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Chapter 16 (epilogue)

Hermione was standing in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. It was the first May after her graduation, which meant that it was once again the Veela's mating season. This wouldn't be much of an issue if Hermione weren't still currently dating a Veela. She rinsed her mouth after brushing her teeth, getting rid of the foul taste of Polyjuice potion, and put the empty cup back next to the sink. Hermione briefly ran her hand through the short black hair that momentarily graced her scalp and exited the bathroom. Taking Polyjuice Potion had become a nightly ritual since last week, when Draco's sleep deprivation had kicked in again. In April, Harry had especially gotten himself a haircut so he could give the cut-off pieces to Hermione to make Polyjuice. She still wasn't allowed to do any peeking while in his body since Harry had made her promise not to.

As had Luna.

As had Draco.

Hermione really didn't know what the big deal was, since it wasn't as if she hadn't seen Harry naked before. She still couldn't help but blush vigorously at remembering that little incident in the Gryffindor locker room.

Burned on her retina, that was.

When Harry had first found out about her and Draco, Hermione had known that he was going to be upset about it all... for a whole number of reasons, the one more disturbing than the other. But Harry actually got over the initial shock rather quickly, mostly due to Luna's influence. Luna had let her know that she had a bit of a stake in Hermione and Draco sticking together. She didn't find the thought of Draco showing up on her boyfriend's doorstep to snag him away all that alluring, so she somewhat preferred having Hermione's support when May arrived again.

It turned out Luna wasn't all that bad. She was a bit weird, but very clever. One day when they were exchanging cooling spells, Luna had casually announced that she knew a Freezing Spell so forceful that it could turn a train engine into an ice cube. An ice cube that was so cold it would take the hottest Heating charm over an hour to make the engine operational again.

When it had sunken in on what that little piece of information meant, Hermione had instantly put "Send thank-you card to Luna" on her 'to do'-list.

Surprisingly, Ron had been more upset than Harry was. Ginny had let Hermione know that Ron had had a crush on her for a while now, so she could quite understand his reaction. He had been angry with Hermione for months, until one day he had shown up on her doorstep telling her that he wasn't happy with her decision but that he was going to try to deal with it.

Apparently Ginny had knocked some sense into him.

Literally, judging by the humungous black eye he had been sporting at the time of his conversion.

Someone who had been equally angry about their relationship was Draco's mother. She also possessed Veela-blood, and Veela's were quite known for their vicious tempers. The thought of her son being in a serious relationship with a Muggleborn was just plain unacceptable. But later on, her anger had dimmed down for some reason and had evolved into grudging acceptance. Hermione had the suspicion that Draco had casually informed his mother about his Veela-status, along with who his mate really was.

Narcissa was now probably comforting herself with the fact that Hermione was a girl... and not Harry Potter.

In the wife of a Death Eater's eyes, anyone is better suited to date your son than Harry Potter is. Even a Muggleborn.

Not that Hermione would say it aloud, but she was rather relieved to know that Draco's father was still in prison. Narcissa was the kind of Pureblood who preferred all Muggles and Muggleborns to kindly lay down and die, while Lucius wouldn't 'kindly prefer' and wouldn't hesitate to take matters into his own hands. Therefore, his incarceration (and therefore his obliviousness to whom his son was romantically involved with) was somewhat of a relief to Hermione.

So now, she had taken her residence in her boyfriend's apartment since the beginning of May to help him through his troubles again. Draco had repeatedly asked her to permanently move in with him, but she had cordially refused; wanting to learn to stand on her own two feet before she did that.

Most people would probably find it a bit strange that Hermione didn't find it insulting that for one month a year her boyfriend found the thought of sleeping with her repulsive. And above that; instead wanted to shag her best friend, who was male. Hermione knew it was just Draco's hormones acting up, so why would she think anything of it? What was frustrating on the other hand, was to see Draco walking around in constant arousal and watching him touching himself all day long.

Before breakfast.

After breakfast.

During breakfast.

Draco was making Hermione almost as frisky as he himself was.

A vibrator really is a girl's best friend.

Hermione moved into the bedroom and found Draco already waiting for her, his body casually sprawled over the bed. His hair was still curly, since he didn't bother to use the Sleakeasy's hair potion when he didn't plan on leaving the apartment. And ever since Hermione had expressed her liking for it, he even left it curly more often.

"Say anything about me looking hot and I'm sleeping on the couch" Hermione warned sarcastically.

"I wouldn't dare" Draco answered, but still couldn't help looking at her with hungry eyes. It was a bit odd, but she could deal with it as long as he kept looking at her in the same lusty way when it wasn't May and she was in her own body.

"Can't you just mate with me?" Draco asked as Hermione laid herself beside him on the bed. "You're in Potter's body, you have his equipment. It could work."

"No, it wouldn't" Hermione said dismissingly. "At most, it would give a momentary satisfaction. The sexual release would probably ware off at the same time as the Polyjuice does."

"So? It would save me from this for about half an hour" Draco said, gesturing at his prominent erection. "And can you honestly say that you're not at least a bit curious about what it's like to have sex like a man?"

A moment of silence passed between the two of them.

"You actually just considered shagging me, didn't you?" Draco said with merriment.

"No, I didn't" Hermione denied sheepishly. She couldn't help but let her mind drift to what it would be like, but she never actually would consider doing it. It would just be weird, being in Harry's body and all.

"Yes, you did!" Draco retorted.

"Draco, don't touch me like that!" Hermione yelped as Draco affectionately caressed her side. She already had a rough time since he couldn't sleep with her for over a month, she really didn't need to be reminded of that. Especially not when she was in Harry's body, of which both the original as the Polyjuice-version possessed a history of getting spontaneous reactions to Draco's touch (something she had vowed never to tell Harry about).

"Why?" Draco asked, pinching her sides. "Getting exited?"

"Watch it, or I'm mating with you!" Hermione warned.

"As if you would" Draco huffed playfully.

In response, Hermione forcefully flipped Draco over to his side and spooned herself behind him while trying to come up with a bunch of un-sexy thoughts.

"Yes, I do believe that that's the correct position to start out with" Draco said jokingly.

"Shut up and go to sleep!" Hermione groaned. She knew Draco was just teasing, since she was aware of what his thoughts were on being bottomised. She also knew how much he enjoyed seeing her blush with embarrassment.

She felt his body relaxing against her and noticed his breathing becoming heavier, indicating that he was drifting off into sleep.

Hermione smirked when thinking that tomorrow she would be having the last laugh. Living with a spoiled pest like Draco had made her quite used to enforcing payback. She made a mental note to take a picture of Draco's face when tomorrow he'd discover the new item she was going to put on their shopping list.


&&&&&&THE END&&&&&&

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