Title: Self Less

Pairing: Sessmom/Inupapa, Inupapa/Izayoi

Word Count: 200

Self Less

It seemed pointless to name a child who was as transient as the seasons, but his wife was insistent.

She was animated today, happy. Her white hair bouncing against her shoulders as she bounded around the room. He if hadn't know better, he'd have thought the child was hers.

"Izayoi can—"

She scowled at him, fussily stuffing her hands into her billowy sleeves. "Izayoi-chan bestowed the honor on you!"

Sighing in resignation, he pulled her into his arms and buried his face in the hollow of her throat.

"This is important, darling." She shivered as his lips began moving against her throat, kissing tiny patterns along her flesh. "Far more important than that sword you have Toutousai slaving over, which, if I may point out, you named."

He smiled at that, but felt it nowhere except his lips. "He's a hanyou. Tessaiga will defend him. A name cannot."

"So wise, but so foolish," she murmured. "Names are who we are. Our sense of self. If he has that, he'll never need a sword." She pressed a quick kiss to his forehead, and the bound away, just as happy as before. "Come now, darling. We cannot call him Inuyasha forever."