Warnings: Yaoi/yuri (male/male, female/female), lemons, descriptive scenes that might not be suitable for children. (always wanted to say that)

Rating: R

Pairings: Kai/Rei, Li/Kevin (Hinted), Tyson/Max, Tala/Bryan.

Summary: Kai's dreams are getting more frequent, lustier, and more violent. But are they really just dreams, or is his subconscious trying to tell him something more? Waking to fresh wounds each time, the Bladebreakers are beginning to wonder, and when they finally do realize what's going on, will it be too late?

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Passion and emotion...


Desire and intimacy...


Urgency and friction...


Pain and pleasure...

Nails raked his shoulders, teeth clamping on his neck, euphoric release closing him in...


Brought out of his dreams, crimson eyes snap open, breath heavy with exhaustion. His throat was thick with unspoken screams.

Kai slowly sat up, trying to urge his senses to calm down. It had seemed all too real to him, too real to be a dream, yet here he was, alone in his own bed and aroused beyond hell. He should have known it wouldn't be that easy. It was too perfect.

The sunlight was barely getting through the curtains of his window, and he knew it had to be close to dawn. Around these early hours was when the house was at its quietest, and Kai enjoyed every moment.

Deciding he'd had enough sleep, he quickly got out of his bed. He would need an icy cold shower, a good head pounding on a random, hard object and a few aspirins to get those fleeting images of his teammate out of his mind. He usually tried to avoid self-harm, but it did cure a lot of his mental stresses.

Lately, Rei had become a constant stress.

As his feet touched the floor there was a hesitant knock on his bedroom door. He was still sitting on the bed, so he made sure a corner of the blanket covered his lap.

"Who is it?" he called out in an irritated voice, scowl sliding into place on his face.


The Russian's posture stiffened slightly as the voice in his dream called out to him in reality. Kai was relieved the door was shut. He wasn't ready to face the other after his intense dream. Not really trusting his voice to speak properly, he ignored the worried call and headed to his dresser to retrieve a fresh pair of clothes.

"I thought I heard you calling out." A pause. "Are you... alright?"

Kai stood, clothes in his arms, facing the door, making his voice as harsh as he could. All that came out was a strangled whisper, so he cleared his throat and tried again. "I'm fine!" He hadn't meant to shout it, and it was probably a bit harsher than he'd wanted. He made a mental note to apologize to him later for it.

There was a long silence, and if Kai hadn't known better he'd have thought that Rei had left, but the polite Chinese blader wouldn't go without at least saying goodbye.

"Can I come in?" The voice was full of worry. Kai knew Rei wouldn't buy it. Damn wishful thinking.

Silently, Kai walked over to the door, dressed in only his boxers and hugging his clothes tightly to his chest. He didn't want to face him, but he had to in order to get him convinced. He'd watched him enough to know what got Rei's attention, what convinced him. Kai also knew what buttons to push to annoy him. Leaning against a wall and observing everything instead of being a chatterbox idiot – like some people he knew – had its perks.

He supposes that his grandfather was responsible for that. And he was grateful, truly grateful, that he'd learned most of those lessons. What he wasn't grateful for, were the beatings rape and torture that went with most those lessons.

Kai opened the door that led to the hallway, but only enough so as to poke his head out. The rest of his body was hidden behind the door except for a small trail of skin on his chest. It was a good thing considering the sight that met his eyes.

Rei only had a pair of those black, Chinese Capri's on. It was the ONLY thing he had on. Shirtless and shoeless, it was like the boy in front of him had just walked out of his dream and into reality. Sun-kissed skin was stretched snugly over a firm, well-built frame. His body was shaped by years of martial arts, beyblading, and agility. His shiny black hair was out of its wrap and almost seemed to shimmer as it flowed down his back, stopping inches above the floor. Kai had an insane urge to grab it, run his hands through it, and breathe in the scent of Rei's shampoo...


Overly romanticizing, Kai mentally shook himself out of his stupor and feigned an indifferent expression.

"See?" he said in a bored fashion, though he highly doubted he could ever be bored of Rei. "I'm fine. Will you let me go take my shower now?" He really needed that shower. By the second his boxers were shrinking.

Blushing, Rei gave a nod. "Sorry. You can go."

Kai nodded silently. "Go wake up Max and Tyson. Training begins in an hour."

Again, Rei nodded and ran off. An hour was how long it would take to get their garbage disposal of a champion to wake up. They had gone to some rather strange and unusual lengths to get him up, and Kai was in no mood to put up with it.

Closing his door, Kai made his way to a different one, this time leading to the bathroom. Mr. Dickenson managed to save the master bedroom on the second floor of the house for him when they first moved in. "Captain Privileges." The house was bought for them, as a gift for winning all of their tournaments, fundraisers, and whatnot. It wasn't too bad. There were four rooms – Tyson and Max shared to save space – a kitchen, dining room, living room, three bathrooms, and a huge basement with a tournament-sized bey-stadium to practice. He should make them train outside as well.

It was getting too cold outside for the team to practice, even though he could withstand the sub-zero temperature, so they had to practice inside. Growing up in Russia was just fine, so he would every once in a while go out and train in the cold. He didn't know why they couldn't just suck it up. Oh, right, Rei had convinced him not too.

That name brought back the image of him from a few seconds ago, and Kai stopped to mentally drool over the other's physique. It brought a burning fire to his loins, determination in his crimson eyes. He somehow had to make Rei his.

From what he had seen of Mariah, Rei only kept rejecting her, telling her he loved her only as a little sister. The biggest hint that they were over was when Rei had set Mariah up with another... girl? Kai had no idea she swung that way. And since Kevin and Li were already together, well... that left Rei open for the taking.

Looking out the window, he could see that it was starting to snow. Winter would have to be his favorite season. It was cold, and often the skies would dull into a grey blanket over the city. The trees would be bare, the wind chilling everyone out. It was the season most resembling himself. He was a hunk of ice to his teammates, carved into the figure of a human.

His sculptor was right about one thing, though. An ice bastard such as himself would be no more himself if he were to melt from the heat and passion of love. Dranzer was his companion and his friend, but there was no heat, no passion to her flames, and he remained solid. She was just his friend, partner. He trusted her with his life. But Rei...

Rei was like him, only carved from the sun. He was warm, skin perfectly tanned from working in the fields in his hometown in China. And his eyes outdid the sun, a magnificent gold, bright enough to put all else to shame.

Kai couldn't help but fall for his exact opposite. Like the bandanna Rei wore all the time, they were the same, yet different, true yin and yang. He was drawn to his flame. Sooner or later he was going to melt and tell Rei everything. But not now; he wasn't ready. All he could do was make up the events leading to it; like taking him on a date.

Kai snorted, putting his clothes on the countertop. A date... get real...

Setting the water's temperature, he got rid of his shorts and stepped into the shower, letting the drops rain over his chest and stomach. This felt nice, and his tense posture relaxed. He thought he'd get more pleasure if he turned around.

As the water hit his back, pain flared, almost making him cry out, and he quickly turned back around, stumbling out of the tub. Curious as to why he had just almost screamed his lungs out, Kai looked in the mirror above the sink and counter. There was nothing wrong with his front... He turned around and did manage to squeeze out a small gasp.

On his shoulder blades were deep scratches. There were a total of ten marks, almost mirroring each other. They were rough, jagged, and still bleeding. What looked to be a bite wound, something he couldn't remember being there before, graced his pale neck.


"Kai!" Nails dug deep into his back, teeth clamping over his neck.


Kai's eyes went wide.

"What the fuck?"


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