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-In this story, Digimon is a TV show with characters based on real people. I'm using the American names when referring to the show, and the Japanese names when referring to the real people. Taichi and Yamato are 16 at the beginning of this story, and they're in their junior year of high school.
-I'm honestly trying to keep everyone in character, but it's been a while since I've watched the show, so some people may be OOC! If there's any blatant OOC-ness, please let me know!
-I expect this'll turn into Taito fluff, but I'm not sure yet.


The First Pieces: As It Began

"HEY! Ya' know how the characters from the first season were based on real people? Weeeeeeeell, I found out that my dad is friends with the dad of Matt, and I got to meet him! Isn't that cool!? : )"

Ishida Yamato stared at the computer screen. After a lengthy pause, he read it again, just to make sure he hadn't misread anything. No, the words he'd read were definitely correct. The content was what was wrong.

Ah. Another person trying to be cool by saying he knew them. Of course.

Yamato closed the laptop and handed it back to Koushirou, suddenly too tired to check the forums any longer. He smiled at the younger boy, thanking him for the loan of the computer, and walked out of the classroom. It was lunchtime, and he had more important matters to attend to. Food was especially high on the list.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, he thought about what he'd read. The enormously popular show "Digimon" had begun as a contest. Kids who were between the ages of ten and fifteen could enter, and six would be chosen. Those six would have the characters in the show based on them. It was a harmless idea, but it had proved disastrous to Yamato. He hadn't entered the contest. He hadn't even considered it. But yet, he won a place as one of the six. He had soon found out that his little brother Takeru had entered him, since he himself had been too young to enter. When the producers found out about Takeru, however, they couldn't resist adding a seventh character, despite Yamato's protests. They had also decided to add an eighth character, the younger sister of Tai Kamiya, but due to medical reasons, they weren't able to have her appear until later on in the show.

Yamato hadn't met many of the other people behind the characters, so he wasn't sure how accurately they had all been portrayed. He, for one, had been portrayed almost too accurately at first. When they first started animating the show, the producers had been very enthusiastic about getting the opinions of the children about what they'd say, what they'd do, how they'd react. But... at least in Yamato's case, they'd eventually stopped asking and did what they wanted with the character they'd based on him. When they decided to start a second show several years later, they completely disregarded Yamato's protests and decided that Matt would be dating Sora. Sora was a nice girl, Yamato had to admit, but he could never picture himself dating her.

Aside from his brother, Takenouchi Sora and Izumi Koushirou were the only ones he actually knew from the show. Koushirou had insisted that his real name not be used, so the producers decided to call him "Izzy Izumi." Yamato had also insisted that his name and his brother's be changed, so they were known to the world as "Matt Ishida" and "T.K. Takaishi." The change hadn't been as drastic as Yamato had hoped for, and people had often tried to approach him to ask if he was Matt. He was thankful that a glare was usually enough to keep those people at bay.

Yamato had been so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't realized that he'd already reached the cafeteria. He also hadn't realized that he'd been standing outside of it for several minutes, until he suddenly had the wind knocked out of him. A bushy-haired boy had run out of the cafeteria, barreling straight into him, and they both fell to the ground. The boy jumped up and apologized profusely before making a beeline away from the cafeteria. Yamato's brain didn't decide to register what had happened until the boy was already long-gone. When Yamato finally picked himself up off the ground, he was dismayed to find that the cafeteria had already closed. So much for lunch.

Seconds later, the bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch break, and Yamato sighed. Today was definitely not his day.


Today, Yagami Taichi thought sullenly, was definitely not his day.

As if transferring schools mid-year wasn't bad enough, his first day was only half over, and he'd already gotten in trouble. Twice.

The first time he got in trouble, he could understand. He had tried his best to stay awake during his classes, but it was a losing battle; by second period, he was out like a light. A well-aimed eraser and a detention served to keep him awake long enough to make it to lunchtime.

Lunch break had also gone less-than-spectacularly. The food from the cafeteria wasn't bad; in fact, compared to his previous school, the food was actually quite good. However, Taichi hadn't gotten much of a chance to enjoy said food. Shortly after he'd chosen a spot at an empty table, he'd learned why it had been empty: it was the usual table for members of a local gang who attended the school.

Taichi refused to be someone who'd be bullied. After exchanging a couple of punches with the gang members, someone he recognized from his first period class urged him to run away and not make the situation worse. The scared look on the girl's face told him that if he kept fighting, the gang would involve other people. Running was the last thing he wanted to do, especially since it meant abandoning his food, but he decided it was the best option at the moment. So he ran, straight out of the cafeteria and into a student who'd been standing outside.

