OK Everyone... After working on the same story for almost a year I think I am ready to try something a little different...This story is an AU...Karen and Dan are married and have been for 14 years. They have 3 children together, Chris and Kaylee who are 14 year old twins and then Lucas who is 16 like in the show...Lucas however does not live w/ them and you will soon see why. They also have 16 year old Nathan...He does live w/ them and has since Deb died when he was 9...And that is all you are getting unless you read on...

Karen, Nathan, Chris and Kaylee all walk in the back door of the house with their hands full of groceries.

Chris: I am going to check my e-mail. (Starts to head out of the room.)

Karen: Chris lunch will be ready in a half hour.

Chris: OK.

(Nathan picked up the phone and started to dial.)

Karen: (Karen shook her had as all the bags just got set in the middle of the floor and both boys ran.) Kaylee, sweetie, you want to put this stuff away while I get going on sandwiches?

Kaylee: Sure mom. Do you think I can go over to to Braiden's after we eat.

N: (Covering the mouthpiece on the phone.) NO!

(Karen and her daughter both turned around looking surprised at his response.)

Kaylee: (Looking angry.) I didn't ask you, I was asking mom. Why do you care anyway?

N: Because I don't like the kid. I don't trust him.

Kaylee: Well then it is a good thing that YOU are not dating him huh?

N: I mean it Kaylee, you don't need to go over there. Are his parents going to be there?

Kaylee: Since when did you turn into Dad? Mom, tell him that it is none of his business.

Karen: (Feeling the tension in the room begin to rise and not really wanting to deal w/ another fight about the same subject.) Nathan, I think I can take care of this.

N: Mom, you don't know the way that he acts at school. She should not be hanging out w/ him and the whole dating him thing...

Kay: (Raising her voice.) Nathan, like you have any room to talk. Look at the sluts that you date...

Karen: KAYLEE!

Kay: What?! It's true! I'm sure that is one of them on the phone right now.

Karen: You don't need to be talking like that.

N: Yeah, I think that you should have to stay home for that comment.

Kay: Fine if I have to stay home for THAT, then you should get grounded. (Kaylee got satisfaction when she saw the look on her older brother's face because he realized where she was going w/ that. She knew that he would be mad at her for bringing it up, but at that moment he was being a jerk to her and she didn't care if he was mad. While Karen was putting the bacon in the pan and had her back to the fighting teens Nathan tried to shake his head to let her know not to go there, but it was too late, Karen turned around w/ a questioning look on her face.) Hey mom why don't you ask your darling son what time he got in last night? I was getting a drink of water at about...

Karen: (cutting her off) Kaylee, it's not nice getting others in trouble.

N: Yeah!

Ka: (Looking at Nathan) And I think that I can handle telling your sister where she can and can not go. (Looking back at her daughter) Apologize to your brother for telling him that he dates sl...apologize for insulting his taste in girlfriends.

Kay: ME! What about him? He is the one that is not minding his own business.

Karen: If you want to go to Braiden's you will apologize.

Kay: Fine. Sorry.

N: That did not sound very convincing.

Kar: Don't push it Nathan. Don't you have someone on the phone?

N: Yeah, but I still don't think...

Kar: Nathan, talk on the phone.

N: Fine. (Taking his hand off the receiver and starting to talk into it.) OK, I'm back.

Kar: Kaylee you can go if his parents are going to be there.

Kay: Mom you are saying that because of what Nathan said. (She turned and stuck her tougue out at the smiling Nathan who was obviously more interested in seeing how his mom dealt w/ the situation then the person who was on the phone.)

Kar: Stop acting like you are 4. I am asking because you are my daughter and I don't think it is OK for you to be alone at your boyfriend's house. I don't let you have boys over here if no one is home and I expect the same rules to be followed outside of this house.

Kay: His mom will be there.

Kar: Then I don't see a problem w/ it then. Be home for dinner at 6.

Kay: Can I eat there?

Kar: Homework done?

Kay: Of course.

Kar: OK.. 10:00.(Nathan hung up the phone and Karen could see that he was going to put in his 2 cents on the subject so she stepped in.) Nathan can you tell Chris lunch is ready?


Ka: (Sternly) Nathan I could have done that. Please go upstairs and get him.

Kay: Idiot. (Punching her on the way out of the kitchen.) OWW! MOM!

Kar: Guys can you please stop fighting for five minutes?

Kay: He started all this. Why does he think that he gets any say in what I am doing?

Kar: Give him a break Kaylee, he loves you. He is just trying to be a protective, older brother.

Kay: Mom, you don't know what it is like. I mean ALL my girlfriends are gaa-gaa over him because they say he is "SOOOOO CUUUTE". Gag me. And the guys won't talk to me because they are afraid of him. It sucks.

Kar: I'm sure it is not that bad sweetie. Will you watch the bacon, I am going to change clothes. These shoes are killing me.

