It was late when Warren got home. He crept quietly into their lair, not wanting to wake the other two. He made it down the stairs and realized that the lights were on. He looked around the corner before heading down, only Jonathon was visible.

Without looking at him Jon spoke up, "He's already sleeping."

"I wasn't looking for anyone."

"Yeah sure you weren't."

"Hey, I don't know what he told you but-"

"I don't care Warren. I really don't care what you are doing or what you aren't but," he looked up to him, his blue eyes serious, "you need to stop doing that to him. He was a mess after you left." He waited to see Warren's reaction and was glad to see a wince cross his face, obviously pained by the news.

Warren glanced quickly to Andrew's room and back to Jon before he even realized he did it. He could barely meet Jon's glare, "For what its worth I'm not- I don't mean to-"

"You're playing games." Both Jon and Warren looked over to Andrew's room as they heard the soft voice. He was standing in his doorway and he looked at Warren plaintively, his soft blond hair falling in his eyes.

Jon sighed, leaving the room for the second time in one night. He stopped in front of Warren and spoke quietly so Andrew couldn't hear him. "He's delicate Warren, like I said earlier, you need to stop doing that to him."

A half smiled pulled at Warren's mouth, "I know."

Jon watched his eyes for a few moments and then headed to his room, only stopping in front of Andrew long enough to gently touch his shoulder and give him a smile before he headed to his room.

Warren took a step towards Andrew after Jon left only to find Andrew also take a step back, keeping distance between them. He frowned, not even once had Andrew done anything that even dared to defy him. "Andrew-"

"I-I'm sick of it Warren." His eyes never turned towards the ground, they held Warren's, giving him a good view of the fear and anger and hurt in them.

He desperately wanted to tell him he wouldn't hurt him, but he already had. He reached out a hand and Andrew flinched. Warren sighed, there was only one way he was going to get close to Andrew and it involved being a bit rougher with him than he had wanted to be. He suddenly moved forward, catching Andrew off guard. He easily grabbed both of his slender wrists and there was and audible sound when Warren shoved the captured hands against the wall above his head. Andrew looked at him with sad eyes, waiting for him to leave again, waiting for him to hurt him again. He let go of his wrists and moved his hand to Andrew's hair, gripping it slightly, enough to tilt his head back and then before he thought about it too much, his lips were on Andrew's. The touch was tentative but he felt a jolt go through him. He moved closer to Andrew, pressing his body against the smaller one, his tongue pressing against Andrew's lips, urging them open.

Andrew opened his mouth, feeling his knees begin to buckle. Warren's tongue explored his mouth and he tentatively pushed his tongue forward, encouraging him. Warren suddenly pulled back, causing a sob to escape Andrew's throat as he gripped Warren's shirt, balling it in his fist, holding on to it tight.

Puzzlement crossed Warren's face as he tried to understand the sob and then it clicked. He pressed his hand to Andrew's cheek, gently caressing it. "No, no, Andrew, calm down, I'm not going anywhere, okay?" He pressed his lips against his briefly before pulling back again. He looked him in the eyes and the pure need in them made him look so incredibly vulnerable.

After a moment of thinking he grabbed Andrew's wrist and pulled him across the basement into his room. He wanted to be on his own turf. He shut the door behind him and before Andrew could react he pressed him against the door, his mouth back on his. After the first couple moments Warren shifted slightly, he knew what to do, it was almost the same as if Andrew was a girl. He pulled Andrew to the bed and set him down on it, pausing in the kiss to pull off his outer shirt, leaving on his t-shirt. He gently took a hold of the bottom of Andrew's shirt and pulled it over his head, exposing an expanse of soft skin.

He lightly pushed him onto the bed and then lay over him, careful to put his weight on his elbows so as not to crush Andrew. Their lips met again, Andrew's bare skin rubbing against the rougher material of Warren's t-shirt and they both trembled. Warren gently maneuvered his leg in between Andrew's, pressing Andrew's hardness against his thigh. There was a gasp from Andrew as he bucked up, grasping tightly at Warren's shirt. He tugged desperately on the material, "Please, please, shirt off, please."

Warren smirked but pulled off the t-shirt. Andrew's hands were everywhere at once, trying to get purchase on Warren. He made desperate sounds at the back of his throat as his hands reached Warren's pants and he tugged at them, all words dissolving into needy whimpers.

Warren gently caught his hands and moved them to above his head, stretching his body across the smaller man's as he lightly bit Andrew's ear. He released it and then moved his mouth down, licking and sucking along the blonde's neck. He moved to Andrew's mouth again, slipping his tongue in the willing mouth, claiming him. He pulled away, "What do you want Andrew?"

He whimpered in response and tried to tug his hands out from under Warren's. Warren tightened his grip, "What do you want Andrew, tell me. I want to hear the words."

Andrew whimpered loudly, he didn't want to say the words, he didn't have much pride but he couldn't bring himself to ask for what he wanted. Warren pulled back a little more, slightly irked when Andrew didn't answer.

