Title: Having Seto Kaiba's Baby

Author: YkkGrl

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns the original Yu-Gi-Oh plot and everything else having to do with the original manga/anime storyline. However, Risa Imura is a property of my imagination.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

As the female students of Tsukiyama High School got ready for their hurdle race, Risa was just standing on the red starting line. Running was never her forte since she usually gets tired pretty easily. This morning, however, she felt especially drained of energy and her legs felt heavier than ever. She felt like she had swallowed an entire walrus for breakfast before she went to school. Just as the coach was about to blow the whistle to start the race, Risa felt something coming up from her stomach.

Unable to say anything without possibly ejecting her putrid contents, she tried to hold it in while waving frantically to the coach to get his attention. One of her friends, Fumi, noticed Risa," Risa-chan, are you all right?"

She shook her head in response, pointing to her full cheeks indicating that the vomit is threatening to come out any minute now.

Can't hold it in any longer. She thought, using her hands to try to catch the oncoming puke. But there was too much and the last thing she remembered hearing was someone whispering before fainting.

"Ohh." Risa groaned, trying to clear her head.

That was awful. What the hell did I eat yesterday anyway? She held her head between her arms and waited for the world to stop spinning.

"Are you finally awake?" a stern voice said.

"Huh?" Rusa muttered, unaware that somebody was sitting by her bedside. It was her mom. The woman with graying brown hair bore a furious look on her face. Her green eyes were glaring into Risa's.

Confused, Risa wondered why her normally smiling mother seemed to be so angry with her. With the intention of trying to break the tension between them, Risa smiled widely and cheerfully said," Hi, mom!"

"Don't you 'hi mom' me! Is this how I raised you, you little whore?!" she yelled, backhanding her hard across the cheeks.

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry, mom! I meant, good afternoon mom!" Risa panicked, hiding under the covers for protection against the assault.

Inside her heart, her mother was suddenly reminded of all the times, she did this: hide under the blankets, hoping that all the bad things would go away. All those times, she hugger her daughter tightly against her chest and absorbed her tears with the fabric of her shirt. But not anymore, after all those times of teaching her right from wrong, she knew now she had failed miserably.

While Ms. Imura was thinking about how she had gone wrong, Risa blinked and looked up at her mom behind her blankets.

"What's going on?" she hesitantly asked.

Just then the bedroom door banged open, her always hard-working father was standing there .....with a suitcase. Risa's heart pounded heavily against her chest. Is dad moving out? Is that why mom's so sad right now?

Risa knew that she hasn't fully regained most of her strength back, she still got up from the bed, which resulted in a painful and blinding experience.

"AGGGHHHH!!!!!!" she screamed.

As she clutched her head in pain, her mom's expression changed immediately from furious to concern. But no matter how much his daughter was seemingly hurting, her father wouldn't care. She had chosen to try to taint his polished and clean image so he so much as show any sign of concern for her.

Risa didn't care nor did she know, she was just in so much pain. Her vision was impaired temporarily and all she could see was blurred outlines of her parents. From her mouth unleashed the most horrible blood-curdling scream. Her body felt so weak and it was shaking violently. It was starting to lose all feelings now but she could feel someone holding her tightly.

She could hear someone scream,"Risa! Are you all right?! Talk to me!"


Risa slowly embraced her sobbing mom, the pain quickly diminishing from her body. She breathed in and out heavily and sweat broke out all over. "What.....was that?"

To Domino City

I can't believe this! I'm pregnant? How can I be pregnant! I never even kissed anyone before! But that's what mom and dad said. They said after I fainted in school today, the nursed called them and told them. There must be some kind of mistake but they didn't even bother listening to what I had to say. All they did was told me to pack up my things and said that I'm a whore.

Risa reached up to wipe away a single tear sliding down her cheek and sniffled as quietly as she could. She couldn't believe how everything came to this. Just yesterday, she was content with just about everything in her life. She had great friends, average grades, had fun embarrassing her little brother, praise from the captain of the fencing team and now she had to give up all that away? What exactly did she do to deserve this?

Risa stopped pondering and looked at the view outside of the airplane, the very high view which was stirring the contents of her stomach. She quickly looked away from the view to avoid giving the passenger beside her an unexpected 'surprise.' Sighing, she quickly started to think about her family.

