Harry Potter and the Vampire Slayers

Chapter 50 – Epilogue : Second chances.

DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Harry Potter to J.K. Rowling. I don't own anything.

TIMELINE: AU. Set ten years before (Around 1988) "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone", during and after Harry Potter book 5, "Order of the Phoenix"(2003). During and after BTVS season 7, "Chosen". Pretend HP book one happened in 1999 during Buffy season three)

SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover. There are always 'what ifs', and what 'could've happened'. What if the supposedly dead James and Lily Potter find themselves lyingbeside a shattered hellmouth? What if Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scoobies had found them? Surprised the couple was when they found out that they had unknowingly traveled forward into the future and that they would finally get a chance to see their now grown son. With the Scoobies following them, they have no idea of the impact of what they will find out when they step foot into the Wizarding World after many years of absence. War, love, death, betrayal, happiness, and despair are just six of the many things they will stumble upon.

PAIRINGS: Buffy/Charlie, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Dawn, James/Lily, Oliver/Vi, Faith/Remus, Willow/Tara, Sirius/Amy, etc.

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Lily & James' POV.

Our story began during a time of war, death and sorrow. When a dark wizard, calling himself Lord Voldemort rose to power.

We were both fighting then. Fighting, alongside our friends. Many of them fell. And in the end, so did we. We left this world. And our son was left alone. Alone to grow up with relatives that hated him.

Then, something changed. We got a second chance. A second chance to spend life with the son we never got to see grow up...A second chance to aid him in the same fight we once fought. The fight against Voldemort, now risen again after all these years.

We got new allies. And met up with old friends. And we fought. And this time, we won. And we finally got a chance to enjoy life in a way we never could before.


Buffy's POV.

I thought my fight was over. When the Slayer's all awoke, I thought I would finally be able to be that normal girl I've always wanted to be. But I couldn't. Darkness caught up with me again, and as always, I stood on the front lines, ready to fight the good fight. And I'm glad.

It's a part of me. The Slayer. A part Ican't justignore. And I don't think I would give it up even if I could. Once upon a time, I think I would have. But now, looking back, I'm not so sure anymore. Being a Slayer is a burden. But it's also a greatness that I'm proud to have. Strength. Speed. Agility. A very short life span. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I got my chance at life. And I failed. I died. And I was brought back. From Heaven - A place where everything was bright and happy. And I was brooding around, going through the motions. But slowly, I learned to enjoy life once again. Then, I was brought into a world I only thought existed in fairytales. A world were magic is a normal every-day thing. Not that I should have been surprised.

Again, I stood ready to fight. But this time, I was not alone. I had friends, both old and new. And love. I had love. I found that something I never thought I would have. I found love in a red-haired dragon-tamer slash wizard called Charlie Weasley.

Then, destiny decided to be cruel to me once again. I died. Again. I never seem to be able to escape my gift completely. But this time, I got a choice. A choice whether I wanted to stay dead...go back to that bright place called Heaven. Or if I wanted to return to life.

The choice wasn't easy. But I chose life. A second chance at life...or maybe it was a third, or fourth, I've lost count. And I don't regret it. And now I know I've finished baking.


Willow's POV.

Nerdy Willow. Dorky Willow. Stage-frightened Willow. Slayerette-Willow. Werewolf-girlfriend Willow. Wicca-Willow. Lesbian-Willow. Veiny, black-eyed Willow. White-haired, Goddess-Willow.

I've gone through all these changes. From being a nerdy girlin High-School, to becoming best friends with the Slayer, helping her fight the good fight. To dating a werewolf...To start practicing magic...To becoming a lesbian - and meeting the love of my life. To loose her. To becoming evil Willow. To going through redemption to become a white-haired Goddess.

I think I know which Willow I prefer. Hint: It's not veiny-Willow.

I thought I had finally learned to control my magic. Everything was good. We had defeated the First, and got to travel to this amazing land-of-Giles, meeting up with wizards and witches. And then, she came back. Tara. Returned to life by an evil-wizard. I was so afraid I'd loose her again. So I did the unforgivable. I let myself fall into darkness once more.

