he ended up.

Spits Bakura.

Bakura isn't like Yami.

Points out Ryou.

Well, duh.

Snorts Bakura.

Ryou has never loved anyone else before he met Bakura. Except for his family, of course, his father and his mother and his sister, but that's different.

Elaborates Ryou.

Bakura had a family too, once, and then they were all killed, dead, gone and he was left alone, needing, wanting, -hating- and now he's only living for revenge.

States Bakura.

Bakura protects Ryou. Ryou can be his new family, loving, caring, protecting. Bakura can stop hurting, hating, needing.

Promises Ryou.

Ryou is so sappy, weak, mushy. Ryou should shut up.

Snarls Bakura.

Ryou wants to talk about this. He's been thinking about the way things are and worries that maybe Bakura isn't happy in his present life and if Bakura's unhappy, Ryou can't be happy either, because they're two halves of the same soul, yes they are.

Protests Ryou.

Ryou talks, thinks, worries too much. Bakura has a much better idea about what they could do.

Smirks Bakura.

No. No. N-no.

Stammers Ryou.

Ryou doesn't mean that.

Purrs Bakura.

Y-yes, Ryou does. Yes. Oh, yes.

Sighs Ryou.

Bakura loves Ryou.

Whispers Bakura.

Because it's true, all true, that he's evil and can only hate and hurt and twist, so he lies like this, makes it look as if his masks have dropped while in fact he's just put on a new one.

Because true evil always pretends to be exactly what people long for the most.

Bakura might therefore suspect Ryou to be very, very truly evil.

He doesn't.


A/N : I did warn you it was weird.