The two fell to the ground, but the other boy seemed to have not even noticed. Taichi quickly jumped to his feet and apologized before continuing to run. After a minute or two, he glanced over his shoulder to see if any of the gang members were following him and was surprised to find no one there. He had been certain that at least one of them had followed when he'd turned to run...

Taichi stopped running and looked around. He was safe now, but he was also completely lost in the unfamiliar school. The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch break. Sighing, Taichi asked the nearest student where he could find his next classroom, only to learn that it was on the opposite end of the campus from his current location. By the time he reached the room, he was extremely late. Today was definitely not his day.


Sixth period let out early, so Taichi had plenty of time to find the room for his last class. The room was easy enough to locate, and he poked his head inside to see whether it was empty or not. The only occupants of the room were a red-haired girl and a boy with a laptop. Taichi couldn't help but think the girl looked familiar...

"Sora!" he cried in sudden recognition. "Hey, Sora, it's me, Taichi!"

The girl looked up at him, a smile spreading across her face until she practically glowed with happiness. "Taichi! Wow, it's been a long time! How've you been? How's Hikari?"

"We've both been doin' good," Taichi said, joining the two.

"'Well,'" the boy with the laptop corrected. "You've been doing well."

"Oh lighten up!" Sora told the boy, sticking her tongue out at him playfully. "Oh, Taichi, Koushirou, I don't think you two ever met. Taichi, this little punk is Izumi Koushirou--'Izzy Izumi.' And Kou-chan, this is Yagami Taichi, also known as--"

"'Tai Kamiya,'" Koushirou finished.

"You knew?" Sora asked, somewhat disappointed.

"No, but it was obviously the logical conclusion. And I'd prefer that you refrain from calling me 'Kou-chan.'"

Taichi stared at Koushirou as the latter resumed typing. Taichi grinned widely. "Nice to meet'chya, Kou-chan!" he said happily.

Koushirou frowned at the continued use of the nickname. "Taichi, due to the name you used for Digimon, would I be correct in assuming that you do not wish for others to know that you were 'Tai Kamiya'?"

"Uh... yeah..." Taichi said, shifting uncomfortably. "Well, the name change was something my mom insisted on, especially when the producers decided they wanted to have Hikari in the show eventually. I used to not care if people knew, but... I ran into a bit of trouble in my old town because of it."

Sora thought for a moment, certain that she'd forgotten something. "Ah!" she said suddenly. "I know that you haven't met Ya--"

"Sora," Koushirou interrupted, closing his laptop and looking at her pointedly. "Isn't your next class elsewhere?"

"Uh, yeah, but..."

"I'd suggest that you head to your classroom. The bell should be ringing soon."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Kou-chan! I have plenty of time to get there."

Koushirou stood, picking up his laptop and carrying it under his arm. "I really think you ought to arrive early today. I'll even escort you."

Koushirou grabbed Sora's hand and dragged her out of the room. She waved goodbye to Taichi meekly. "See you later?"

"Yeah, sure..." Taichi said as he waved back, somewhat confused.


"Kou-chan! What was that all about?" Sora asked as they walked down the hall. Once they were well away from the classroom they'd left Taichi in, Koushirou had finally released her, and she was now walking beside him.

"If I am not mistaken, you were about to tell him about Yamato."

"Of course I was! Yamato and Taichi were both in the show, so what's your problem?"

Koushirou stopped walking and narrowed his eyes. "I believe it would be best if those two did not know."

Sora stopped a few steps past Koushirou and turned to face him. "What do you mean? They get along great!" she said, confused.

"Correction: their characters get along well. Taichi and Yamato are not Tai and Matt." Sora still looked puzzled, so Koushirou clarified, "Since I do not know Taichi well, I can really only guess about his behavior. However, it seems to me that Taichi would believe Yamato and 'Matt' to be the same, and would consider Yamato to be a long-time friend, despite the fact they've never met. Perhaps Yamato never told you, but he wanted nothing to do with Digimon. I'm sure we all have our own dislikes of how certain aspects of our characters were handled, but Yamato didn't have anything he did like. In particular, he dislikes how it was decided that Matt and Tai would become friends. Perhaps if everything that had happened was real, they truly would have become friends, but the point is none of it actually happened. I find it highly unlikely that Yamato would hesitate in causing mortal harm to Taichi."

Sora stared at Koushirou blankly. "Do you understand, Sora?"

"Not at all," she responded, shaking her head slowly.

Koushirou sighed. "In summary, if we tell Yamato and Taichi about each other, someone will probably come out of the mess severely injured."

Sora laughed nervously. "Er... right. I won't say a word."


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