The sword plunged downward and hit with a sickening thud, deep into Barry Allen's left shoulder. The older Flash had been able to twist to the side hard, moving enough to prevent the sword from striking any vital parts.

Still hurt like hell though.

Blue smiled wickedly and pulled the sword out with a hiss from Barry, the blood coming out faster with its removal.

"Oh, I missed…let me try again…"

"How about no?" Diana cracked a hard punch under Blue's jaw, sending him sprawling back, his blood covered sword slipping out of his grasp.

Barry rose unsteadily on his feet, gripping his shoulder in pain,

"Thank you Wonder Woman."

Blue lifted his hand up and shot a blue flame at Diana, "Don't thank her yet!" The flame surrounded Diana, who cried out in pain as she felt energy being taken from her and pain transferred.

"Diana!" Batman had appeared to Blue's left, a batarang held in his fist. He pulled it back with a glare and flung it at Blue.

"Nice try, Bat breath!" Blue rounded both his hand towards the Dark Knight, releasing Diana who fell onto the street, burned and unconscious. Batman glared at the speeding flames and felt two hands shove him to the side hard.

He turned as he fell away from the flames to see red and yellow being engulfed by blue and white.

The figure screamed in pure agony as the flames burnt away his flesh, his energy being pulled from him, leaving him weak kneed and gasping.

A voice cried out over the roar of the flames,


Nightwing stepped back as Flash slumped back into the med bay bed, his eyes clenched closed with pain.

"Barry!" He called out hoarsely, "NO! MALCOM! NO!" His muscles seized up and his eyes closed even tighter.

"Wally?" Nightwing asked, stepping back to stand next to J'onn.

Tears were slowly falling out of Wally's closed eyes. He whispered softly to himself.

J'onn tensed, fearing that this was his friend's last moments. He watched the screens and waited with baited breath. Nightwing was also staring at the screens,

"J'onn…are those right?"

The Martian blinked. The stats were slowly but surely returning to their normal levels. Nightwing grinned,

"He did it! Bruce did it! AH! Man, I never doubted him!" He punched the air in happiness. J'onn gave him a small smile then looked down at Wally's tears. He sensed much distress coming from the younger man. Something had happened…J'onn would have to wait for the others to return to find out.

Superman checked to see that Blue was knocked completely out as John secured him with his ring. Hawkgirl was holding Wally close to her as Batman knelt next to the prone form of his uncle.

"Is he ok?" He cried into Hawkgirl's shoulder. Batman narrowed his eyes and checked Barry's pulse,

"He'll live." Superman was helping Diana to her feet as she clutched her head.

"By the Gods…" She winced and stabilized herself.

"Wally, is there any place you go when you or your uncle are hurt?" Wally sniffed and rubbed his eye,

"Just the regular hospital…there's a doctor there who helps us."

Police sirens could now be heard, growing louder and louder by the moment. Batman stood up,

"The portal back is going to open soon." He walked over to Wally and handed him a round tablet. He then threw some rope at John to finish securing Blue to a nearby light pole.

Clark smiled at Wally, "You need to take that pill. It'll help."

"'Kay…" Wally sniffed and stood by his uncle, "Thanks for all your help." The other Leaguers nodded and started to walk away.

Wally watched them for a moment then swallowed the tablet Batman had handed to him. In a second his mind seemed to shift.

"Whoa…" He could recall what had happened…but he was unable to place any names or faces… "What…"

"Kid Flash!" Two officers came rushing up, "Are you alright? What happened here?"

Kid Flash glanced around and shrugged,

"Heh…it's a long story."

Flash was sitting up in the med bay, hugging his side and staring at the wall. Nightwing had left a few days, claiming that his city needed protecting, but Wally knew he was still angry at Bruce for some reason or another. John knocked on the open door and grinned,

"Howya feelin', kid?" He asked.

"Not too bad…in fact…well enough to leave right now…"

"Nice try hotshot, you know J'onn wants you to stay here at least until the end of the week."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…can't blame a guy for tryin' though." John smirked and laughed,

"Yeah, I can." Wally laughed with him for a moment and John turned to leave the doorway,

"Hey…John?" The Lantern turned back,


"What exactly happened to me? I mean…I know I was sick but I can't remember from what…" John glanced back at him,

"Don't worry about it, Wally." He said in a odd tone. Flash looked at him with raised eyebrows and shrugged,

"You're the fourth person to tell me that."

John laughed again, "Fourth? Then I won't be the last."

Flash rolled his eyes as John walked out of the room, spotting Batman who was standing to the side.

"How is he?"

"Fine. Bounced right back…just like he always does." He watched a slimmer of emotion flash over Batman's face. Relief.

"Good." He nodded and walked off. John shook his head and listened as he heard Flash yell out,

"Hey guys! I'm hungry!"

John smirked. It was good to have Flash back.