I wonder if my otouto-chan is starting to miss me? That little brat is so annoying! But....I am going to miss laughing in his face when I beat him at video games. At least, I know mom is going to miss me.

Looking to the passenger beside her, she saw that the old man in a gray business suit was sleeping. She slowly stuck her fingers in her pocket, all the while keeping an eye on the snoring man, and produced a red cloth. She rubbed the silky material together and could feel the 10, 000 yen that her mom secretly gave her when her dad wasn't looking. She remembered how her mom looked when she gave her the money, she could see her sadness in her green eyes. The same eyes that Risa, herself, inherited from her mom.

Her eyes also told her, it wasn't her idea of sending her to Domino City to live with her aunt.

Later that night, all the passengers were sound asleep, wearing earmuffs to muffle the roaring engines of the airplane and the snoring of others. Ths sky blue blankets over their weary bodies and their heads on a comfortable square pillow. Every child, adult, teenager was contently whisking away in dreamland, all except Risa.

Risa was lost in her dream, trying to find her way around large maze-like corridors. Pratically every wall was covered in strange carvings of creatures and people of all kinds. Risa was wearily walking down many halls and trying to find someone to guide her the way home. Unfortunately for her, the only people she could find held sharp and dangerous looking weapons. Who knows whether they're friendly or not. The auburn-haired girl wasn't about to find out. After all, as they say, curiousity did killed the cat.

Just as she was about to collapse from exhaustion, Risa could hear the inaudible voices of two people. It came from one of the heavy doors closest to her. Risa, wanting to make out what they were saying, pressed her ear against it. Big mistake! She could feel herself leaning and falling right through the door!

She couldn't comprehend what happened just now; did she just phased through the door or something? She looked at the door and saw that it was indeed closed. So it was never opened by her and she was just trying to see if she could hear what they were saying. Oh, Kami-sama! I'm a ghost!

As soon as she recovered from that shock, she realized, she was in the same room with the two people, both of them hidden by shadows now. Risa quickly got up and brushed herself off. She looked around her new surroundings now, noticing how beautifully decorated the room was. Gold trimmings around the ceilings, white linen curtains hanging off a luxiourous canopy bed and there were two people sitting on the sheets!

She could hear what they were saying and blushed at the fact that she was interrupting two peoples' union.

"Uh um! Sorry! I didn't mean to stumble in here! Honest! It's just that I'm lost and if any of you two could possibly help me?" Risa said, nervously tweedling her fingers.

Risa didn't know whether she should be relieved or annoyed; they were ignoring her! I heard that lovers can be very into each other but this is ridiculous. Aren't they angry that somebody else in here while they're canoodling?

The two people didn't even seem to be aware of her presence at all. Well as long as they don't notice me, might as well just get out of here.

"I have something I must tell you," the female said softly.

Risa started to walk towards the door but stopped when the woman hesitantly said," I'm pregnant with your child." Risa and the man hidden by the shadows of the dark room, both gasped at the same time. "What?! She's pregnant, too?" Risa exclaimed. What does this mean? This is a dream, isn't it? This must be. haha I mean, I'm able to pass through doors so that means it is.

The familiar searing pain rose in her body once again. Risa crouched down on the hard floor and clutched her stomach.

"AAHHHH!!!! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!" she screamed. The pain was unbearable. She couldn't stand it anymore!

"AAAAAHHH!!!!!" she continued to scream.

She wok up to the darkness of the airplane and to the snoring of the other passengers and the low rumbling of the engines after taking off her violet fluffy earmuffs. She wiped at her sweaty brow with the back of her hand and brushed a strand of hair stuck to her wet forehead. She opened the window shield to show the rising of the early sun. Five hours from now, she would be living in a new house and start a new life.

Taking care of a baby, whose father I don't even know. She thought, rubbing her yet-to-be-round stomach.

At Kaiba's Mansion

Seto Kaiba breathed heavily as he ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. He had that same dream yet again but this time, he could hear someone screaming bloody hell. It was all so real. Why did he keep having this same dream over and over again?

Who was the girl in the dreams? And why was the dream so different this time?

A/N: Okay, this is my new fanfiction and it's my first SKxOC. It's very different than most SKxOC fics and I will try to keep him in character. Just tell me what you think please. It's a serious stories yet there are few humorous scenes as well as romantic scenes.