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Chapter 11 – Blown away /snickers/

"Yami! Yami please, wake up!"

I groaned, wishing that the once adorable voice of my hikari would desist. It was bloody too early in the morning for this, and today I would point blank refuse to go 'anywhere'.

"I'm not going to school today Yugi," I muffled out, trying to cross my arms over my eyes.

I then heard Yugi's voice again, though, it sounded much more distressed. "Oh no! Kaiba's really hurt him!"


I bolted upright so fast, my vision swam, my head near split, and I struggled not to be violently ill. Everything seemed to scream at me in pain, and I clutched at my head, letting out a small whimper.

I heard Yugi and Ryou, both crooning in my ear, and using soothing voices, as though that would help me now. All I wanted was to die, and I hated them immensely for not putting me out of my misery then and there.

It took nearly five minutes for the initial pain to subside, before I finally reigned it in completely, and dispersed it. My head and body felt numb afterwards, but damn, I'd rather 'everything' being numb than the pain I had felt before.

When at last I took in my surroundings, I realised we were back at the game shop, in my room, and Yugi and Ryou were both dirty, and tear stained.

"Yugi," I croaked, "are you alright?"

Yugi, through obvious distress, managed to give me a smile. "I'm ok Yami, are you better now?"

I groaned, and sat up, immediately regretting the movement, but following through with it none the less. "No, but give me time, I dunno, maybe another two-three millennia, and I'll be right as rain."

Ryou managed a chuckle. "Well, he took it better than Bakura and Marik."

I glanced up. "How did they take it?"

Ryou shrugged. "With a hell of a lot of screaming and complaining. You woke up and whimpered, they woke up and screamed the bloody house down."

I took a very small amount of satisfaction in that. "How did we get here?"

Yugi glanced at Ryou. "Well," he said slowly, "once you guys came crashing out of the house, unconscious, Joey, Tris and Otogi picked you up as best they could, and we came back here. Though, we brought someone along with us."

"Who?" I asked immediately, though secretly knowing the answer already.


I sighed, hanging my head. "Shit," I whispered.

Both of them heaved sighs of their own, before I forced myself to my feet. I looked at them both, and all manner of weakness disappeared from my face, as I stood tall, strong, proud. I was a Pharaoh, and now, my friends, my love, they were all in deep shit. Fuck how I felt, I had to be there for them now. ….Ra help me….

"Lets go," I said, resonating calm, so that they both smiled, and stood, heading out, down the stairs. I followed, trying hard to ignore to guilt and sorrow that devoured my soul.

"Pharaoh, I don't care if you pull the Blue Eyes sodding Dragon out of your ass, nothing, I repeat 'nothing', is getting us through this one."

"You're giving up."

"No, I'm not, I'm being realistic."

"No, you're giving up. We can beat this, together."

Bakura snorted in disbelief. "Pharaoh, he picked all three of us up, smashed us into a bloody wall, and threw us out the damn door. I fail to see where we actually got him, or bothered him. Do you think he was scared by our bleeding on his carpet?"

I waved him off impatiently. "So what would you prefer, waiting for him to come kill us? Our hikari's? Ryou?"

That shut him up, fast. The slightly devastated look on his face made me feel guilty, but I brushed it off, considering it necessary.

"Geeze Pharaoh, when you put it that way…"

"I scare the crap out of you, I know."

"Well," Mokuba's soft voice said, out of the corner in which he had been curled into a small, blonde haired ball, "what should we do? I want Seto back, and that is not Seto. Yami, who is it?"

I had been expecting this question for a while now, and no matter how much I tried to twist my mind around it, it was the truth, and I hated it, hated myself for it.

I sighed miserably, but only on the inside.

"It's his darkness. No, not Seth," I said quickly, seeing the looks of positive alarm that appeared on Bakura and Marik's faces, "someone else. Do you remember, Mokuba, during duelist kingdom, the dark Seto I versed?"

The boy nodded, astounding me with his strength and bravery that he could think so carefully and clearly at a time like this.

"Well, at the end of that duel, I banished that Darkness, sent it to the shadow realms, or so I thought. It's grasp on reality, on Seto, must have been stronger than I have ever anticipated, for it has obviously been buried in his subconscious since that day. I thought it was gone, but it has remained, and now, taken control of Seto."

"But how!" Mokuba persisted, a slight note of anxiety in his voice. "Seto's much stronger than that thing! How could it just… take over?"

I knew how; an act of great emotion, something that could cause the CEO to finally give in, release everything, thoughts and feelings, to another.

I looked the small boy in the eye, and finally, the grief, the guilt, broke through my visage, and Mokuba saw everything there. He looked into my eyes, and saw pain, saw hurt and betrayal, guilt and remorse, but more than anything else, he saw why, and it broke through his strength.

"You?" He choked out, staring at me in shock, horror. "But, how could it be you Yami? You…I thought you loved him!" He cried, almost accusingly, making me wince and look at the floor.

"I do…"I whispered, making everyone in the room that didn't know look at me in abstract shock and disbelief. In the corner, I could have sworn I heard Anzu burst into tears.

