Code: Lyoko

Pass the Ball

By: Chibi

Disclaimer: Chibi does not own the characters of Code: Lyoko. Though she is unsure of the people who DO, she's positive that it isn't her.

Summary: As an end-of-term fever buzzes around every student, the Principal, pressured by Sissi, agrees to throw a sware in honor of the students who would be graduating that year and all of their accomplishments. Everyone has their eyes set on someone but complicated measurements may keep them from going with who they want to go with. These measurements in turn lead to some of the most crazy matchmaking mix-ups possible. More of a social fic than a XANA-attacks-Earth-and-almost-kills-off-an-important-character fic.

Warning: Includes Yumi/Ulriche, Odd/Sam, and possibly Jeremy/Aealita. Also a good amount of Sissi-scheming.

WARNING TWO: This is my first Code: Lyoko fic. You have been warned. Do not expect perfection.


"I can't believe you actually got him to agree to it, Sissi." Herb stated, looking almost adoringly at her.

She couldn't help but glare at his comment, "And what is THAT supposed to mean? Surely you didn't actually think that I would fail to convince Daddy of how much we deserve a celebration!" She stared prissily and angrily into the boys face, making him turn red and stutter.

"O-of course not, Sissi! It's just... It proves to what extent your persuasive abilites can reach." He replied and she actually smiled, or, as most would call it, smirked.

"Naturally." And the two walked on, the ever silent Nick trudging along behind them, "Now all I have to do is get a couple of lowlives to make about five hundred posters sponsoring the dance and have them hang them on the walls around the school." She turned around and stared at her 'henchmen', sizing them up, "I suppose you two will have to do. And they had better look perfect, all right?! I can't risk my reputation going down the drain because a couple of stooges like yourselves messed this up. Daddy will have the information pertaining to the event by tomorrow so you can start on the borderlines tonight!"

"Yes, Sissi..." Herb muttered. If it wasn't for the fact that he was strangely attracted to the principals daughter, he would have jumped out of this ship a long time ago.

The group of three continued on down the hall, not really bothering to move out of the way of people. Sissi had made it clear earlier on that if anyone were to clear the hallways, it certainly wasn't going to be her. They were just turning the corner to head outside into the courtyard when Sissi's face broke into a smile.

"So is Jim really going to make you all do a hundred laps before the Soccer championships?" Odd's voice rang through the air as he pulled out a diskette player and proceeded to place the headphones around his neck for safe keeping.

"I don't think so. He was probably just trying to hype us up. There would be no point in exhausting us right before we went for the trophy. Besides, the Principal would probably suspend him from his duties for child abuse if he went through with it--" Ulriche replied before Sissi called out to him and he 'accidentally' hit his head against his locker in retaliation.

"Oh, Ulriche dear! There you are! I was wondering where you had disappeared to!" Sissi managed to catch him before he could escape and he was forced to listen to her as she rambled on and on about whatever she'd just managed to coax her father into letting her do, "...He said that it was all right! I suppose, naturally, that you'll be taking me?" She held out her hand as though waiting for him to kiss it.

"Whatever." Ulriche stated, praying that Jeremy would happen to call and need them for a Lyoko mission. No such luck seemed in his favor as she continued on telling him about the plans for next weeks... Something or other.

"...Well, you think about it, Dear, and tell me your answer whenever you find the time!" Sissi waved as she pulled her followers after her, exceedingly cheerful about what he had 'supposedly' been listening to her say.

"Well, I suppose that her idea isn't too selfish." Odd stated. Ulriche snorted. He hadn't been listening to a word she'd said (tuning her out had become second nature) but he was willing to bet that Sissi had NEVER done anything that wasn't selfish, "Were you even listening to her?" Odd asked as they headed to Mrs. Hearse Physics class.

"Do I EVER listen to her?" Ulriche stated as they sat in their seats and waited for the other students to walk in.

"Well, no. But this time her plans COULD come in your favor." Odd stated, "It's an end-of-year dance. If you manage to ask a certain someone there, you never know what could happen."

"I really hate it when you take the time to make sense, Odd."

"Alas, it is the curse of a lack of soda." And, just as Jeremy sat down at their side, Odd flipped on his headphones and, using his experience, made it easily look like he was paying attention to everything Mrs. Hearse droned on about.

"I hear Sissi's up to her old tricks." Jeremy stated, multitasking as he took notes on what appeared to be the 'Laws of Universal Revolution', "Don't worry. I'm sure that you can escape it somehow."