I killed my best friend - although she didn't stay dead, and that was good. And then Tara made me realize I was not in control. That I still had a long way to go. And I promised myself I wouldn't fail again. I got a second chance. A second chance to turn everything right again. To get my magic under control once and for all. A second chance with Tara. And I succeeded. And I know I will not fail again.


Faith's POV.

I was a normal girl from Boston. A normal girl, running out at night with my gang, stealing stuff, and wreaking havoc on the city. Then, my life changed in the form of her. A woman telling me I was chosen. That I was apotentialSlayer. And that I had gotten something not many people like me got: A chance to fight the good fight.

I trained with her, hoping that one day, I'd be called. And suddenly, it happened. It was a surge through my body, something amazing. I felt powerful. And for awhile, I did fight the good fight. Then, my watcher was killed. And I ran to Sunnydale where I met the 'one and only true Slayer' - Buffy-always-so-perfect-Summers.

I admit it. I was jealous. And that jealousy became my fall. Like so many before me, a chosen Hero of the light, fell for the dark. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

Then, after years in coma, I got another chance. To make everything right. And I almost blew it. But the change came when I arrived in the city of Angel(s) where a broody-guy called Angel made me see my errors. I spent some years in jail, and then, I was out because I was needed in the world again. Because this big evil, called the First had risen.

Once again, I came to SunnyD. And this time, I was on the right side. And we won. And damn that felt good. Then, we came to a land where people drink tea all day. To fight another fight. And me, the five-by-five girl fell for the most unlikely person. A werewolf. An English werewolf. Remus Lupin. Probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

I got a second chance. And I took it. During my time in England, I also got a second chance to fight for the 'dark side'. And I refused. It makes me feel proud. And even more powerful than before. I can make a difference. I'm just as important as another certain Blondie. And I'm happy. Something I never thought I'd ever be. But I am. And I plan to stay that way.


Ron and Hermione's POV.

Prat. Know-it-all. Quidditch-maniac. Scared of flying. Total opposites. We couldn't be more different. The only thing we seemed to have in common was being friends with Harry. But maybe opposites do attract.

Anyway, when we met, we hated each other. Then, there was an incident with a troll, and suddenly, that changed. And we became best friends along with Harry Potter. Everything was all good for awhile. Until fourth year, when a certain Quidditch player called Victor Krum came into the picture. From there, everything went downhill. We were always fighting. Always. But then, even that changed.

Suddenly, we found ourselves falling in love. With each other. The most unlikely thing ever. But it happened. And we will keep that 'til death do us part' promise. (If Ron finally works up some of that Gryffindor-courage and pops the question)


Vi's POV.

Vi, a potential Slayer. Vi, a Vampire Slayer. That's me. A vampire Slayer. One of hundreds called girls to fight the spread of evil.

My first fight was the biggest fight ever seen to mankind. Standing in the Hellmouth, on a cliff, looking down at thousands of uber-vamps. Thousands of vamps against maybe fifty Slayers, come to think of it, at the time we weren't even Slayers yet, we were still just potentials. Talk about uneven odds. But we won. And then, I got the chance to fight another battle, in another country. England. And I took it.

Fighting evil - it's something I was borne to do. So I grabbed that ticket to England, and whoops! Look what happens. I meet a wizard with an adorable Scottish accent, and I'm stuck in the net. The net of hearts and roses. The net of love. And I hope I'll never be free.


Remus and Sirius' POV.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. The four marauders. The pranksters at Hogwarts. Friends forever. Then, we were dragged into a war riddleddeath and betrayal. We lost Prongs. And Wormtail betrayed us. Padfoot was framed, and Moony was left alone. The marauders were no more.

Then, Padfoot broke out of the wizarding prison. Something no one thought possible. But he did. And the truth was out. He was robbed of twelve years. But he got out. He got a second chance. A chance to make up for all those lost years. And Moony had a friend again.