He took a hold of both Andrew's wrists in one and reached down with the other hand to unbuckle Andrew's jeans and push them down. Andrew tried to pull away but he couldn't and he found himself suddenly totally naked under Warren. His face heated up and for a moment he was more embarrassed than aroused. Warren quickly amended the situation, catching Andrew's mouth with his again as his one free hand reached down to get rid of his own clothes.

Andrew relaxed when he felt skin against his. He opened his eyes and coyly looked down at Warren and was felt a jolt straight to his groin at the picture of the body on top of him before meeting Warren's eyes.

Warren shifted his body slightly, edging apart Andrew's legs with his knees, settling between his thighs. Their cocks rubbed against each others' and Andrew's gasp was lost with Warren's.

Warren shook off his shock and pressed them together and spoke in a rougher voice, "What do you want?"

Andrew heard the words and for a second an image flashed in his head of someone else, of another cruel voice that made him almost cringe, but then just as quick he was back with Warren. His voice was holding an edge of desperation and tears, "Need you, want you."

It wasn't what Warren had been looking for, but he heard the desperation in Andrew's voice and he could tell it wasn't necessarily a physical thing Andrew was desperate for, but the mental part. Warren glanced down at him and suddenly realized something was a little off.

He wished he could say it was only physical, but it wasn't. He repressed a sigh and then rolled over, pulling Andrew with him so the smaller frame was on top. He hated to relinquish that much control but he had seen in Andrew's eyes that he needed this.

Andrew looked down at him and there was gratitude in his eyes. He leaned down to kiss Warren, all the trepidation gone. He kissed him for several moments before motioning for Warren to take the top spot. Warren didn't want to hurt Andy and when he pulled him up to the top he hesitated. "Andrew, if you need to be on the top, we can do that."

Andrew smiled a true smile and he felt his body fit perfectly under Warren's, "It's enough that you offered."

The resumed kissing and there was an awkward moment as both really couldn't decide what to do next. He tried to cover it up – he hated any time he didn't hold the power in things. He had read a little about it – seen a few movies – well with that type of sex between boys and girls. He had done it with April – it couldn't be that different with a boy.

Without breaking the kiss he opened the bedside drawer and searched for the lube he knew was there. He squeezed some on his fingers and reached down, shoving in two fingers.

Andrew pulled away from the kiss with a yelp of pain, making Warren abruptly pull back. Andrew was shaking his head back and forth, biting his lip. Belatedly he realized that the he hadn't even asked permission.

"You can't do it like that."

Warren looked down at him, "What?"

He sighed and put his hand out and Warren handed him the lube. "You – you gotta go slower, and – and a warning would have been nice."

He found himself frowning, "Sorry."

"That's okay." Warren watched as he reached down to prepare himself, one slender finger slipping inside.

"How do you know how to do this?"

He paused a little before slipping another finger in, "Don't wanna talk about it."

He kinda liked this, kneeling between Andrew's outspread legs, watching him prepare himself. He trailed his hands up and down his thighs, feeling the muscle underneath the soft skin.

He watched another finger slip in him and after a few moments he made an impatient sound. Andrew looked up and slipped his fingers out, sliding a slick hand suddenly over Warren's hardness.

He grabbed him by the hair and pulled Andrew's mouth into an almost brutal kiss – making him whimper a little at the pain caused by his newly pierced tongue. He let go of his hair to grab his hips and in one quick motion thrust into Andrew.

Andrew gasped and cringed and when Warren pulled out and thrust again he finally caught breath enough to speak, "Warren – wait, stop."

He froze – he had been nearly floored by how hot and tight it was and he didn't understand the pain in Andrew's voice, "What?"

He was taking short little breaths, trying to relax enough to accommodate Warren – but after the initial shock of pain he was tense. Warren was half in him and he let out a long breath before looking up, "Go slow – a little at a time – let, let me adjust."

"I didn't mean to hurt you."

He forced a grin, "I know."

Warren pushed a little more in and waited for a few seconds and pushed a little more. It was a matter of moments before he was thrusting again, it hurt, but it was manageable pain and Andrew was just happy enough to be with Warren that he didn't care that it wasn't the great experience he had thought about.

Eventually even Warren's clumsy thrusts were sending those little shocks to his dick and he reached down to take himself in his hand, aware that Warren wasn't going to do it.

He leaned down and licked Andrew's neck before sucking on the juncture between his shoulder and neck, purposely trying to leave a mark. He pulled back after a moment and whispered, "You are all mine."

The sheer possessiveness in the tone made Andrew suddenly cum, lost in the feel of Warren all around him. His body clenched and it was enough to send Warren over, pumping a few last times into Andrew's ass. He collapsed on the smaller body, moving to lay next to him after a moment so he could breathe. He grinned, "Great fuck Andy."

He nodded in agreement, the aches and soreness an after thought at the warmth he felt at Warren lying next to him.

"We make a great team Andy. Like Batman and Robin – if they were evil – maybe more like the Emperor and Vadar – or –or"

"but then who would Jonathon be?"

Andrew had snuggled against him and he looked down at the blonde, suddenly realizing what and advantage he had just gained. He stroked Andrew's hair and started to talk cautiously, "You know Andrew, the real bad guys barely ever are a trio..."