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(Takahashi-sama smiles sweetly at me with her big time lawyers nearby, glaring down at me.)

Like right now (teardrops)! Inuyasha ain't mine, Takahashi-sama.....but couldn't I keep Miroku? He's a hottie!

(Lawyers loom taller)

How 'bout Koga? He's sexy!

(Takahashi-sama glares with glint in her eye that makes me cower in fear)

Okay! Forget it! I'll take the grace of you not pressing charges!

(Takahashi-sama smiles again and leaves, her lawyers right behind her.)

Man. She's really sweet and nice, but she don't play when it comes to Inuyasha!

"You wouldn't either with the money she's rakin' it." Koga said.

True. Okay, on wit' it!


Think About You

"I don't think we should see each other anymore, Koga. Things aren't really working out between us." Kagome tentatively stated.

Koga turned toward her, his eyes wide with shock. He had left the Takahashi '99 Fashion Show early to go on a date with his girlfriend, Kagome.

"What?" Koga inquired, stunned to hear Kagome say that. "What do you mean things aren't working out? What's wrong, Kagome?"

Kagome winced a bit hearing Koga's tone. "Please don't yell like that, Koga. It's making this harder for me."

Koga started to protest but found, even though he wasn't mad, he was indeed yelling. "Sorry, but what brought this on? Is it me, Kagome? If it is, just say the word and I'll change!"

"Well it is you, but it's me too."

"Kagome, there's nothing wrong with you. You're fine the way you are." Koga looked closer at the heartbroken look on her face and sensed something was really wrong with her. "Kagome," He coaxed gently, "What's the matter? Whatever it is, you can tell me."

Kagome looked up into Koga's eyes. She knew she could trust him and tell him what was truly wrong, but she knew it would break his heart.

Kagome took a breath and confessed to Koga, "The truth is....the reason I think we should stop seeing each other is our relationship. We don't love each other like we thought we did, and our relationship isn't what it used to be. I don't want to say it, but I've fallen out of love with you, Koga. I see you more as a friend. And it's the same with you. I know you're going to disagree, but think about it before you say anything. Our relationship has only gone downhill."

Koga didn't have to think about it. He knew every word Kagome said was true. Koga wasn't in love with her. He thought he was, but he wasn't. He denied it when he realized it a long time ago. But it was true, Koga's feelings for Kagome weren't the same as they once were.

Koga hung his head, his saddened blue eyes looking down away from Kagome's.

Kagome finally spoke up after a long silence, "Koga, I didn't want it to end up this way. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to hurt you. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be to hear your love say 'I don't love you anymore.'"

"No, it's alright, Kagome. It hurts me too, but if it's true, then it's true." Koga didn't tell Kagome that "heartbreaking" wasn't truly the right word for it. Given the situation, Kagome and Koga wished Usher would stop playing his sad song for them.

"So then, I guess this is it?" Koga quietly asked, his sad eyes meeting Kagome's.

"Yeah, I guess we call it quits from here." Kagome's eyes filled with tears as she looked at the ground.

Koga gently caught one tear just as it escaped her eye. He gazed into Kagome's brown eyes one last time, his heart broken and heavy. Koga started to lean in for a good-bye kiss, but stopped, deciding it was best he didn't.

"I'll see ya around sometime, Kagome. You take care, okay?" Koga said softly.

"Yeah, you take care too, Koga."

Kagome didn't have the heart to say "good-bye", just as Koga didn't. She wanted to at least give him one last hug, but decided against it. Kagome knew Koga was already heartbroken; a hug would only make it more painful for him. She slowly walked away down the street, without looking back.

::End Flashback::

Koga replayed that painful memory as he drove his Suzuki motorcycle down the street on his way home. Normally he'd run and get there faster, but he didn't feel up for it and drove instead, lamenting over the fact that things didn't work out between him and Kagome.

Far up the intersection that was just several blocks away from Koga's house, Ayame walked down the street. She looked up at the stars in the night sky, admiring how beautiful they looked. She released a disappointed sigh and continued on her way, wishing Koga was walking with her.

