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She smiled slightly as she fell; time seemed to slow down during her long descent. She slowly turned so she faced upward, right in time to see a green boy, falling quickly toward her. Knowing that we might hurt himself and interfere with her mission, Raven encased him in a black aura and trapped him back on the roof. He was powerless to stop it, and he knew it.

Beast Boy was now sobbing as he pounded furiously at his prison. He first lost Terra, with he later found he didn't love, but rather felt a strong friendship for her. She as good as dead now and so was Raven, his true love. Why would God do this to him? Why would God give him Raven, just to take her away in a cruel turn of events?

This all happened in a matter on seconds though, and just after these thoughts entered his head, Raven hit the cold, blue sea.

'Just breathe it in; just take in as much as you can. It'll all be over soon' thought Raven as she took breath after breath of the surrounding liquid, forcing the life out of herself. She didn't think of it this way however, she only thought of how many innocent people would be saved by her sacrifice, this thought allowed no room for doubt.

Suddenly her world began to blur as she thought, 'this is it' before her world went black and something extraordinary happened, something that the world would never forget.

Her body slowly lifted out of the water, seeming to be lifted up as her legs dangled lamely from her body and her back arched extremely. Then she stopped abruptly as her head rose slightly and a red light poured from her charka. It started as a small beam that shot into the dark sky it gradually grew in size and started to take an all too familiar shape. The shape of a certain demon. Once he was fully shown in the light, a cry of pure agony erupted from Ravens lips, and soon after an animal like howl of pain came from Trigons mouth. As he shrieked, his from slowly began to disband into small particles that burst into small sparks and floated into the night.

Beast Boy watched and heard all of this. Once he saw Raven floating into the sky, he was given hope, maybe it was all just a joke, what he would of given for it to all just be a joke. It wasn't a joke.

At the sound of her screaming, he broke down and fell to the ground weeping as his shield started to flicker until it finally gave away. At the first chance BB ran to the edge and flew to Raven in an attempt to save her. He was about four feet away from her when he flew into a shield, and then it hit him. He was never going to see her alive again.

He looked up in time to see the image of Trigon fade out, and Ravens' cry slowly died away as she fell back down into the water that helped to claim her life. With a small splash from the water below him, Beast Boy shot back to reality, and flew down to retrieve his love.

Once in the water he gave up any animal form and swam to her body. Slowly pulling her onto the shore, he looked at her face, expecting to see it contorted in pain. Instead though, he saw a look of content gracing her features. She seemed to be fully at peace with her fate.

He smiled slightly, she wouldn't want him to mourn her, rather celebrate her achievement and passing into a better place. Though he though about this hard, he couldn't help but feel the overwhelming grief of her passing and started to weep into her chest. After a while of it he thought he heard something but ignored it. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, but instead of going with his first instinct and shaking it off, he slowly turned around to face Raven, his Raven. She smiled warmly as she took his hand and helped him up. She wasn't wet anymore, instead she was radiating a divine glow, and her limbs were free of their markings.

Beast Boy looked at her in confusion. "Why are you here? Why aren't you gone forever?"

Her smile only widened as she said slowly, "I never said good bye to my love. Good bye Beast Boy, don't forget me, but don't mourn me. I'm at peace with my destiny; I want you to be too. I'll see you when you cross over" her smile faltered slightly as she began again "I want you to cross over by fate. Don't take your own life. You have too much to live for, and I'll never forgive myself if you do." She slowly leaned in and kissed him as she began to fade into the air, still smiling.

Beast Boy leaned down to her body and carefully lifted up her sleeves to reveal her demonic marking gone. He smiled as he said "I couldn't forget you", and slowly looked up at the sky and saw her face, written into the stars.


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