It hit Ulriche at that point that, unless he managed to convince his more-than-stict father to remove him from the school before the end of term, there would be NO way to avoid Sissi and her inevitable amount of tricks. With the whole school probably all ready accomidating the news of the dance, the frenzy would be more than he could escape.

"Ulriche, please; I've asked you twice to pay attention! Perhaps I should assign you janitorial duties to convince you that this class is more important than your personal thoughts! Now, please take some notes so I don't get called into appointment because I let my students dwaddle in their own minds!" Mrs. Hearse's voice came at him like a ball at a bat but he wasn't listening. He could always get the notes from Jeremy anways.

If he managed to ask someone to the ball before Sissi made the cat-climb at him, he could be home free. And just to outdo Sissi even more, why not Yumi (Note the fact that he was all ready trying to convince himself that it wouldn't be his first choice to pick the tall raven-haired Lyoko girl), who was all ready considered heavy prey under the preppy girls Halk's Eye? If he managed to get Yumi to agree then they both could be spared the horrors of going either alone or with someone like... Well... SISSI.

"Ulriche! That's it; detention!"

Ulriche spent the lunch hour mopping the floor and washing the desks of the Physics classroom.


"I can't wait!"

"I hear that there will be an official Disk Jockey!"

"Did you hear about all of the decorations?"

"And the theme is supposed to be something really original."

Rumors were being swapped by eight o'clock the next morning. As Ulriche, Jeremy, and Odd made their way over to Yumi, who was sitting on the usual bench she waited at for them to arrive, they couldn't help but notice that everyone seemed to be in high spirits about the coming of events the next week. There was no way it could be cancelled now.

"So, I hear that you three are being subjected to another 'Sissi'." Yumi stated with a small grin. Ulriche was the only one who didn't return it or laugh it off. He stalked over to the bench and sat next to the tall girl, whose expression altered from humorous to serious in .o5 seconds flat, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, accept that Sissi's all ready made the jump." Odd answered for him, "Asked him yesterday at his locker."

"Well, Ulriche, you could always tell her 'No'. I mean, what's to stop you?"

"You're not here twenty-four, seven. Have you ever seen the way she follows me around? In fact..." He pulled out his cell phone and caught sight of the time flashing across the clockhead, "I'm due in about four minutes and... Thirty-seven seconds."

"Well, why don't you just turn her down? I never see you actually tell her to stop chasing you." Yumi stated, almost offendingly. Ulriche looked at her and replied with a simple answer.

"It's not at all that easy to phase her."

Sure enough, three minutes and twenty-nine seconds later, Sissi just happened to stumble out of the seventh dorm hall and strut in their direction.

"Oh, Ulriche darling! I hope that you've thought about my offer? It seems that my dance has all ready made quite an impact on the student body." Indeed, a group of students passed them, all murmuring excitedly about whatever rumors they'd heard.

Just as Ulriche was opening his mouth to reply, he noticed that Yumi's eyes had caught Sissi's and they had proceeded to stare each other down. Just as sparks were beginning to shoot from one's glare to the other, a shout rung out through the air.

"Odd! There you are!" It was Sam, hurrying across the ground with a catlike smile on her face. Odd had always liked that smile. It reminded him, almost suspiciously, of his Lyoko avatar.

Sissi stood straight again and turned away, making it apparent that Herb and Nick were behind her. She smiled sappingly at Ulriche, nodded curtly to Jeremy and Odd, and flat out huffed past Yumi. Her 'boys' followed but Herb turned back and gave a small shake of his head before heading after her. Everyone stood back and let the hotheaded girl through, all too aware of the consequences of getting in her way.

"Odd, I was hoping to talk to you about... Something." Sam said as she arrived, breathless yet ecstatically happy.

"Sure Sam. Can it wait until lunch though? I mean, classes are about to start and if I don't get my morning sugar-rush, then I happen to act almost... Normal." He stated it as if it were the most horrible word ever to become part of the English language.

"Uh, yeah. Lunch; that's great." Sam stated and also turned back towards the main school, "I'll see you then." And she walked off, looking almost relieved about something.

"Well, if anything else, Sissi's done one thing that no one else has been able to do." Odd stated as they saw her stalk past a few more students, sending them almost flinging themselves into a puddle of mud.

"Oh, yeah? And what's that?" Ulriche asked as he got up from the bench and stretched.

"She's managed to strike fear into the hearts of every student, just by walking." And Ulriche found he couldn't contain himself when he broke into peals of laughter with the others.


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