In the remote distance ahead of her, Ayame saw someone speeding up the street. She squinted her green eyes a little and recognized the driver's face as Koga's. Instantly a smile came to her face when she saw him; she sighed. He looked so hot with his motorcycle! Ayame looked to her far left after something over there was spotted in the corner of her eye.

Down the street on the left side was a huge 18-Wheeler truck coming toward the intersection.

REALLY fast.

Ayame saw the light on Koga's street turn green for him and red for the other driver.

But the truck wasn't slowing down, instead, its speed accelerated!

Koga had spaced out, lost in his thoughts not noticing the truck since the light turned green for him.

Ayame fearfully looked at Koga approaching the light and then at the truck driver who wasn't slowing down at all! She looked again and her heart nearly stopped when she realized what would happen!

"Koga...stop." Ayame's voice was a choked whisper but as her fright grew, her voice became louder, "Stop...! Stop..! Koga!"

Ayame ran down the declining street, shouting and waving her arms at Koga.

He didn't hear her, and the truck refused to slow down!


Koga was just several feet away from the light when he heard someone scream his name and looked up, focusing on a person in the far distance ahead of him.



He wondered what she was talking about when a blinding light filled the side of his right eye. Koga turned just in time to see the grill of the truck just inches beside him!


Koga screamed and the truck ferociously slammed into him, sending him flying through the air!! He violently struck the ground, flipping vertically with each bounce, his head hitting the ground several times before slamming through a streetlight pole and finally stopping several more yards down the street. His battered body laid motionless.


Ayame screamed at the top of her lungs, running at top speed to him. She was just near the street corner when she saw the truck had stopped when it collided into Koga, but no driver came outside. Instead, the headlights came back on and sped down the street to it's destination like nothing had happened.

Her green eyes glowed fiercely with rage, her gnashed fangs bared as she growled.


Ayame finally turned at the street corner and halted, her eyes widening in horror at the sight up the street.

Koga lay sprawled out on the road near the sidewalk on his stomach. Five of his ribs were broken, one of them had pierced his right lung on impact with the truck, both of his legs were broken in several places, his right hip was broken, the bone in his right arm shattered, his head had violently struck the ground several times and there were deep cuts and bruises all over him! On top of that, Koga had a serious wound in his abdomen; blood flowed from it and quickly formed a puddle. The force from the collision broke the elastic on his ponytail and his long black hair covered his face.

Ayame sprinted toward Koga, turned him onto his back and held him in her arms, frantically moving his blood-soaked hair from his face. Blood streamed down from the major gash on his forehead and the deep cuts on both sides of his cheeks. Scared to death, but staying calm, Ayame checked Koga's pulse.

It was extremely weak! Koga's was just barely hanging on to life!

"Koga! Please, hang on! Oh Koga, please don't die!"

His eyes opened feebly, very narrowly, struggling to stay open. They traveled up to Ayame's tear-streaked face.

"" Koga uttered, almost inaudibly.

"Koga! Koga, hang on!"

Ayame's words faded into silence as Koga's head fell limp in her arms and his eyes stopped moving.

He had passed out, his eyes still open!

Ayame immediately grabbed her cell phone from her purse and frantically called the paramedics, begging them to hurry to her location. Koga was dying!

Ayame kept Koga's head resting on her lap when she sensed something wrong and touched his face.

Her heart nearly ceased beating!

Koga wasn't breathing!

Ayame's heart was racing a million miles a minute in panic, but she immediately calmed herself down and performed CPR on him.

It seemed hopeless; three minutes had passed and Koga's breath hadn't returned. Ayame kept going, she refused to let Koga die because of some reckless idiot driver! After relentlessly trying for four minutes, Koga's chest heaved weakly. The paramedics arrived shortly after and whisked him to the hospital.


Koga's eyes stirred. Fighting the heaviness of his eyelids, they opened narrowly. A bright light greeted him and Koga feared he was dead. After his eyes adjusted to the light, he realized he was alive but laying down and his movement was severely restricted. Koga stared up at the ceiling and then remembered seeing that truck and the incredible excruciation he felt when it slammed into him. Seeing he was alive, he assumed he was in the hospital. With a quiet strain, Koga weakly moved his head to observe his position.