"Then why?" he asked, so softly, I nearly didn't hear it.

I couldn't answer him, because I had no answer that would justify it, no answer that would make everything all right, or make him see sense. I had no answer to give him that would make what I had done a sensible or even logical thing to do. So I shook my head.

I heard a muffled sound, and looked up, only to see that Mokuba had gotten up, and now stood before me. His eyes held anger, grief, fear, but now, most of all, a deep sense of betrayal. Then, faster than my eyes could even acknowledge, his hand came up, and he slapped me across the face, hard. My head snapped to the side, and I gazed at the wall in shock, before I slowly turned back to him. Everyone stared at us in astonishment, but I couldn't meet their gaze, only Mokuba's, and my eyes, they pleaded for forgiveness.

He wouldn't offer it though, and without a backward glance, he turned and walked off, down the hall.

I watched him go, before finally turning to Yugi.

"Please," I whispered, "go with him."

Yugi looked at me with un-ending pity, sympathy, and nodded, getting to his feet, Ryou, Anzu, Joey, Tristan and Serenity following, as they went after the young Kaiba.

I exhaled deeply, trying to re-mask my emotions.

"Okay," I said, as in control as I would ever be, "first thing is first, we have to get out of here."

Otogi looked at me sharply. "Why? Aren't we safe here?"

I shook my head. "No, because Kaiba knows this is where we will go, and if Kaiba knows, the darkness will too. His entire store of memories is at that evil's disposal, and he knows that the first place we will go is here. We must leave, as soon as possible."

"What do you think it will do?" Mai asked, calm, cool, collected as usual. Wait till I burst that bubble…

I grimaced. "Kill us all as swiftly as possible."

She paled dramatically. Malik, normally nicely tanned, was just as white. "Kill us?" he whispered, eyes wide.

I nodded grimly, aware that even if we survived all this, they'd kill me for it later. Bakura stood up, and paced, a habit he had taken up when he was restless.

"Then where do we go? Do you really think he'll attack us here Pharaoh?"

"Yes, I do, and soon. In fact, I want to leave now," I said, suddenly realizing just how much time had been wasted here. I stood up, and a wave of panic washed over me. My senses kicked in to gear, and alarm bells screamed at me in my head.

My eyes widened, and I gasped.

"Sweet Ra," I cried aloud, and that made both Marik and Bakura move faster than I ever have. Bakura vaulted down the hall, after the others, while Marik snatched up the hands of everyone else present, and ran with them after Bakura.

I concentrated, my sixth sense spreading through the house. The rooms above were empty, Grandpa was elsewhere today, and Bakura and Marik were ushering everyone out the door. I spread them further, reaching into the void of magick I possessed, and there, I saw it.

I bolted.

My feet carried me through the house, through the kitchen, and out the side door. The others were there, moving across the street, looking distracted, hassled and confused.

Then I felt it, so close, frighteningly close.

I screamed, "DOWN!" And the last thing I saw was Bakura gripping Ryou, Marik seizing onto Malik, and everyone else huddled together, before the world exploded around me.

Dark Seto

"Blasted little shit," I snarled, glaring with venom at the photo frame before me of my host and his brat of a brother. When my host learnt of the fact that his small sibling had indeed left my 'protection', then he would fight me back again, as most days his only reason for living was the boy. I was stronger now, stronger for having gained control, but should he realise too soon, I would lose control again, and he would be victorious, and I would lose everything.

"This is my one chance, and you will not fuck it up!" I cursed at the frame, before sending it flying, allowing it to hit the wall and shatter on impact. The site encouraged me, and within seconds, the living room was in pieces, as I vented my rage and fury on anything left whole or standing.

When finished, feeling that this was my first, though small, accomplishment, I paused, and let my thoughts sink into the memories, the past, of Seto Kaiba.

I had to kill the Pharaoh, and I was not so dramatic as to have his death drawn out, painful and pathetic, giving his friends a chance to come to his aid. No, I wanted them all dead, as quickly as possible, and with as much force as was necessary.

But how?...

I scanned the vast amount of memories accumulated in the teens mind, impressed at just how many one so young could have. I sought death, destruction, and was greeted with the images of his early child hood. Parents dead…families broken…new homes…new family…more pain…there!

I honed in on the distinct memory, of a weapon, a bomb.

It had been a product of his step father….Gozuboru…. and he had sworn that when he inherited the company, he would dismantle the secret factory that his step father prized and cherished.

Though Seto had indeed put the factory out of business, I was pleased that a few of these deadly weapons had survived, and were still functional when operated properly. I smirked, and withdrew from the mind of the emotionally broken teen.

I didn't even have to worry about killing the little brat Kaiba, as the Pharaohs lovely silver pendant would protect him, and thus enable me to kill them all, and keep what was needed for me to succeed.

Bakura's pov

The whole world seemed to cease in those few seconds. Everything paused, going still frame, and all I could see was red, the flames, the people around me, and the Pharaoh, as he was swallowed by the onslaught.

Then it hit fast forward.

