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CHAPTER 3 – 'Hang On'

2 hours. That's how long it had been since he'd heard something and not only was the wait killing him but he wanted to know – needed to know – what was happening to her? He was driving from the airport and he had gone over every scenario imaginable! They could be torturing her! Beating her! Hurting her! Hell! They could have even – No! – He wasn't going to think that, Frankie was strong! She'd beat the crap out of them before she let that happen! He knew personally!

He pulled the car over and sighed leaning his back against the seat. He remembered when they started fighting. He tried to fix things they both did, but nothing seemed to work... ...Until that night. They had gotten back from a mission and they were both lonely, so... ...one thing lead to another and he woke up with her in his arms.

The sound of his cell phone broke him out of his daze.

"Kilmer" He answered hoping it was Jelani with some news.

"Oh still so formal John"

"Who is this?"

"I am the only man who can help you get your precious ex-wife back"

"Frankie where is she? If you even touch her I swear to god I'll kill you with my bare hands!"

"Oh don't worry I didn't touch her – but my men have had their fun"

"What do you want?" He wanted to kill this guy!

"Money – 10 million dollars to be exact"

"I want proof that she's alive and unharmed! I want to talk to her"

"Fine- Ms Ellroy don't do anything stupid" 'It's Kilmer' John thought.

"Hello John?" There she was... ...his angel.

"Frankie are you ok?"

"No but I can't say much"

"Listen to me I'm going to get you out of there! Ok?"

"Yeah and John I-"

"John if you want to see her ever again and in one piece then you will go to the factory on Elm Street with 10 million dollars!" And then the phone hung up.

John started his car and began driving while he dialled a familiar number and waited for an answer.

"Kilmer where are you?"

"4th street – Did you get it?"

"The whole thing and personally I think the guy's a jackass!"

"Yeah are the teams ready?" John was now stoping his car out the front of the factory.

"Yeah their moving into position right now"

"Ok listen I'm here – have a plane ready so when we find Frankie I can bring her home!"

"No problem – listen John we've got paramedics on site just in case ok"

"Yeah let's just hope we don't need them"

John walked over to the officer in charge and got the briefcase full of money – which wasn't going to far anyway – and went towards the door of the factory. He wasn't sure what to do so he went to open the door. When he walked in he noticed it was pretty much like any ordinary factory except he seen there were rooms over to one side. Then he heard someone coming towards him and got ready for anything.

"John do you have my money?"

"Yes but I want Frankie first"

"Oh John don't worry she's alive... ...unconscious but alive"

"Fine here's your money" He handed him the briefcase.

"10 million good, she's in the last room at the end" John went to move but he was held back.

"You will not move until me and my team have gone" John stepped back and waited until they had gone far enough and then he ran toward the room while calling Jelani.

"Jelani get the medics up here now"

"Their on their way"

John made it to the last room and opened the door and seen Frankie lying on the floor so he raced over to her.

"Frankie? It's me come on baby look at me!"

"John?" She said in a weak and soft voice.

"Yeah I'm right here it's ok" Just then the medics walked in and began loading Frankie onto a stretcher.


"Hey it's ok I'm right here just rest ok?"


The medics loaded Frankie into the ambulance and John got in with her (As if he was leaving her side!).

"Just hang on Frankie... ...It's all over" he said while holding her hand.

But unfortunately it was far from over.

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