I Know We're Gonna Be All Right

"I'm pregnant."

Michael froze. When he'd asked Liz why she'd been avoiding him for the past few weeks…

Well, he hadn't expected an answer like that.

Coming back to reality, he saw Liz was biting her lip like she only did when she was almost insanely nervous. Her hands were clenched together in her lap and she was looking anywhere but at him.

Okay, Mikie, he told himself. Take a deep breath and don't make an ass out of yourself.

"How long?" he croaked out. He wasn't going to ask her if she was sure – this was Liz Parker, she wouldn't say something like this unless she was sure. He also wasn't going to ask her if it was his – one, he knew she wouldn't lie to him about her relationship with Max being over, and two, she definitely would be way more anxious if it was his.

"You remember when we…" She blushed. "In the cave, three months ago?"

His own face heated at the memory. "I remember," he mumbled warmly. It had been the first time they'd gone that far. Since then, time constraints, keeping their relationship a secret from both her parents and their friends, and finals at school had kept them from being together so intimately more than a handful of times in the interim.

And the past three weeks she'd been avoiding him like the plague.

Taking in the content expression on his face, she smiled, a small, almost nonexistent smile. "I…I think it was then," she said. "Um…the doctor says I'm almost three months along, so…"

Michael chuckled and shook his head. Irony is a bitch goddess. "How cliché is that?" he asked wryly.

Liz gave him an unfathomable look.

"The first time we had sex, you got pregnant," he clarified. "We're like a walking after school special."

That coaxed a reluctant grin from her lips. "I guess you're right," she said.

But the inherent seriousness of the situation was too much for them to be derailed by the humor which skewed it for too long, and they both sobered.

"Are you…okay with this?" Michael asked. "I mean, do you want this?" He was terrified that she'd say no. Both because, though he'd never really given it much thought before, he wanted kids – her kids – and because if she was almost into her second trimester, an abortion wouldn't be either safe or legal.

Okay, so he occasionally listened in class, especially when it was Sex Ed.

"I…I do," she stuttered, then, more firmly, "I want this baby, Michael." Determination flared in her normally soft brown eyes. "And I'll raise it without you if I have to."

There's my girl – even half scared out of your mind, you're still as stubborn as ever, Michael thought knowingly. "You won't have to," he assured her, reaching out with one hand to draw her near. "I'll always be here for you, Liz," he promised her, bending down to place a chaste kiss on her forehead.

She sighed happily. "I know, Michael. I know."

Long moments later, Michael finally roused himself from his complacency to ask, "So, what do you think of the name Alf for a boy?"

Liz pulled back from his arms. Giving him an incredulous look, she made a sound of disbelief at the maniacal grin on his face, before a smile bloomed on her own. Grabbing a nearby pillow, she smacked him with it. "What do you think about not getting any until the baby's born?" she demanded.

"I think that's one promise you'd never manage to keep," Michael replied, before tumbling her back on his bed and proceeding to tickle her.

As her giggles and entreaties to stop met his ears, Michael smiled. They'd be okay. Even if the kid was born with green scales, four eyes and tentacles…

It would be theirs. Just like she was his, and he was hers.

They'd be all right.