He walked out of the back door towards the picnic blanket they were settled on. The day was bright and sunny, and they were finally alone. He walked slowly, enjoying the look on her face as she watched him coming toward her. It was full of surprise, astonishment and delight. A breeze ran through her hair, making him thoroughly proud that he decided on this course of action.


She gasped in pure surprise, and even a little delight, as she saw him walking to her. In his hands he held a tray. She could not make out what was on it, but that wasn't what really kept her gaze riveted on him. He appeared to have nothing on but the apron he wore around his waist. Confirmation of this was given as a cool breeze picked up the end of the apron, showing her that she was right, before it fell back in place. His smile was contagious and she smiled too, also noting the flicker of wicked mischief in his eyes. She was certain she'd enjoy this game of his.


He set the tray down in front of her. He had brought her favorite desert; chocolate crème pie. He had brought two spoons, but those were only for the beginning. What he had planned did not include the use of spoons. Sitting down in front of her, he took one of the spoons and handed it to her, then took one himself. Wordlessly, he scooped out some of the pie and fed it to her, being sure to leave just a bit for him to kiss away. Which he did, teasingly slow. She caught on to his game and did the same for him. They carried on for a little while longer before he went to phase two of his game.

Rising to stand, he pulled her up to him, kissing her passionately. Breaking the kiss, he gathered her skirt in his hands and quickly pulled it over her head. Mild surprise flashed across his face as he noticed she also wore nothing underneath. She raised one eyebrow and smiled ironically as if to say that she expected this all along. Taking her mouth once again in a heated kiss, he felt her hands move around his waist and behind him, divesting him of his apron. Another cool breeze gently blew and ruffled their hair. He felt her shiver, with more than just the coolness of the breeze. Pulling away slightly, he guided her back down to the blanket, and began the third phase of the game.

He made her body a canvas using the chocolate crème filling as his paint. Small, excited gasps came from her mouth as she watched him. He saw the smoky haze of love and lust in her eyes as he trailed his finger, covered in chocolate crème, over her body. He smiled as a soft, low moan escaped her lips as his finger lingered in her most sensitive areas. Once he was done painting his portrait of her, he slowly and surely used his mouth and tongue to clean it off her. Things naturally digressed from there, as his final phase came into play.


Afterwards, they lay together in a satiated contentment on the blanket within each other's arms, watching to slow descent of the setting sun. Reds, oranges, and golds filled the sky, mingling with the darker hues of indigo and blue. Stars were beginning to sparkle faintly, heralding the approach of evening. Legolas sat up, bracing an elbow underneath him, to look at the love of his life.

"Did you enjoy my little game, my love?"

"I did indeed, dearest. I did indeed," Rian said softly, bring a hand up to caress his face. Bending to kiss her tenderly but quickly, he lay back down beside her, burrowing his face into the long white-blond tresses he loved so much. Before they both drifted off to sleep, a shooting star passed overhead, followed quickly by another.

"Varda has blessed us, love," he whispered in her ear. He held her tightly against him and she entwined her fingers with his. She did not speak, but knew it to be truth, and sent silent thanks to the Vala.