Sorry to all the fans of this fanfic that I wrote since November. I had to do other stuff at the time, like projects, practicing art, and watching Fighting Foodons Reruns. Now, I have the time to do all the stuff I want in the world. So… TO THE FIC!

(Don't thank the sky for the new chapter. A fan, Katt-Swann, reminded me that this still existed and I needed to finish it. Also, the whole Nami X Toaster thing was all a huge joke my friend Jacob and I made up, but I'm not doing it in the fic anymore.)

From where we last spotted our heroes, they lost their boat and are now floating on a piece of the boat that broken off. The gang had beards and sideburns for no odd reason. "How long have we been at sea Zoro?" Luffy asks as he scratches his beard. "It seems like we've been at sea for months." Zoro looks at his watch (conveniently strapped to his wrist) and tells him, "Actually, we've been at sea for only twenty minutes." Ussop asks, "Then how'd we get these beards?" "Ebay."

After they drifted to Toasty Island, they went around the place to ask if anyone would lend them a boat. No one on the island wanted to help, since they were pirates. Instead, the innocent civilians ran around screaming like the stupid idiots they are. When the gang was thinking all hope was lost, Luffy tripped on merchandise and a guy yelled, "Hey! That's my merchandise, you fool!" Luffy turned to apologize, when he saw it was the salesman who sold him the bad toaster in the first place. "Hey! You're the guy who gave me the bad toaster! Give me back the one berry I gave you back!" "Sure," says the salesman. "I'll do that, as long as you didn't break it."

"Actually…" Luffy and gang explained everything that happened in the last two chapters to the salesman, who grew frightened as he heard that flying toasters attacked Luffy's crew. "YOU FOOL! You're cursed!" the salesman yells as he ran for his life. As the guy ran, he screamed, "THESE HEATHENS ACTUALLY DROPPED A TOASTER IN THE SEA! RUN FOR IT!" At the notice of the words, everyone ran to their houses and shut the doors, shielding themselves from the gang.

Luffy and crew then were confused, but continued to search for help to save Nami.

In a mysterious cave place…

Nami was tied up in chains as the toasters were guarding her cage. Meanwhile, two figures were talking about what to do with her. "We could just sell her as a slave or something…" "Nah. Too much hassle. Let's wait for her other toaster-hating friends to come, so we can collect the bounty on their heads." "Why? There's no bounty on their heads." "Oh yeah?" One of the guys pulls out a list of bounties that he was holding. He pointed to Luffy's bounty as he smiled with greed. "We should wait. What's the rush? Let's toy with them first…"

Who is this mysterious force? Why do they have Nami? Is running and screaming really necessary when frightened? Wait until the next chapter of this fic.