Author: Sparkle Itamashii

Title: Clandestine Revelations

Warnings: Respect the rating. Please see profile for details.

Disclaimer: Digimon and its world, characters, and plot are NOT MINE.

Chapter One

Normally I wouldn't have stayed standing there as long as I did. When there are people in the house or when I know someone is on their way over, I rush. I hop in, scrub down, wash my hair (twice and carefully) and then I'm out again. It takes me ten minutes to achieve satisfactory cleanliness. When the house was occupied I never took time to relish things as simple as a shower.

But it wasn't.

So I did.

I stood beneath the scalding spray without moving, letting my mind wander over the day. TK had stopped by long enough to tell me he wasn't going to be able to stop by and hang out like we'd planned. I'd rung dad's cell phone and talked for a little bit- he'd already called last night to say he was going to be gone for the weekend. That was fine. It's not like I wasn't used to being on my own anyhow. Maybe I could have TK or Taichi over tomorrow night to keep me company.

I wasn't sure about Tai, though… He'd come over this morning like he did every Friday to wheedle me for breakfast. Usually he snuck in and crept up to the edge of the bed as silent as a cat. Mind you, I sleep like a rock so he could have come in like a herd of elephants and I wouldn't have noticed. After he reached my bedside he would always do the most infuriating thing- press his icy, freezing cold hands flat against the small of my back. Of course I'd wake up flailing, cursing animatedly at Taichi who would just laugh and laugh while dodging thrown pillows. When I ran out of ammo he would give me a pathetic look and innocently ask if I would please make breakfast now.

Not today, though.

No, today I'd woken of my own accord, curiously wondering why Taichi hadn't appeared yet. For a split second I'd worried that he'd gotten ill and wasn't going to school. Rolling into a sitting position, I turned to face the door… and there he was, leaning gently against the doorframe with an amused, quiet smile.

I'd given him a groggy, confused look as I slipped out of bed but he hadn't offered an explanation.

All in all it had been a very long, strange day that definitely deserved a long, hot shower and a brand new bottle of-

"Son of a…" I cursed quietly, twisting to look at the empty niche in the wall where I normally placed my shampoo. I'd just picked up a new bottle that afternoon, after TK had whisked by, but I'd unfortunately left it in my room.

Reaching up, I pressed down on the showerhead so it only sprayed half the tub and shook myself. I didn't plan on being more than a few seconds so I wasn't going to bother turning off the water. No one was home to bitch at me for doing so either, so I felt justified. Sort of.

I snatched my towel off the bathroom counter out of habit and slung it hastily around my hips. Of course my room was a disaster area- I'd been trying to work on my music earlier and disarray tended to leak all over when I did that. Scanning the room, I spotted a pile in which I thought I remembered burying the bag with the shampoo. I darted over, rummaging through the small heap- cords, school blazer, sock, blank sheets of music, notebook-

Shampoo! Success!

Clutching the item in one hand and tacking my towel to my hip with the other, I turned to head back to the shower. I didn't make it very far.

Standing in my doorway, out of breath and looking a little miffed… was Taichi.

/End Chapter One, Clandestine Revelations/