this fanfic supports stupidity and randomness. If you hate either, then you shouldn't bother reading this fanifc. If not, enjoy.

It was another fine day for the Straw Hat Pirates. They docked onto an island called Toasty Island, which was famous for its toast products. They had nearly everything that had to do with toast. They had toasty tanning beds, toasty French fries, toasty sandwiches, and tasty toasty ice cream (don't ask how). Nami was stealing money, jewelry, and toast from the villagers. Ussop was telling lies to the villagers on how he was a famous pirate captain who was feared by many. Zoro was sleeping on deck, waiting for the others to return. Sanji was watching how the villagers make toast so he could try their technique. Luffy, on the other hand, was eating all the toast he could find. While he was walking around with a mouth full of toast, he saw a souvenir stand that was selling genuine Toasty Island toasters. The salesman saw Luffy and said, "Greetings friend, I'm a souvenir salesman. How would you like to buy a cursed... I mean, genuine Toasty Island toaster? Only one berry!" Luffy smiled, "Is that all? One berry? Sure! I'll take one!" Luffy handed the salesman the berry while he handed Luffy the toaster. It was a golden toaster, which had wing markings on the side. It had a whole in the front (which is where the lever you pull is) that seemed big enough to shot out toast.

Luffy walked back to the Going Merry, greeted Zoro, and called back his crew. They set sail and left Toasty Island with a fresh supply of toast. Luffy tried to turn on the toaster a few minutes later, which only resulted smoke to pop out from the top and made his face black of ashes and burnt toast. Luffy was angry that the toaster didn't work, so he asked Ussop why it didn't it worked. Being a mechanic, Ussop replied, "Well captain, we don't have any electricity on this ship, so your toaster will never work..." Luffy was mad! His face turned red, his eyes bulged out, and his muscles bulged with anger. He went on deck, threw the toaster into the ocean, and said bad words to it.

Ussop, who saw Luffy's stress and decided to taunt him. He told the straw-hat captain, "You shouldn't have done that Luffy. Now, the flying toasters will come and shoot toast at us. They'll sink the ship, let you drown, and take all the fair maidens away from the Going Merry, which the only one here is Nami!" Luffy stared at Ussop with disbelief. He told him, "Ussop, out of all the lies that you ever told me, this one must be your saddest attempt yet." He left for the kitchen room to get some snacks, unaware of the spy that was flying over his head.

The spy flew to Toasty Island, which zipped across a few miles inland and went into a cave. It then flew into a maze of stalagmites and stalactites. It eventually reached a secret headquarters and reported what he saw. "He threw the whole toaster in! The whole thing! We must stop him master!" the mysterious spy told the dark figure in the shadows. "Sooo... these pirates dare to disrespect a toaster, ey? Well, we'll teach them a lesson. Send out the first wave of soldiers, we must attack before they harm anymore toasters," the dark figure told his "soldiers." "We attack NOW!"

What's in store for our hero, Luffy? Who is this mysterious figure? And how is toasty ice cream still cold? Find out in Chapter 2