A/N: Okay this isn't a one-shot poems anything. The poems(when they occassionally appear) are supposedly written by the main character, Alex, unless stated otherwise. Chapter 2, which should be up tomorrow, will have really character interaction and whatever you people look for in a fanfic. Please review.

We stand together

We stand alone

This endless struggle is all we've know

Dark Arts and gold

Expose it plain

Our heart's desire

The Dark Lord's Bane

For power was all our Dark Lord wanted

This power for which our Lord was hunted

But death brings an end to every plot

Where is our power when we burn and rot

Our end is no better than whence we came

For death makes no allowance for fame

Power is as Power does

It's uses reflect on it's bearer

We are evil people that no one loves

Our peace is found only in terror