And suddenly, he had two. Prongs returned to life. A second chance had been granted us.

The marauders could run together again. And we always will.


Harry's POV.

The Boy-Who-lived.

The Boy-Who-Died.

The Boy-Who-Returned-To-Life.

Harry James Potter. Son. Boy. Man. Hero.

That's me.

I defeated Voldemort as a baby, but with no memory of ever doing so. So when I arrived in the wizarding-world as aneleven year old, everyone was treating me as a celebrity. I was so confused.

Then, I came to Hogwarts. Gained friends, enemies, crushes...normal (teenage)-boy stuff.

And then, I faced off with Voldemort once again in the battle of the Philosophers stone, as he possessed our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirell. I guess you could say I won. But barely. This was not the last time.

Twelve years old, I met him again down in the Chamber of Secrets. This time, as a memory, feeding off theenergy of an eleven-year-old Ginny Weasley. And he had a Basilisk to help him. But I had the Sword of Gryffindor and Fawkes. Again, I won. And again, I almost lost my life in the attempt.

In my third year, I met trouble ina sense otherthan that of Voldemort. This time, it was Sirius Black, a man that had broken out of the wizarding prison Azkaban, and was seemingly after me. I couldn't have been more wrong. During a Full Moon, in the Shrieking Shack, it came to light that Sirius was framed for my parents murder by his supposed friend, Peter Pettigrew. I also met another good friend of my father's, Remus Lupin. Unfortunately, it didn't end has happily as it could have, when Peter escaped, Remus transformed into a werewolf, Sirius wasalmost killed by Dementors, and had to run for his life.

Fourth year. Where the war truly began. The Triwizard Tournament. The dragon. The lake. The labyrinth. The cup...The Death of Cedric Diggory. Being tide up... The rise of Voldemort. The duel. Priori Incantatem. The escape. Again, face to face with death.

Fifth year. Meeting the Order of the Phoenix. Um(bitch). The Inquisitorial Squad. The Department of Mysteries. Sirius, falling through the veil...my mother and father appearing out of no where, savingmy life. Finding out the prophecy. The following summer was the best ever.

Sixth year. The Slayers at Hogwarts. People returning from the dead. And then, the final battle. My face off with Voldemort. Voldemort...the killing curse. And I died.

A year later, I returned. Awakened from the dead by the same ritual used to bring back Tara and the Mayor. Blasting myself out of my grave. Apparating to Hogwarts. Facing Voldemort once again. And winning.

Now, the war's over. The Death Eaters are quickly being caught oneby one. As for me...well, I'm enjoying my second chance at life the best I can with my friends, family...and Dawn. I understand it now. That love is the strongest power on Earth.

Looking back, I can see a clear pattern in most of my friends' and families lives. They all got second chances.

Sirius got a second chance at life after suffering in Azkaban, with nothing but his worst memories.

Mum and dad got a second chance at life as well, to spend with me, and enjoy being in each other's company.

Tara got a second chance at life. Willow got a second chance to redeem herself after going dark once again. And they both got a second chance together.

Andrew got a second chance, to make up for past mistakes in his life as a villain. And I think Luna is a big part of his new life.

Neville got a second chance to show what he's really made of: From being the unsure, clumsy boy he was when he first came to Hogwarts, to grow into a man, and a great wizard.

Oz and Remus got a second chance at life without the curse of being a werewolf. Both Remus and Sirius got a second chance with James.

Faith turned from being the dark Slayer, to a fighter for the good. She got a second chance to do what's right. And she took it. And bothshe and Remus are grateful for their chance with each other.

Peter got a second chance to do what's right instead of doing what's easy. And he took it. When taking the killing curse for Dawn, I forgave him for his past mistakes. In the end, he proved to be a worthy marauder after all.

Buffy got a second chance for death and peace in Heaven. She didn't take it, but instead chose to live, no matter how hard it may feel to go on sometimes. I admire her for that.

And me, well, I got a second chance to defeat Voldemort. And I won. And I can finally see that light in the end of the tunnel.



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