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CHAPTER 1 – 'Never Again'

John Kilmer looked around his office watching his team work until he reached an empty place at the central table. A place that should have been occupied by his ex-wife, but wasn't. Why? He didn't know, but really wanted to.

Suddenly Tim's voice pulled him back to reality.

"Hey Kilmer, when's Frankie getting back with the suspect?"

"She should have been back over an hour ago" Just then the door to the office opened and in walked Colonel Atkins.

"Agent Kilmer, I need to talk with you" So John and the Colonel walked in to locker room where nobody could hear them.

"What is it?"

"Its Frankie she-"

"What about Frankie where is she?"

"We lost contact with her over 4 hours ago, and so far have not been able to track her location"

"What?! She should have been escorted back here after she finished the interrogation!"

"That's just it - she never got to finish the interrogation... ...there was an ambush, she was taken"

"So you're telling me my wi... ...ex-wife is out there somewhere and god knows what could be wrong?"

"Now John I know you're worried we all are but we're going to find her"

With that the Colonel left and John did the first thing he thought of...

"Jelani I need you to get up satellite imagery for 5-10 miles around the last place Frankie was seen" John moved to the Plasma screen and waited for the pictures to come up.

"What? Last place-"

"Just do it!"

Just then Mo cut in to the conversation.

"Whoa Kilmer are you saying Frankie's missing?"

"She was ambushed and taken – Do you have the images?"

Everybody was now working to help find anything they could and John and Mo were watching the screen looking at the images. Jelani was typing furiously at his computer and then the images popped up.

"Yeah listen I got at least 20 people in that vicinity, she could be anyone of them"

"Can you eliminate anyone under 5'8 ?"

"Yeah but that leaves us with at least 8 people and they're all female" John sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Can you get pictures or anything of them?"

"All I can get is body temps and-"

"What?" John said in hope.

"There was a cam on the jacket Frankie was wearing, looks like we got a picture of a hand... ...but I don't think its Frankie's!"

"Why not?"

"Cause she's wearing a wedding ring"

"Let me see"

John moved closer and then seen the one thing he hadn't seen in almost 2 years – Frankie's wedding ring. 'She didn't take it off' John smiled and only Jelani seen it but he wasn't going to mention it.

"That's her!"

"How do you know that?" John stared at Jelani

"Because I do!" Jelani got this immediately... ...but then he seen something he really didn't want to see.

"Uhh... ...John we got a problem"

"What? What's wrong?"

"I just watched the end of the tape and it looks like Frankie's bleeding!"


"Yeah there's blood on her hand wether it's her's or not-"

"Mo look up everybody that was there that night"

"Got it!"

"Jelani try and find everything you can on the guys that were with her"

"I'm on it"

"Everyone else find out how the hell this happened!"

By the time he had finished everybody was either on the phone or typing at the speed of light, looking at computer screens, but John only had one thing on his mind. He needed to go there try and find her. He'd lost her once and wasn't going to do that again. He flipped opened his cell phone and dialled.

"Yeah it's Kilmer I need a plane ready to go to Arizona" "No I need it ready to fly in 10 minutes"

And with that John was in his car ready to go and find the woman he loved.