Title: Trials of Affliction and Light Sleeping

Author: Padfoot the Marauder

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I know nothing. I'm without a brain and without original characters. This in contrast to JK Rowling, who has it all.

Disclaimer: The title is borrowed from a song by Robert Pollard.

Summary: Draco discovers that he is part Veela. The odd thing is that Veela's are only supposed to be female. This little fact wouldn't be bound to bring along some peculiar side effects during mating season, now would it? DM/HG

Authors note: It's going to be 13 chapter long and I update daily (if nothing goes wrong, anyway).

Chapter one

Draco Malfoy just sat there, his mind desperately trying to process the information he had just received. As the facts started seeping through his cranium, his trademark mask of indifference gradually slipped from its position and transformed into an uncharacteristic gawk.

"I'M A WHAT?" he yelled.

"A Veela, mister Malfoy. You're a Veela" Madame Pomfrey answered her patient.

"But that's impossible!" Draco scoffed while indignantly crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"I'd say the same if it wasn't for you sitting here on my hospital bed." Madame Pomfrey replied pointedly. "Tell me, is there any Veela blood in your family?"

"All women on my mother's side of the family are Veela for at least some part" Draco said dismissingly. "But-"

"See, that explains it" Madame Pomfrey said.

"No it doesn't!" Draco drawled in frustration. "There is no such thing as a male Veela!"

"Apparently there is."

"But it's biologically impossible! You're a bloody nurse, you should know that."

"I can't explain it either, mister Malfoy" Madame Pomfrey sighed. "All I know is that you are showing signs of a Veela in her -or his- mating period. Veela's mate in the month May, and if I'm not mistaken; it's currently May 1st."

"Yes" Draco growled. "And what can you do to cure this?"

"Cure?" Madame Pomfrey asked with raised eyebrows. "This isn't a disease, Mister Malfoy, it's a part of who you are. The only thing you can do is learning how to deal with this. Since you're only partially Veela I suppose you'll only experience the Veela characteristics during the month of May."

"Which would be?" Draco asked in annoyance.

Madame Pomfrey thought for a second.

"Well, for one thing there's the bunny tail."

"That I gathered" Draco grunted. He had woken up that same morning trying to get rid of the annoying thing he had been sleeping on. When the thing apparently was stuck to his body and after a look in the mirror had appeared to be a sparkling white bunny tail, Draco had screamed so loudly it was surprising he hadn't woken up the entire castle.

"It's a sign of fertility, which states that the Veela is of breeding age," Madame Pomfrey explained.

"It's going to go away, right?" Draco asked while softly cupping another feel at his new bodily asset.

"At the end of the month it should fall off, yes" she answered.

"Thank Merlin" Draco sighed in relief. "What else?"

"I'm not a Veela-expert, Mister Malfoy" Madame Pomfrey stated. "I suggest you consult the library. But I don't think it's unlikely to presume that certain Veela powers should be activated within yourself."

Draco cocked an eyebrow in awareness.

"Like that thing where they make people act all crazy for you and do whatever you want?" he asked with heightened interest.

"Well, yes" Madame Pomfrey answered tentatively. "But may I please ask you not to abuse that power, if it arises. I might be bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, but in extreme cases that law may be broken."

"Fine" Draco said.

"Fine" Madame Pomfrey huffed at his rude behaviour. "You may leave, but if you experience any difficulties or uncertainties you come to see me."

"Yes yes" Draco said while waiving his hand dismissingly as he got up from the bed and marched out of the hospital wing.

After having recovered from the initial shock of being labelled as a Veela, Draco came to the realisation that it was not all that far fetched.

Okay, it was. But not all as far as he had originally assumed. He had known early on that Malfoys can only conceive boys. Several generations ago one of his ancestors had cast a spell which enabled Malfoys to produces female heirs. This to ensure the survival of the family name and prevent scattering of the bloodline. So Draco supposed that, this combined with the Veela blood from his mother's side, he had had a bigger chance to become some sort of biological fluke. Which he was apparently.

Thanks great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather!


It was only two months till he could have left this wretched hellhole they dare call a school without having too great amount of mental scarring. Two months! But no, the fates had to bestow him with yet another challenge to deal with.

First puberty, then OWLS, then NEWTS and now this.

After he was finished cursing every god and deity into the raging fires of hell, Draco had chosen to bury himself into a pile of library books. He had started to read up on his current situation and what he was supposed to expect the coming month.

Not all that much apparently.

It appeared that he would be experiencing a heightened sense of smell and bit of hormone imbalance.

So he'll be a bit hornier than usual.

Big deal!

He would also find himself drawn to one specific individual who he would subconsciously see as the ideal mate to father –so in his case 'mother'- a child. Draco did not mind this part one bit. Since his sexual experiences thus far had only been with Pansy Parkinson, he was craving for some new shagging material. In their fourth year he and Pansy had both decided that it was time to move on from their virgin-statuses and see what else was out there. Therefore, his first sexual experience had been an arrangement of convenience. A pleasurable one as Draco remembered fondly. Occasionally they still sought out each other's company to release sexual tension, but not so much anymore since there really was no mystery between them to relish.

Therefore, Draco rather liked the fact that he was now going to be able to sow his wild oats.

He had always been rather 'petite' in comparison to his male peers, making him definitely not the one with the most virile exterior. Luckily his growing spurt had finally kicked in somewhere at the end of sixth year, which made him now actually look his age instead of the overgrown midget he was before. By now he was tall and muscular, yet he still possessed his slender physique and rather effeminate facial features. Not that the girls seemed to mind that very much. He had noticed the coy stares he got during classes or lunches from blushing girls who were visually undressing him.

And since Draco's Veela seducing powers were apparently going to kick in any day now, he couldn't wait to do some seducing before he'd be drawn to just one person.

Not that he minded that either. Shagging is shagging, even if it was with the same person over and over again. Having Veela-powers might not be such a bad thing after all. He could seduce any girl he wanted and make her do anything he wanted.

He was starting to see the upside to things.

So much so that he actually had started wiggling his fluffy bunny tail.

End of chapter one.

A/N: If it's any consolation, my first chapter always sucks. Please read chapter 2 before you judge the story. Please!