A/N: Helloooooo everybody. Well now, I know I said that my Benny and Joon story was only going to be a one shot kind of deal, but after a couple of people said I should do some kind of follow up, I decided eh, why the hell not. So that's why I'm back. I'm thinking this is going to be a three chapter thing. One chapter to serve as a update kind of thing that tells what's been going on, one for the wedding, and one for the honeymoon (don't let your mind take you to the gutter now, we ARE talking about Sam and Joon.) So, without further delay, here is the first chapter.

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It had finally come. An event three years in the making. An event that took two months to plan. An event that had everyone so happy and nervous they didn't know whether to laugh, cry or both. But no matter what they decided on nothing could take away the excitement that filled the air. Because for the five people involved, and of course the five guests, this was the biggest event of the year. Yes, the big day had finally come...................Sam and Joon's wedding day.

The planning for said event was nothing short of.............interesting, to say the least. First was finding the location. While Sam personally wanted the wedding to be held at the spot where they first techniqually met, (at the tree) Joon fought tooth and nail to have it at the park. In the end, they came to the mutual agreement to have the wedding at Benny's house and the reception at the diner.

Next on the agenda was catering and decorations.. These decisions were made much more easily. As far as food went, they would have bowls of tapioca pudding, no raisins, dear god no raisins! And for refreshments, coke. Simple as pie. And since they already had a nice location, being the back of the house down by the river, all they really needed was an arch way, which Ruthie took care of. She even got stepping stones to serve as the walkway to the arch to add a special little touch.

Then came the clothing situation. Sam was no problem. In fact, even before he asked Joon to marry him, he was already set to wear his favorite suspenders, his black blazer, his oh so spiffy black top hat, and of course, the most important piece of all, his beloved Buster Keaton cane. There was just no questions about it. But Joon, on the other hand, was a wee bit more difficult. She wanted to wear her favorite white, floral print dress, which wasn't the issue. It was the fact that she wanted to wear her snorkel mask as well that had her and Ruthie bickering day and night about. Ruthie's argument was that she should not wear it so Sam would be able to see her pretty eyes and face better. And Joon's argument was it was her wedding and she wanted the snorkel mask. After much debate the final verdict went to Benny, who felt it only fair that Joon should wear whatever she wanted, since it was infact HER wedding.

With that out of the way, the only thing left was the guest list. This was probably the simplest thing there was to do. There would be Sam and Joon, which Sam made sure Benny wrote down first in big bold letters so nobody forgot. Benny and Ruthie would be there to serve as best man and maid of honor. Eric and his wife, Thomas and Joon's doctor would also be in attendance. And last but certainly not least, Sam's boss from the video store would be serving as the minister. He went online to get certified and everything.

So everything was set. Now all they needed was to walk down the aisle and take the plunge into itemhood.

A/N: Kinda crappy, I know, but the next two chapters where we actually get into the story will be better.