I hit the ground, next to Marik, and as one, we threw our hands up, trying to form a shield of power to protect ourselves and our hikari's. Beneath me, Ryou screamed in fear, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Debris rained down on us, and the small plumes of heat that managed to puncture our shield scalded the flesh, weakening us. Then, in an instant, a new shield arose, and I was shocked to see Mokuba with his hands up, straining to keep it steady, his sphere of perfect light.

It felt like hours before it slowed, enough for us to raise ourselves up, enough for us to see the devastation inflicted upon what was once Yugi's home.

It was completely gone. Even through the smoke and the fire I could see that not even the foundations remained. When I looked at the ground, I could see small reminders that the Motou's had actually lived there; a smoldering piece of furniture here, a charred photograph of Yugi, Grandpa and the Pharaoh there.

Ryou reached up and clung to my chest, sobbing, looking at the fire with pure terror. I knew the thoughts that were running through his head. What if our home was next…

I couldn't help but think the same.

My ears still weren't functioning properly, whether from the blast of the shock, but at last I realised that it wasn't just Ryou crying, that it wasn't just Ryou that was filled with fear.

To my left was Marik, clutching Malik to him, reaffirming that he was there, that he was safe. Behind me, I could hear the others, taking stock of themselves, checking one another over for injuries, and then, worst of all, I could hear Yugi.

He was whimpering and sniffling, sobbing, a small, broken child. Otogi was holding him tightly, silent tears pouring down his cheeks as he tried to comfort his tiny lover. When I saw him, his violet eyes were greatly dilated, and full of tears that wouldn't stop flowing. His lips moved ceaselessly, speaking the same thing over and over again, until at last, I caught the name.

"Yami," I gasped, my own eyes widening, as I whipped my head back round. The flames seemed to sense my thoughts, and they reared up higher, threateningly.

With gentle but hurried care, I detached Ryou from me, though he begged that I not leave his side. I carried him to Malik, who held him close, both taking comfort in one another's safety, before both Marik and I raced toward the fire. I didn't know how long we had before people and police raced into the area, but I figured with something like this, it wasn't long.

I immediately began calling.


My eye's battled with the smoke, and the flames roared, plunging and withdrawing from my form, forcing us back.

"Yami! Yami!" My voice broke, and I coughed, before forcing it all back. He was our only hope, he was the Pharaoh, the mighty guardian of the shadow realm and duel monsters. Without him, we were all dead. ….fucking arrogant prick, would be just like him to die on us….

My eyes blazed, and I felt Marik turn to me, eyes wide, as shadow magick spilled forth. The flames shrank, their fierce heat diminishing rapidly beneath the force of my emotions and power. While the flames shrank, I stepped forward. It had been a long time since I had taken full use of all the shadow realm had to offer, and the power that thrummed through me was addictive. It spread out, and through it, I sought his presence.



Relief flooded through me, though, I would never admit that to him, nor anyone else.

/Who else do you expect to save your sorry ass/

/Always a pleasure Bakura, really/

I couldn't help but smirk. He even made his mental voice sarcastic. /Where the fuck are you/

/Well, I was unconscious and being engulfed by a large ball of fire, last time I checked/

I scowled. /Now is not the time for your sarcasm Pharaoh, you want me to save your ass or not/

/Of course I bloody do/ he snapped. /Let me see if this helps/

I paused, wondering what an unconscious body could do when I felt a tug. It wasn't physical, yet it seemed to pull at my whole body, and I allowed it to lead me. When I stopped, I stood before a hand, just poking out from beneath rubble, pipes and cement.

I lifted it, as easy as though it were a pillow full of feathers, and cast it aside.

His face was pale, ashen, and smeared with soot. His right arm sat at a horrible angle to the rest of his body, and his clothing was charred, his hair singed. I couldn't imagine how he would have survived such a thing without magick, for the shield he would have conjured would have been quick, weak, enough only to save him from death.

I bent down, and lifted his limp body with as much care as I could muster, and turned, heading back toward Marik, who kept the flames at bay.

I stepped away from the last of the wreckage, and he gave away, the flames consuming anything left of the Motou home.

I could see people now, coming out of their houses with trepidation, clutching phones and dialing numbers. We couldn't stay here.

"Marik, get them up!" I commanded, and after a look of consideration, he obeyed, running to the bodies and ushering them up off the road. Prodding, poking, pushing, pulling, anything to make them move.

"Where are we going to go?" he asked, wrenching Otogi to his feet, and pushing him after the others.

"Any idea's?"

"Why do you think I asked you?"

I rolled my eyes, fast becoming irritated. I shifted the weight of the body in my arms, and ran through the link again.



/We need a place to hide/

/Anyone offering their house/

/Not after seeing what's left of yours. …Sorry/

I felt the weight of what I'd said settle deeply with him, and the strain behind his thoughts was easily noticeable.

/What about the docks/

/The docks/

/Doesn't Marik still have storage space there/

/Pharaoh, if I never say it again, know I mean it now, you're a half dead genius/

/…thanks Bakura/

/Not a problem Pharaoh./

/Oh, and one more thing…/


/Please take care of Yugi/

/Like I said, not a problem/

Begs for forgiveness at lateness.