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Sennen Item (Millennium Item)

Chapter 4: Crazy Nurses, Chance Meeting and Internal Conflicts

"There's nothing like starting the morning by getting slapped by a PMSing girl, right Ryou?" Jounouchi said jokingly.

Ryou just blushed and turned away from everyone's gazes. Before they left the hospital, Risa had slapped Ryou across the face, which left a visible red hand mark. While Honda snickered at Jounouchi's little joke, Ryou's normally innocent brown eyes narrowed to look angry and full of hate. He touched where he had been slapped and growled, Can't believe Astarte just slapped me like that.

"Ryou? Ryou?" Yugi said, trying to get his attention. Ryou's eyes returned to normal, then he turned to smile at Yugi.

"Hai, Yugi-kun?" he said.

"I just wanted to see if you were okay. That looked like it hurt," Yugi said. Even Yugi couldn't resist letting out a slight chuckle at what happened. Ryou's other self in the Sennen Ring didn't seem to think that it was funny. In fact, he wanted to take over his host's body and pulverize the 'Pharaoh's pet' as he would put it. He still remembered how Astarte felt about the Pharaoh 5000 years ago. Still, he had to grit his teeth and try to remain calm.

As the five of the friends walked through the city park to get to their dwellings, Anzu, who was in front of the whole group suddenly stopped. The other four guys looked confused at her.

"What's wrong, Anzu? Is someone following us?" Jou asked, looking at the bushes as if someone would leap out at them.

"Hmm...Well, I just wondered..." she said, putting her fingers to her chin.

"Yeah?" Honda pressured her to continue.

"I just wondered if Imura-san was right," she said, looking back at Ryou. He jumped a bit now that he saw that Anzu seemed to be scrutinizing him.

"Right about...?" Yugi said.

"Ryou, you didn't really steal her first kiss, did you?" she asked.

"NO!" he yelled at once, surprising all of the bird of their trees. He directed his stare down at the ground now, "Actually...It wasn't really me. Well, I did find my tongue inside of her mouth..."

"It's your other half, wasn't it?" Yugi said at once.

Ryou nodded and said,"It's possible but he's never really expressed a liking for any girl before. I'd never imagine that he like Imura-san."

At the Domino City Hospital, Risa suddenly sneezed. She wiped her nose with a tissue, wondering if someone was talking about her. She sat patiently in her bed while her Aunt Sui was outside talking to the doctor. The nurse had just pulled up the curtains of the window so Risa was free to watch some birds flying and twittering about. She would much rather pay attention to this than the television, which was only for videos. There weren't much videos to watch anyway.

"It's a nice day outside, isn't it?" a nurse said cheerfully.

Risa just looked at her and nodded. She didn't feel like talking with anybody at the moment. The young nurse seemed to be an intern, for she seemed to be twenty-four years old or younger. Since Risa had been admitted into the hospital, the nurse had been trying to make Risa as comfortable as she possibly could. She always has a smile plastered on her face, straight blond hair and brown eyes.

"While your aunt's talking with the doctor, why don't you and I go for a little walk outside?" she said, smiling.

"Uhh...That would be pretty hard considering that I can't walk without screaming in pain," Risa said sarcastically.

This simple statement didn't hurt the nurse. She just turned to the door, opened it and pushed an empty wheelchair into the room. "You can just sit on this while I wheel you around," she said, pointing to the empty seat.

"Err...No thanks. My aunt's going to be back any minute anyway and take me home," Risa said, looking outside of the window again.

"Come on! It'll be fun!" the nurse exclaimed cheerfully. Before Risa could reply, the spontaneous nurse lifted her from the bed and placed her on the brown seat of the wheelchair. Risa protested while trying to get down from the seat, holding onto the white bed sheets as the nurse was gearing up to push the wheelchair out to the hallway.

"HEY! LET ME GO! Please, Nurse..." Risa trailed, since she realized that she never learned the crazy nurse's name.

"I'm Nurse Miiko Momochi at your service!" she replied, pushing the Risa faster than she should've. Risa was gripping onto the metal bars of the wheelchair, praying for her life. She closed her eyes since the speedy rate of the wheelchair made everything in her sight blurry. She was sure that she was going to throw up at any moment. Her hands reached back to dislodge the nurse's grip on the wheelchair in hopes that it would stop this crazy ride.

"HELP!!!!!" Risa screamed.

Anybody in their way, jumped aside and shouted profanities after Risa and the speedy maniac of a nurse. The bed sheets that Risa was still holding onto trailed behind them, tripping any unsuspecting fool. Another nurse quickly called security so they could try to save Risa. They were almost to the entrance of the hospital now, the white doors was way ahead of them. Risa curled up into a ball so she couldn't get hurt much. Her arms were hugging her legs against her chest and her head was hidden behind her legs.

Security was finally able to take hold of Nurse Miiko but the moment that her grip on the wheelchair loosened. The wheelchair jerked forward and Risa's entire body flew from the seat into somebody's arms. Shaken up, Risa shivered in his arms and whimpered quietly. She weakly leaned against the person's chest and breathed in slowly.

Before the nurse was caught, Seto Kaiba was opening the front door of the hospital. He was there to visit his little brother, Mokuba, who had to have surgery on his knee the night before. He certainly didn't expect to have a sixteen-year-old girl to fall into his arms. As he looked down at the auburn-haired girl, he saw that her brilliant green eyes stared up at him as well. Although, they weren't really staring because they were in a daze.

Her eyesight was getting worse by the minute, she reached out a hand to see if she hallucinating or not. Her fingertips were about to touch his chin when he drew back from her touch as if he was disgusted at her.

"Seth..." she said before fainting from exhaustion.

"Astarte, why are you avoiding me?!" Seth demanded.

