(A/N- Just a 100 word drabble. And my first Harry Potter Ficlet... God, I love Ron/Hermione. Don't ask where this came from, because inspiration hits in the oddest places... like whilst straightening my hair :P)

CopyRight- My drab, JK's EVERYTHING ELSE

:::Your Liking:::

As Ron sat finishing his pumpkin juice, he noticed Hermione sit next to him nervously. Looking up at her he choked on his last mouthful.

Where a mound of curls usually sat, sleek hair bow adorned the muggle-born's head.

"Something wrong?" She snipped, suddenly wishing she stayed in the dormitory.

"No It looks... well good." Bloody brilliant.

Raising her brow, she pointed at the juice now trailing down his robes.

"It... its just not you, Hermione." My Hermione.

"Well, I'm sorry its not to your liking, Ronald." She scowled, feigning coldness.

But Hermione never let Ginny straighten her hair again.

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