So this was the sweet taste of freedom. This was what it felt like to not have a care in the world, to have nothing holding you back. The pain had been minimal, non-existent almost. But the image of familiar faces flashing before her eyes (how cliché but so true) was burned forever into her mind, especially that of her lover long ago.

One thing that always had frightened her was not having control over a situation, and what was happening was one of the scariest things. Wind rushed past her face, the landscape of Oz a blur as she traveled through the air. Where was she going? A mere minute ago she'd been in the tower at Kiamo Ko, staring down the wide-eyed Dorothy. Now she was flying through the night sky toward a destination unknown.

"What the hell?" she murmured to herself, though her words had either gotten lost in the wind or hadn't come out at all for she couldn't hear them.

Within moments the Witch found herself soaring over the countryside of Munchkinland. A house came into view, a house she recognized. Her feet found the paled yellow bricks that trailed just off the edge of the property, and her hand came to scratch at her pointy chin, confusion quite apparent on her face, wondering where she was. As if something had read her mind, a small man appeared with grey, spiked hair and a barreled chest.

"Boq," stated the Witch. "Boq!"

The man did not turn at her calls, but continued on his way toward a shed that sat at the side of the house. He had plants that needed to be tended to, even though they were barely alive due to the rocky ground and lack of water.

"Damnit, you fool. Answer me! Boq! Do you not hear me?"

The Witch glared in the direction of the man before shuffling off in his direction, her temper flaring.

"Answer me!"

Again, Boq did not turn or even act as though he'd heard a word she said. He gathered his plow and fertilizer and dragged both items off to his sickly looking cornstalks. The Witch fumed with anger and made to kick a bucket over, but missed the item entirely and had to grab onto a tree branch to catch her balance. Anything that even resembled a sport had never been her forte.

She gathered up her skirts and flopped down on a hard patch of ground, watching the munchkin work. Minutes seemed to tick away without another sound, and the heat of the day was beginning to bother the Witch. Just when she'd decided it was time to leave (Boq obviously wasn't going to give her any attention), the back door swung open and out came Milla with a baby attached to her hip.

"Boq," Milla called.

Boq looked up in surprise and dropped his plow, quickly wiping the dirt from his hands. The Witch scowled that Boq had heard Milla but not herself.

"If you're going to hear her, you could at least acknowledge my presence!"

Neither of them turned. Milla walked over to her husband, her face a little fallen. Something was wrong. She pulled a folded up piece of paper from her apron pocket and handed it to Boq before turning to head back inside.

Boq watched his wife leave before looking down to the paper. It was obvious he was uneasy about opening it – Milla had given him no warning as to what it was about. Carefully he pried the folds apart and began reading. The note was short, but it got its point across, and in the process his face had fallen just as his wife's had.

"Elphie," Boq muttered under his breath.

"Oh, so now you'll talk to me?" the Witch asked.

But just as before, Boq hadn't answered her. She pushed off to stand behind him, giving him the worst glare she could muster before her eyes had caught sight of the words on the paper.

Dear Master Boq,

I regret to inform you that Elphaba has passed away. I don't expect many to show, but there will be a small memorial service at Colwen Grounds in three days. Your presence would be welcomed, but is not required.



Boq folded up the paper and shoved it into his back pocket before turning to head inside just as his wife had. Elphaba stood there, almost stunned but not quite. Everything that had happened in between her skirt catching fire and the wind on her face as she flew over the Vinkus came rushing back at her.

So this was death.