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Chapter 1

Quistis landed hard against the floor of her cell. Her back was bleeding and her wrists needed tending to. She had received twenty lashes this time. It must have been Friday.

Carefully she rolled onto her side and faced her back to the cell door. Down the way she could hear Selphie weeping and Rinoa hadn't spoken a word in weeks. Zell had been locked away in solitary confinement, Irvine was kept shackled to the wall at all times, and Squall had been taken away a few days ago.

Day in and day out, life was the same for the former leading officers of Balamb Garden. Balamb was no more. The world now submitted under the authority of the Galbadian government.

Quistis groaned and folded her arm under her head. Maybe this time when she fell asleep, she wouldn't wake up.

Yet she did wake up. At what time, she didn't know. The last time she had seen any hint of sunlight was when one of the guards had opened the door to the dungeon and paused for a moment. Light from the outside had reflected from his helmet to cast a momentary streak of natural illumination across the floor. Then it had disappeared as the guard stepped forward.

The former Instructor stayed awake for a few hours. There wasn't much to do but sit there in the semi-darkness and think, and even then she was running out of stuff to think about. After a while she shut her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. As long as she was unconscious, she wasn't hungry, cold, or in pain.

A few days later, two guards came to her cell. She was leaning back against the corner of the small area with her knees tucked to her chest. One guards opened the door while the other marched in and dragged her up by her wrists. She was too weak to protest it anymore. It was probably just time to get tortured again.

Instead the guards took her from the dungeon and into a bath area on the upper level. She couldn't remember the last time that she had seen the first floor. The light was so bright that she had to close her eyes, though she wanted desperately to take in what she could before she was returned to her cell.

In the bath area she was stripped of her old, dirty clothes. There wasn't much of them left by that time. Shreds of her SeeD jacket and skirt were all that remained. They were taken and promptly trashed. In the center of the room was a giant tub filled to the brim with hot water, and in the tub there stood two girls dressed in white bathing suits. The front of the suits bore the Galbadian emblem. It was the same emblem that was tattooed on the backs of their necks. The girls must have once been students at Balamb.

Quistis was transferred into the tub, taken carefully by the two girls. The water was unbelievably hot. It burned every inch of her that submerged into it, especially the open wounds on her back. Screaming hoarsely, she tensed into herself.

One of the girls stood behind the older woman and looped her arms under her shoulders. Ducking her head she whispered in an impossibly soft tone.

"It's all right...We're here to take care of you."

Both of the girls remembered Instructor Trepe quite well. It had been months since anyone had seen her, or any of the other Balamb Officers for that matter. They were only glad to have been given the privilege of cleaning the Instructor up. Later they would have to tell the others that she was still alive.

Quistis uncurled her fingers from her palms. As her body adjusted to the extreme temperature of the water she let her head fall back against the girl's shoulder.

The other girl approached with soap and sponge in hand. Her frown deepened as she took in the Instructor's haggard appearance. Quistis had once been such a beautiful woman. She was still beautiful, but now far too thin and frail. Her skin was almost white and her cheeks sunken in to an unhealthy degree.

The girls whispered softly to the feeble woman as they set about cleaning her up. Galbadia was currently traveling from Timber to Deling. Seifer had been away for months now. Neither of them knew what he was doing or why he left.

Quistis was washed twice from head to toe. They cleaned her up with soap, shampooed and conditioned her hair, then dried her off to apply anti bacterial bandages to her wounds. She was given new clothes as well: A simple pair of cotton shorts and a small grey shirt baring the Galbadian emblem. Over this she was given a knee length robe that the girls slipped on her and tied at the waist.

Once they were finished, one of the girls rang a bell by the door. The two guards came in and took Quistis, one holding each of her arms. Quistis didn't have the energy to fight or even lift her head, but at least she was clean.

She was taken all the way up to the top floor of the Garden. At the very end of the hallway there were two double doors. One of the guards stepped forward and opened them. The room on the other side was huge and extravagant like the bed that Quistis found herself laid down upon.

She didn't move, even when the guards left. The mattress was so soft and felt like it hadn't been slept in for a long time. Dull blue eyes fell shut. She could have only hoped that such nice treatment meant that they were preparing to execute her.


Seifer marched through the front gates of his Garden. Each soldier he passed saluted with clean cut precision while students stopped what they were doing and watched. The procession of soldiers behind him gripped their weapons tight, each staring straight ahead.

With a wave of his hand the Headmaster dismissed his squad and continued to the elevator. He had been away for a long time and there was one very important thing that he had told his officers to take care of for him upon his return.

Two guards stood in front of the double doors that lead to his room. Both saluted as he stopped and looked over them carefully. Then without a word he motioned them aside and pushed the doors open.

In the room he crossed immediately to the bed and stood at the foot of it. There, sleeping peacefully was the result of his request. Quistis Trepe. Instead of grinning, his expression darkened into a dangerous glare and he stormed back out of the room. Double doors slammed behind him.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" He cornered one of the guards against the wall and stood inches away from his face. The guard held his hands up and raised his eyebrows high.

"Wh-what? Just like you wanted right?"

Seifer grabbed the insolent man by the throat and dragged him into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed he pointed to the blonde woman sleeping on it.

"Look! What in Hell have you been doing to her!?" Obviously two baths was not enough to hide the effects of mistreatment and malnourishment. The guard shook his head.

"You told us what to do with 'em! We did what you said!"

Seifer constricted his hand around the guard's throat.

"I told you what to do with the others, and then I told you what to do with her. Didn't I tell you that she wasn't to be harmed?!"

The guard was given no further chance to protest before he was projected from the room and catapulted into the other guard. Both of them had lost their right to serve in Galbadia's army.

Seifer returned to the bed side and folded his hands at his back. Gazing upon his former Instructor his frown deepened. This was going to be more difficult than he thought.


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