He was lying in a bed; his right arm was hoisted up in a cast and his body from the collarbone down was also in a cast. Koga's left arm was free of the cast but was heavily bandaged. His crown was also bandaged and the wounds on his forehead and cheeks were covered with gauzes.

Koga's half-lidded eyes stared blankly into space before him. He felt no pain thanks to medication, but he felt so weak and out of it. In the corner of his left eye, Koga saw something red and turned his eyes in that direction.

It was Ayame's hair. She was sitting beside him and lying on the edge of the bed, asleep. Koga looked at her face and saw tear streaks all over her cheeks. She had been crying a lot.


Ayame's eyes immediately opened upon hearing Koga's near inaudible whisper. She looked up to his face and saw his blue half-lidded eyes and sat up.

"'re awake!" She leaned toward him, her eyes filled with worry. "How do you feel? Are you in a lot of pain?"

"I feel so weak.....I can barely move...." Koga groaned.

Judging by his tone, he barely had the strength to speak. Ayame took Koga's hand and held it to her face, crying.

"I'm so happy you're alive, Koga! I was so frightened you would die!" Ayame sobbed, rubbing her cheek against Koga's left hand.

Koga stared at Ayame. She had been scared to death about him and she couldn't hold it back any longer.

Koga started to say something to her when he suddenly felt lightheadedness overwhelm him, causing his half-lidded eyes to roll up as he neared unconsciousness. He shut them tightly, fighting it. Koga turned his eyes to the window behind Ayame and noticed it was still night time.

Ayame stopped crying and regained her composure. She lowered Koga's hand, but didn't let go of it. Koga looked into her teary eyes and after staring for a few seconds, asked her why she was crying so much over him. Ayame answered, telling him of when she saw the truck speeding down the street with the intention of running the red light. She was screaming at him, telling him to stop but Koga hadn't heard her. Then she watched horrified as the truck slammed into him and sent him flying down the street. Ayame filled Koga in of his injuries and her emotional hell as she struggled to keep him alive that night.

Koga's eyes narrowed, questioningly. "That night?"

"Yeah," Ayame answered softly, "It's two in the morning right now. That accident was five nights ago. You had struggled to open your eyes and say my name and then you....went limp in my arms with your eyes open. It scared me to death and I called the paramedics. I was too horrified seeing your battered body on the street to think about anything else but your life. Then you stopped breathing and I did CPR. You were in a coma ever since then. Given the magnitude of your injuries, Koga, the doctors said even for a wolf demon as strong as you; it's complete miracle you even made it to the hospital alive......I was so scared......I never left your side for a second!"

Ayame fell on Koga's chest and wept. Koga stared at her head, lost in a daze by what she told him. He snapped out of it and placed his hand on Ayame's back to calm her down. She looked up at him, and saw his soft eyes and weak smile.

"Dai....Daijoubu, Ayame.....I'm alive...."

Koga whispered softly to Ayame when he suddenly felt all of his strength vanish from his body. He struggled just keep his narrowed eyes opened, but couldn't.

Ayame inched toward Koga, panicking. "Koga...?!"

His rolled up eyes closed as his face sank into his pillow.


Koga managed to whisper a thank you to Ayame before his body went limp.

"Koga!!" Ayame shouted in a panic.

She found that he had just passed out again; she sighed deeply, relieved he was still breathing.

"Kami-sama.....I'm so scared." Ayame whispered to herself. "Why couldn't I have been in that accident instead of him? I gladly would've traded places with Koga."

Ayame gazed at Koga's sleeping face, her remaining tears falling down her cheeks. Koga may be severely injured, but he's still very strong. He'll win this fight. I know it.

She leaned in and kissed Koga's cheek. Gazing at his face again, a small smile spread on her lips. Ayame gently rested her head upon the cast protecting his broken chest, looking up at Koga's face, listening to his slow heartbeat and drifting to sleep.


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