He spun her around by her shoulders so she could face him. Astarte just kept on kneading the dough, not looking at his face, which irked him greatly. To him, it seemed as though she would rather look at dough then at him. She knew better than to anger the high priest with a mighty temper, but she was just so busy. He wouldn't understand though, he was too busy being jealous as usual.

"You wouldn't ignore me if I was the Pharaoh," he said simply.

There were hints of jealousy in the simple statement. The false accusation surprised and angered Astarte.

Just because I don't look at him or see him for three days, he accuses me of being unfaithful.

"Forgive me, High Priest," she said in a restrained voice. "Tomorrow is the banquet day so I have have no time for your crap," she said, turning around from his gaze.

"Why not just tell me that he's bedding you? That would waste less of your time."

That did it.

"Would you please stop it with these false accusations?! My affections aren't for the Pharaoh!" she yelled, biting on her bottom lip to restrain her tears.

I don't understand how he couldn't trust me when I've trusted him plenty of times? Especially when he was near those half-naked dancer girls or when he held the naked Kisara!

"I already love you! I don't understand why you act so jealous whenever I'm beckoned to Pharaoh Atem. I am after all, one of his faithful servants," she cried, no longer able to stop the waterworks.

A single tear fell into the dough, which was supposed to be baked into a loaf of bread. Some servants came into the kitchen to help Astarte bake the loaves of bread. At the scene before them, they deduced that they came at a wrong time. Immediately, they bowed before Seth and muttered,"I beg your forgiveness, High Priest. We did not know that you two were busy. We'll be on our way."

They hurriedly filed out of the kitchen, some of the nosy servants were even brave enough to look back at the scene. Seth's ice-blue glare scared them away.

"Astarte," Seth whispered. He walked closer to her, reaching out to touch a lock of her auburn hair. As soon as he did that, Astarte drew her head back and glared at him with her bright green eyes.

"Stay away from me until you've learned how to control your jealousy," she said, tears still filling her eyes.

Someone was stroking her hair back from her forehead, causing Risa to awake and peering into her Aunt's blue-gray eyes. Sui smiled gently at Risa as if telling her that everything was all right. Risa rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as her new surroundings came into view. She was in a room where the wallpaper was the color of a very pale blue. She had slept in a bed full of stuffed animals, her pillows were of faded blue and the bedspread was fading gray with specks of white. The room was almost empty except for a closet, a dresser, a bed and a huge mirror near a window.

This was the same room that Risa stayed when she was ten-years-old during a vacation with her little brother, Shoji. It had changed quite a bit. For one thing, there weren't toys cluttered all over the floor. When she had stayed there, she and Shoji always threw toys in any random spot, not bothering to store any of them in a proper place.

"Aunt Sui," Risa began. "What happened? How come I'm not in the hospital anymore?"

"Well, after that crazy nurse decided to let go of the wheelchair, you were about to crash headfirst into one of the front doors. Luckily, a young man caught you before you could get a concussion," Sui said.

"Ooh...I feel lousy," Risa said, getting up from the bed. In an instant, she ran into the bathroom down the hall. Sui sighed as she heard the retching sounds coming from the bathroom.

Later that afternoon

"Aunt Sui, I want to apply today! I'm not going to sit around the house so I could be bored to death." Risa said stubbornly.

"You're such a weird girl, Risa. Most girls would love to skip school a couple of days," Sui said.

"Most girls aren't in my situation! Most girls in all of the world never has a baby without having sex or having a sperm insemination or something like that! I've never done any of those things!" she snapped.

Even though, Sui was one of Risa's favorite people in the world. She couldn't help but snapping at anybody who comes in her path. Who could really blame the unfortunate girl for acting like a crabby old lady lately? Usually, Risa would be in smiles, awaiting the day of hanging out with her friends, practicing her fencing techniques, making her parents happy and teasing her little brother. She liked it when her life was organized like a schedule. Now that her life was in disarray, she felt as if she was lost in a foggy day.

"Life sucks," she muttered, banging her head against the cool glass window.

"You'll get a concussion if you keep doing that, Risa-chan," Sui warned.

Risa, childishly, stuck her tongue out at her aunt. Sui just giggled at the silly act that her only niece was displaying.

"Can we just go register today so I could go to school tomorrow? Maybe they have a fencing team that I could join..." she muttered weakly.

"It'll be good for you to stay home until your feet heals. You can't walk wit-"

"Without screaming in pain. Yes, I know. Thank you, Aunt Sui for reminding me of how useless I am right now," Risa said resentfully.

"Now you know that I didn't mean it like that!" Sui said, shocked that Risa would suggest such a thing.

"Really?! I was under the impression that you only accepted me because you pitied me!" Risa yelled. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She couldn't keep in her sorrows as well as she planned. "For your information, even if I can't join a fencing team right now. I could still walk to school with those crutches that the damn doctor gave me! Don't treat me like a baby just because you've been lonely for the past six years!"

Sui froze at those words, then furrowed her eyebrows. Risa realized that she had hit below the belt, so to speak, but she didn't care that her aunt was in pain. Without saying a word to her, Sui got up from the couch and walked out of the front door. Risa just stared boredly after her aunt and lay down on the couch to take a nap.

Four hours later, Risa could feel a slight pressure settling on the couch. She rubbed her eyes to see who it was, but before she could get up. Something was being shoved to her chest.

"Here is the school uniform, Risa-chan. You can start school first thing tomorrow morning. So you'd better sleep early tonight or you'll be late for school tomorrow. Dinner's in the microwave. Also, I'll be driving you to Domino High so you'll know how to get there in the future," Sui said, walking away to her bedroom.

Okay, I should've shut my big fat mouth this afternoon. she thought as she heard the door slam behind her aunt.

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