Chapter One - Nightmares

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"Seth, Ra, Seth!"

Moans and gasps filled the rose scented chamber, as lover and lover entwined their limbs and lips in a clash of passion.

Lips met and parted as tongues met, and the limbs of one moved in perfect synchronicity with those of the other, each appearing as the perfect being of the other. Being and being. Lover and lover.

Pharaoh and High Priest.


I looked down at Seth, my gorgeous high priest and love. He was so beautiful, so perfect. His chocolate brown bangs hung down in his face, matted with sweat. His smooth and flawless face etched with an intense look of lust.

His eyes, a cerulean blue and clouded with passion, rose to meet my own, and the desire to claim him over took me.

I pressed my lips to his desperately, and he responded to my silent plea, his tongue pushing past my defense and into my mouth.

My hands dropped from his chest to his thighs, working their way in, and he rose into my chest.

I broke our kiss and smiled, at which point he gasped as my hands found him perfectly, stroking the taught skin.

I moved down, straddling his hips and running my hands across his chest, then entered.

Seth moaned, both in pain and pleasure, and I continued, thrusting into him slowly, but increasing my speed.

The sounds and moans of the high priest set alarms off in my brain, and I grinned sadistically when he finally screamed my name.

I angled in for a point I knew would drive the priest to release, when the faint traces of a whimper met my ears.

In my current state of mind, I ignored it, and thrust in hard.

A scream tore itself from the lips of my love and I released.

Panting, breathless, and thoroughly pleased, I gently pulled out of Seth and collapsed onto his chest.


I heard the whimper of my name, and this time looked up.

In an instant, my heart came to a painful stop, my mind shattered and my blood ran cold, as I gazed into the pain and tear filled gaze of Seto Kaiba.


Seto bolted upright, drenched in sweat.


His call ripped through the silent interior of his bedroom, but there was no response.

His eyes darted around the room before falling to his side. Sweat fell from his forehead, as he gazed at the empty space beside him.


The dream had been so vivid, so real. But was it really a dream? It had felt more like a nightmare.

He shook his head in an attempt to rid it of the images that had begun to bombard his mind.

He felt violated, and he had sworn he wouldn't let himself feel that again.

Anger and shame swelled within him.


That bastard of an adoptive father still haunted his thoughts and memories closely, when he thought of what could have been with him and Mokuba.

But why Yami?

Normally, nightmares like that were of his past, but this time, Gozubaru had become Yami.

The thought sent shivers down his spine and he felt ill.

He rose from the bed and headed for his bathroom. His eyes grazed over his clock on the way. 4:00 am.

He sighed again as he stepped into the bathroom and reached for the shower door.

He had to wash this away. He felt dirty, and he despised the sadly familiar feeling.

Pulling off his pajama shirt and pants, he stepped into the freezing cold.

He let the water caress his skin, slipping across his shoulders and trailing down his back.

Why Yami?

Why the Pharaoh, his long time rival, his only worthy opponent?

The thoughts fired around his mind, mixing with the images already playing there.

He gently washed away the aches in his shoulders, and brought his head beneath the steady stream of water.

His chocolate bangs matted against his forehead instantly, and he pulled the wet strands from his eyes. He closed his eyes and tilted his forehead upwards, letting the water smooth itself over his face while the drops hit his sensitive eyelids.

What was today? He made a mental note that he should find out when he got out of the shower.

He reached for the shampoo, squeezed the thick substance into his hands, and slowly began to massage it into his hair and scalp. The sweet smell of Geranium filled his nostrils.

He let the water wash it from his head and he reached for the tap handle. Turning it slowly, the water ebbed away, until it finally stopped.

He reached for his bath robe, and pulled it on around himself, shielding his body from the morning cold, though he had just taken a freezing shower.

Slowly treading his way back to his room he flicked his calendar a glance. He stopped, and a smile graced his face.

Mokuba had made this calendar for him this year. In it, he had put pictures of duel monsters, himself, Yami and his gang, and then the few shots there were of both of them together.

This month's picture was of Mokuba and him. They were locked in one of Mokubas hugs, where the young child clung to his waist and he had his arm on his shoulder. Mokuba had a huge smile on his face, while he had a small smile, the one that only graced his face when his brother was around.

Mokuba looked so innocent.

Innocence. He was glad that he had saved Mokubas, even if he had had to give his own for it. His heart clenched painfully. He loved his brother dearly, and no matter what had happened, he would endure it all again.

He hoped. He hoped he could do it again.

Seto frowned. Oh no. Today was Friday. Tomorrow was Saturday.

Tomorrow was Mokubas Birthday.

Now Seto loved his brother more than any other thing on this earth, but was far from loving the things he did, or the people he liked.

He had agreed, as part of Mokubas 'Birthday Present', that he could have over his group of friends.

These of which now included Yugi, Jou, Honda, Anzu, Mai, Shizuka, Otogi, Bakura, Ryou, Marik, Malik, and Yami.

His stomach flipped in his chest instantly on the thought of Yami, while an irritating little voice piped up that Mokuba, in his short life, had more friends than Seto had had in his entire life. This could also include Setos future too. But he shoved the voice away, as more thoughts of the crimson eyed teen flew through his mind.

The rest he felt he could deal with for some decent amount of time, despite the fact that he would rather see Joey tied to a pole by a collar, or the fact that Bakura and Marik were likely to burn down his house (he still didn't know how Mokuba had come to like them, but he had). He would rather that right now then to face his most recent nightmare.

Better get used to it, that cruel voice in his head whispered, cause you are going to see him everyday for the next three days, starting at around 9:00 am.

Seto mentally began to bash the new little voice, but couldn't help but come to the conclusion the stupid voice was right.

He sighed. Again.

Walking to his closet, he pulled out his school clothes that he then proceeded to pull onto himself, after he made sure he was dry.

Today was going to be one of those days. You know the ones; where you wish you could carry around a big microphone, and scream out to the world 'RACK OFF!'


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