Kay: OK.


N: (Coming up behind his younger brother who had his music up so loud he did not hear him come in.) HEY!

Chris: (Jumping and putting his hand over the paper he was writing on.) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SNEEKING UP ON ME LIKE THAT?

N: (He was laughing and went to turn the music down.) I wasn't sneeking up on you, although it was pretty funny that I scared you.

C: Get out.

N: Mom sent me to tell you luch is ready and to get your ass down there.

C: Mom doesn't cuss.

N: OK, so those weren't exactly her words...

C: I'll be down in a sec.

N: (Trying to see what he was working on.) What is that? (Taking Chris by surprise he was easily able to grab the paper from under his arm. Chris shot up and tried to get it back, but he was no match for his brother.)

C: Give it back Nathan. I'm going to tell mom.

N: Oh really? You going to tell her that you got another note home from school and that you were fordging her signature? Which by the way sucks and you are going to get busted.

C: It's Mrs. Henderson, she won't even notice.

N: Yeah, you are probably right. But I'm gonna tell her. Maybe it will take the heat off me since I was so late last night.

C: You wouldn't...

N: What's in it for me?

C: Why can't you just be nice?

N: Nah. Do my chores for a week and I will think about keeping my mouth shut.

C: No way.

N: (Starting to raise his voice.) OH MOM....

C: OK!!!! God you can really be a jerk sometimes. (Grabbing the paper from his hand.) Get out.

N: Did I tell you lunch is ready? (smiling.)

C: Yeah. I'll be right there.

N: Hurry up, it's my turn to set the table. So therefore it is your turn. (Chris got up and they both headed down the stairs.)

(Chris and Nathan walked into the room.)

N: Lunch ready?

Kar: Yep. Set the table and Kaylee will you get the milk?

C: (Taking the plates from the cabinet.) Dad eating?

Kar: Set him a place and I will have to go check w/. Chris, Sunday starts a new week, it's Nathan's turn for kitchen duty.

C: That's Ok, I will do it. (He went to the table and started putting the plates down, one by each chair.)

Kar: (Folding her arms across her chest.) All right what is going on?

N: (Looking up from the paper he was reading.) What?

Kar: Everyone hates their turn in the kitchen and I find it odd that Chris would voluntarily do it.

N: He's being nice.

Kar: Or blackmailed. Chris?

C: What?

Kar: Nate? (Both of them tried to avoid eye contact and went back to what they were doing hoping that she would drop it. Of course they knew that wasn't happening.) Nathan, the last time that you blackmailed your brother, it got you grounded for a week. Don't you have a concert this coming weekend?

N: (Getting up and taking the plates.) Sorry Bro, I paid good money for those tickets.

Kar: That's what I thought. (Turning to Chris.) Something you want to tell me about? (She watched as her youngest pulled a piece of paper out of his back pocket and handed it to her. All eyes were on Karen as she read the note and waited for the fireworks to begin. She sighed.) You really think that looks like my signature?

N: That's what I said.

Kar: (Looking at Nathan.) Still not so sure you are off the hook for you part in this, so I suggest that you finish setting the table and let me handle this. (Nathan closed his mouth and went back to work. Karen turned back to her blonde 14 year-old.) What is up w/ you not getting your work done Chris?

C: It's just one assignment.

Kar: This time.

C: Hey, I have been better lately.

Kar: Yeah. I haven't gotten a note from a teacher in almost a month. Well, I guess that I know of since you are signing my name now.

C: This is the first time that I tried that.

N: (Just not able to keep his mouth shut.) That is obvious!

Kar: (Still looking at Chris.) Well you can spend the day at the table studying and making sure that you are ready for the new week to start tomorrow and that all your work is complete. And Nathan can tutor you.

C: Mom, I get better grades then him.

Kar: Well then you can tutor him.

N: I am done w/ my homework.

Kar: I'm sure that I can find something for you to study. You are suppose to be the one setting a good example, not encouraging him to hide important things from me.

N: I didn't encourage anything, he already had his mind made up when I found out what he was doing.

Kar: So you just thought you would see what you could get out of the deal? Chris I will talk to your dad later about this.

N: You're screwed little brother.

Kar: And Nathan I will talk to your dad about what time you got home last night too. (Seeing him send a death glare to his little sister.) Nathan she did not say a word. I don't get into a deep sleep until I know all my kids are home safe. Unfortunately last night it was WAY later than usual.

Kaylee: Can I have your tickets to the concert? You are so dead when dad finds out.


Kar: Kids! I think that I have had about all the fighting I can take for one day. Get lunch set on the table and I am going to go see if I can drag your dad away from the office long enough to eat something.

(She leaves the room.)

OK... that is an introduction to the characters... next up...Dan...and we find out where Lucas is...Reply